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The Governor said the President can't cower in his basement or the White House residence.Ahead of President Donald Trump‘s fifth campaign rally of the day and with less than 48 hours until polls close across the country, Gov. Ron DeSantis railed against Kamala Harris as one of the most extreme liberal lawmakers and against Joe Biden as a potential enabler in The White House.
The President’s return to Miami Sunday at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport is his sixth appearance in Florida this month. At every rally, DeSantis has been the final opening act before the President steps off Air Force One.
Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, has spent most of the last month in his basement, DeSantis said, while Trump overcame his COVID-19 infection, toured the country with multi-state campaign trips, and watched the Senate confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett as his third Supreme Court appointee.
“If you want to lead this country, you have a responsibility to be out there, to be a man of action,” DeSantis said. “You can’t cower in your own basement and be in the fetal position and think you’re going to be able to lead America. I want Donald Trump leading America, not somebody that’s going to spend time in the basement.”
And while the former Vice President “doesn’t get crowds” and “isn’t able to go out,” the Governor warned that Harris, a California Senator who dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary in December, would effectively be the President.
“If Joe Biden’s elected President, they’re going to keep him in the White House residence, and Kamala Harris is going to run the show,” he said.
Harris is further to the left than self-described socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, he added before calling out a video she posted on Twitter earlier in the day talking about “equal outcomes for everyone.”
“They say progressive, they say left, all this stuff. I don’t know what all that means,” DeSantis said. “I think you peel it all back, it’s all the same thing, Marxism. We are not going to allow Kamala Harris to be the President of the United States.”
Law and order is also on the ballot, he argued, taking a tagline the President has focused on since protests broke out nationwide over the death of Georg Floyd in Minnesota in May.
In response to those protests, which became violent in parts of the country, the Governor called up the National Guard and announced legislation to protect law enforcement. Part of that legislation would allow the state to cut funding to local governments that disproportionately slash their law enforcement budgets, an attempt to reign in the “defund the police” movement.

“If you loot, you’re going to jail; if you riot, you are going to jail; and if you harm other people, their person or property, particularly if you assault a law enforcement officer, you are going to jail,” DeSantis said.
Added the Governor: “If you defund law enforcement, the state of Florida’s going to defund you.”
Biden’s wife, Jill, appeared in Tallahassee Sunday morning alongside Floyd’s family and other Democratic leaders from Florida.
“Joe continues to believe that we are capable of rising to our highest ideals,” she said, “that our best days are ahead of us. His faith is unshakable because it’s in the providence of God. It’s in the boundless potential of our country.”
Like in Tampa on Thursday, a rally-goer collapsed in the heat while waiting for the President to appear. Again, the Governor assisted in directing medical personnel to the supporter in need.
“I can tell you it’s hot here, but if you’d have been at the Tampa rally the other day, that was at 1: 30 in the afternoon,” DeSantis said. “We had about 95 degree weather. It was not pretty. We had a lot of people that had heat problems.”
Voters don’t have much longer to wait to know whether Trump wins Florida a second time. Polls close at 7 p.m. local time across the state Tuesday.
Before departing the stage, DeSantis repeated his prediction of heartbroken cable talking heads when results start coming in Tuesday.
“They’ve been waiting for four years to be able to declare Joe Biden the victor,” he said. “What’s going to happen is the returns are going to turn in from Florida, and it’s not going to be what the media wanted.”
Winning Florida on Election Night would be the start of four more years in the White House.
“Actually, it’s going to show it’s pretty close, and close, and then the Panhandle comes in, and oh my gosh, it’s four years, 2016 all over again, and they’re going to have to admit that Donald Trump has carried the state of Florida,” DeSantis said. “When that happens, the die will be cast and he will be on his way to be reelected President of the United States.”

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