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Letter to the Editor: America's civil unrest is due to Marxist beliefs

By now many reasonable people have concluded that recent rioting was more about Marxism than racism.If it was about racism, then Black Lives Matter and antifa members would want to be judged by the content of their character. Instead, they stereotype and condemn all except their supporters.Racism is used as an excuse for looting. Yet, Democrats have somehow been exempt from violence.The Marxists have taught our children to believe the U.S. is a racist country built on white privilege. They’re proficient at tearing down. Some U.S. guidelines are based on race, and having diversity requires knowing people’s ethnicity.Some loans, educational assistance and housing arrangements are only for minorities. Affirmative action is certainly based on race.The Marxists expect equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity.The Marxists among us want to defund the police and release prisoners to encourage chaos.They want to abolish traditional families because families help make America cohesive. They disregard constitutional guarantees of free speech, religion, gun ownership and personal property, hoping to divide us.Their strategy begins by making citizens feel uncomfortable, then offering peace in exchange for compliance.But America remains exceptional. This country is not full of perfect people. No country is.America is so non-racist that minorities immigrate here by the thousands. Americans cringe when someone is accused of racism.Letters to the editor are encouraged. Send letters to [email protected] video:

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