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Democratic leadership has meant the nation burns. Nationally, radical groups have initiated violent actions to achieve political goals, and an effort to defund the police has accompanied anarchy. In Kathleen Williams, we see but another Democrat opportunist seeking to pour gasoline on the flames – as long as it serves her ambitions. Extreme Kathleen refuses to condemn the growing lawlessness.
Williams sides with Marxist radicals trying to take police off the streets and out of schools. She doesn’t believe in our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves and supports draconian restrictions on gun ownership. She sides with party bosses Pelosi and Schumer in an effort to confiscate our firearms. She supports neither the brave men and women who protect us, nor our right to protect ourselves! California Kathleen therefore cannot truly represent Montanans.
Violent criminals are assaulting law enforcement, looting businesses, and setting cities ablaze. Instead of rejecting violence, California Kathleen seeks to become the darling of the totalitarian left. We need leadership that ensures this wanton lawlessness cannot dream of establishing itself in our state. There is no way Extreme Kathleen can provide it.
I support steadfast Matt Rosendale – for our future, safety, and prosperity.
Laura Sharp

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