New Biden rules mean mask-up while fishing, or even when sleeping on boat – Must Read Alaska


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The new masking rules from the Biden Administration apply to everyone on federal property — buildings, facilities, monuments, and other jurisdictions. In parks and wild lands, that means masks must be worn if others are nearby.
According to a new directive, it also means those on fishing boats or other commercial vessels must wear face masks, even while sleeping.
According to National Fisherman, the rule is going to be enforced by the Coast Guard, although it’s unclear how practical that actually is in Alaska or other commercial fishing grounds around the country.
Order under Section 361 of the Public ic Health Service Act requires persons to wear masks “while on conveyances and at transportation hubs.
“A conveyance operator transporting persons into and within the United States must require all persons onboard to wear masks for the duration of travel.”
Read the Coast Guard enforcement notification here.
That means from any seaport, in addition to airports and train stations.
“Conveyance operators must use best efforts to ensure that any person on the conveyance wears a mask when boarding, disembarking, and for the duration of travel. Best efforts include:
boarding only those persons who wear masks;instructing persons that Federal law requires wearing a mask on the conveyance and failure to comply constitutes a violation of Federal law;monitoring persons onboard the conveyance for anyone who is not wearing a mask and seeking compliance from such persons;at the earliest opportunity, disembarking any person who refuses to comply; andproviding persons with prominent and adequate notice to facilitate awareness and compliance of the requirement of this Order to wear a mask; best practices may include, if feasible, advance notifications on digital platforms, such as on apps, websites, or email…”
According to the order’s definition section, “Conveyance shall have the same definition as under 42 CFR 70.1, meaning “an aircraft, train, vessel . . . or other means of transport, including military.”
Exempted are boats that are used solely for personal, non-commercial use.
Those who work aboard commercial fishing boats spend time at sea and frequently have bunks assigned to them. The new regulation from the Biden Administration does not contain any exemptions for removing a mask while sleeping. Those under the age of 2 are not required to abide by the federal mask mandate.

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