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I agree with Mike Leow (Oct. 17), as I am sure that many Americans nationwide have the same feeling. My grievance is the biased news of the Associated Press. Every time some event happens, whatever it might be, it is always the right wing militia, and/or some white supremacist, but never any left wing Marxist radical! Recent news of the planned kidnapping of our governor, according to AP was the right wing militia, but now one of them was a black lives matter advocate. You can’t be both. Twenty years ago or so in Florida a security guard (Richard Jewell) was accused of being the bomber only because he was a strong conservative. The real bomber who was a protect the earth leftist confessed after Mr. Jewell and his mother’s life was destroyed by the FBI. WorldNetDaily News is saying that the mastermind behind this governor kidnapping plot was an FBI informant! Entrapment anyone?
According to high government officials like Nancy Pelosi the protesters are peaceful. Yes, I agree a piece of a building here, a piece of a car there, etc.
They (AP) are super fast on the draw blaming the Right Wing. The Unabomber was also a leftist protect the earth radical. Then came the neighborhood security guard shooting in Florida of a so called innocent boy. AP pulled the same thing, and worn out the race card until they found out that the security guard was a Hispanic. My god STOP THE PRESS. They had to smoke over their accusations. Today (AP) is persecuting uniformed police for doing their job.
What ever happened to the news source UPI? In fairness in news once in Boston we had the three networks, plus the Mutual Broadcast Company. What happened to them?

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