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To the Editor,
Democrats For Anarchists (DFA) not DFL As we near election day it becomes clear to anyone paying attention that the Democratic party clearly represents anarchy more than any other cause or movement. 
Their recent partnering with Marxist organizations of Antifascist, (Antifa) and Black Lives Matter, (BLM) represents their efforts of “fundamentally changing” and “transforming” America. Antifa and BLM anarchists have exhibited their demands on America and have openly declared themselves as Marxist. 
One must only review Marx’s and Engle’s “Communist Manifesto” to understand their goals. Add in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” AND one fully understands their movement. Dissolution of family, Christianity, capitalism and history is the beginning. 
This has gradually happened for years and is now accelerating. We see this in large urban cities with rioting, looting and killing under the guise of “social justice.” These anarchists have cover from liberal Democratic mayors that reduce and defund police protection. Black lives do not matter to them, or they would work to reduce urban murders and crime instead of inciting and perpetrating it. They must erase our past by “labeling” it negatively, this then clears the road for their Marxist, socialistic system, and following that, a communist government. 
This radical body has been growing in America since 2008, in what is known as the Democratic party. I plead with all Americans to take time to review Marxist, Leninist teachings professed more than a century ago and compare the verbiage with what we hear from these groups today. You, like most Americans will undoubtedly find it alarming! We American citizens must educate ourselves and not let Khrushchev’s, “The USA will fall from within,” prediction come true, or we will have lost our country and freedoms forever! 
The D. F. L. party in Minnesota and around the country has become the D.F.A.
James Halbakken
Rushford, MN

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