Open Forum: Defunding police would result in chaos, civil disorder – The Winchester Star


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JOHN AUSTINDefund the police? Then what? The media and some citizens are crying “defund the police.” That rant is being heard loud and clear around the nation. The substance of these pleas are heard, too. The realities of those pleas, however, are merely more shallow and ignorant attempts to march this nation toward Marxism, Socialism and chaos. I am writing this with considerable understanding of the issue. The thoughts and words regarding this subject are neither biased or ignorant. Let us look at the scope of the task of defunding the police. Are law enforcement’s replacements lined up? Have local governments developed funding streams for the training of all of the new police replacements? Are there enough (willing) social workers around? Not the least of problems is that states are going to have to change their constitutions and write new laws to legalize their types of policing.The human numbers to be dealt with are staggering in themselves. There are 17,000 law enforcement agencies in the U.S. made up of federal, state, local and sheriff’s offices. Within those agencies are 800,000 sworn men and women. Nationwide, that means that sworn personnel make up only .25% of our population of 320 million citizens.Mathematically that means that each officer is responsible for protecting 400 people. A daunting task if you ask me. Who calls the police anyway? Any given agency has, or shares, a communications center with other local departments. Citizens who need a police response will typically dial 911 and the particular communication center will dispatch the nearest car. Obviously, police are often “waved down” by citizens. These two methods result in agencies across this nation receiving over 240 million calls for service every year. Think about that. Over 75% of our nation’s citizens ask for police help every year. The folks who need help don’t call psychiatrists, social workers, neighbors or you. Statistically, out of those 240 million calls, only 0.83% result in a citizen complaint. The current liberal, socialistic theme of defunding the police would be to send a social worker to the non-violent calls and to send a police officer and social worker on the violent ones. During my time in patrol, I have responded to thousands of calls. The new ideas are hogwash. Do you, as a citizen, want to respond to these calls? You may have to when the police are gone.The groundswell for this latest liberal infestation is right out of the Marxist handbook. The book’s stated goals are to teach anarchists, violent protesters and others with sedition on their minds to pick away, bit by bit, at the fabric of this nation. Condemn what is historically good, infiltrate our government offices and disparage our Constitution and pit religion against religion. Our backs continue to be broken by the socialistic rants that are being taught in our American classrooms. Defunding the police, anywhere in this country, will bring about chaos and civil disorder, which I believe to be our true point of no return. We are playing dice with the devil!John Austin is a resident of Frederick County.

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