Day: January 22, 2021

Can Abolition Work in an Age of Right-Wing Extremism? – The Atlantic


Punishment can radicalize and further alienate people, while social policy and grassroots community building can defuse potential violence.January 22, 2021Assistant professor of sociology at UC San DiegoAssistant professor of anthropology at Georgetown UniversityShay Horse / NurPhoto / GettyIn response to law enforcement’s hands-off approach to the storming of…

John Stossel: Standing up to the mob | Columnists | – The Union Leader


JOE BIDEN SAYS he’ll “advance racial equity” by making “bold investments” in “Affordable Housing,” aiding “businesses owned by Black and Brown people,” establishing an “Equity Commission,” etc.Gosh, that’ll do it.Others demand reparations for slavery, more social programs and defunding the police.Yet, economist Thomas Sowell says, “I haven’t been…