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Police decrease crime

Data suggests that funding community organizations could decrease crime

The calls to end policing as we know it contain a sort of trap. The best evidence we have makes clear that police are effective in reducing violence, and without designating some group to combat this problem, efforts to weaken them through budget cuts — “defund the police” — are likely to have unanticipated consequences and to destabilize communities. In many cities this is likely to lead to a rise in violence. And research shows that, when violence increases, Americans of all races become more punitive, supporting harsher policing and criminal justice policies. That’s how we got to this point.

Yet none of this means that the police, which have served as an institution of racialized control throughout our nation’s history, are the only group capable of reducing violence. Community leaders and residents have proved adept at overseeing their neighborhoods, caring for their populations and maintaining safe streets. Studies show that this work lowers crime, sometimes dramatically. What happens if we put those people in charge of containing violence, too

Cullors is an abolitionist 

This does not mean that Cullors is going to dictate public policy

In the 7: 15 minute snippet, Cullors said that local government wanted to build a $3.5 billion on a new prison

Cullors and others helped caused the bill to fail

Could that money have been used to aid the local community?


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