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The cities of the country in 2020 have become the college campuses of a generation ago.
Like the colleges and universities, the big cities — New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston — are run and have been run by leftist Democrat progressives for years.
These mayors are like the close-minded progressive academicians who sat back and watched radical leftist’s take over college campuses 40 years ago.
Now, instead of watching the takeover, trashing and burning down of campus buildings by college anarchists, mayors are now standing by watching the takeover, trashing and burning down of police stations. City halls are next.
Many of these modern-day, college age anarchists — educated and filled with hate against cops and country — are taught by progressive and radical college professors who participated in those campus riots or cheered the rioters on in the 1970s.
College campuses across the country back then erupted in fury following the killing of four anti-Vietnam War demonstrators at Kent State University by ill-trained National Guard soldiers on May 2, 1970.
It was an ugly period when soldiers returning from Vietnam were spit upon and vilified by anti-war radicals the way their ideological offspring treat cops today.
The Kent State demonstrators had been protesting the widening of the unpopular Vietnam War by the incursion into neighboring Cambodia in 1970 by U.S. forces. Cambodia had been a haven for the enemy Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army.
The killing of those students set off an explosion of rioting across college campuses and cities across the country. And while those riots and takeovers pale in significance compared to the reaction over the horrible killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis cop, they were also deadly.
Following the Kent State killings and the increasingly militant demonstrations against the Vietnam War, radical college graduates were recruited by colleges as teachers, professors and administrators.
These new college teachers brought with them the rage and hatred toward their country that they had been taught. They passed it on to a new generation.
Now leftist propaganda, twisted U.S. history and radicalism is the norm in colleges across the country. Healthy political debate has all but vanished on campuses where conservative professors and speakers have become extinct.
Since colleges are currently closed and there is no war to oppose, all protester energy has gone into support of the Black Lives Matter movement that, in a campaign to fight “systematic” racism and police brutality, wants to tear down statues, and defund or abolish the police.
That murderers, arsonists, rioters and looters have used the BLM movement to wreak havoc on cities, and on many communities of color, seems to make no difference. Black on black killings have turned Black Lives Matter into Black Lives Shattered, even as these shooting are played down by a sympathetic — and corrupt — U.S. media.
The amazing thing about it all is how all the politically correct progressive politicians have gone along with the anti-police demands to reform and defund the cops even as the number of murders in the cities skyrockets.
The politicians who run the cities look at everybody to blame except themselves for the murder and mayhem going on in their cities as a result of their destructive progressive political ideology.
Leftist political propaganda and radicalism is the norm in colleges and in cities where gutless politicians, who have handcuffed the police, seek to ingratiate themselves with rioters. Healthy political debate is censured and canceled and is disappearing.
But you can’t blame college students for being ignorant about U.S. history. The teachers don’t know much either. What they do teach is distorted to fit a progressive narrative that sees the founding of the country as evil racists.
The truth is that the United States is the best, freest and most successful country in the history of the world. But that is not taught.
That is why demonstrators in their ignorance can tear down a statue of the great black abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass in Rochester, or of President Ulysses Grant in San Francisco, both of whom did more for black civil rights than the Marxist militants of Black Lives Shattered will ever accomplish.
Grant, as head of the Union Army during the Civil War and later as president, arguably did more to help free blacks from slavery and later support them during Reconstruction than anyone else, including Abraham Lincoln.
But you wouldn’t know it.
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