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FalsehoodsAs a never Trumper I can sympathize with the always Trumpers in losing the Presidential election. For many of you, the election was stolen, and nothing will change your mind. That is not the group I am talking to. There are much distrust and conflicting information to absorb to reduce the conflict with the country and friends and neighbors. To get back to normal I want to suggest we emphasize some basic practices in our decision-making process. The first is proportional. For example, a bunch of people burning a Burger King in Portland or Biden’s kid working for the Chinese is not as important as overtaking the government and trying to kill the Vice President. Dwelling on the first part is a knee-jerk response to negate what is important. All lawlessness should be addressed but trying to overthrow the country should stand out. The second is, how do I know something is true? The best way to know is evidence. For example, if someone tells you the election was stolen, ask them how? How can all states and others certify the election? In Georgia, the Republican Governor, Secretary of State, State Government said Biden won the elections and counted the votes three times. Go on the Secretary of State of Georgia website and read how the election was done. Do the same in other States where you feel the election was stolen. You are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to pass on false information as if it is true.Richard Schauer, BoiseRacismIn 2008 I learned that if I wasn’t going to vote for Barack Obama, I was a racist. It couldn’t be because I had studied the man and knew that he had absolutely zero qualifications for leading this nation. It couldn’t be because I listened to and read his words and understood his absolute contempt for this country, our laws, and our constitution. It didn’t matter that I fervently hoped for the opportunity one day to vote for someone with the common- sense brilliance of a Thomas Sowell or a Shelby Steele. And it didn’t matter that in my 68 years you couldn’t find one instance where I treated a person differently because of the color of their skin. If I wasn’t going to vote for Barack, according to the Democrats and the Main Street Media, I was a racist. The Demonicrats of today use the racist label to demonize and intimidate anyone who disagrees with them about anything. Their unjustified and self-serving weaponization of the word have rendered it meaningless and eliminated any ability it had to even concern me. What would concern me would be to be thought of as someone who believes my country has no right to sovereignty, no right to secure borders, and no right to equal justice under the law. It would bother me greatly to be thought of as someone so heartless that he thinks murdering God’s innocent, defenseless children just for the sake of convenience is anything but a selfish atrocity. And it would bother me immensely to be thought of as someone without love and respect for my Creator and a lack of gratitude for what my Savior did for me on the cross. So call me a racist, no problem. But don’t you freaking dare ever call me a democrat.Guy Webster, BoiseHealth careThe holier than thou Idaho Legislature is back at it again, this time with an attempt “to defund” Planned Parenthood, impacting Idahoans on who can be referred to the abortion care they provide. No matter what personal opinion each legislator has on the morality of abortion, this legislative body should not be able to prevent anyone from getting healthcare at the place that they choose.Not only is this bill attempting to restrict access to health care during a pandemic, this bill is unnecessary and redundant. Taxpayer dollars do not pay for people’s abortions. The Hyde Amendment was enacted at the federal level in 1976. And at the state level, Idaho’s Medicaid program does not cover abortion care either.Each individual needs to be able to dictate for themselves where they go for care for many reasons. I choose to go to Planned Parenthood for my own reproductive healthcare because I know I will be able to enter and receive compassionate care. I feel at ease being able to identify as a queer woman with the clinicians and staff at Planned Parenthood, and I know that I will be treated with dignity and respect.Samantha Katana, BoiseMail votingWhether you agree with it or not, voting by mail is a safe and convenient method to make your voice heard giving a qualified citizen more freedom to cast a verified vote.In the 20 years prior to 2016, the percentage of voters casting ballots in person on Election Day has gradually declined, falling from 89% in 1996 to 60% in 2016. Approximately half of Americans cast their ballots by mail in 2020.According to KTVB Channel 7 (Boise) Idaho records were set in both the number of votes cast and the number of absentee ballots sent in.Over 878, 000 votes were tallied in the state. Approximately 490,000 were absentee ballots.Let’s continue to support voting by mail as a choice between voting in person and helping maintain employment for veterans in the U.S. Postal Service.John Paige, ChubbuckSupport KippThis is in support of Mike Kipp’s continued service on the Nampa School Board. I have known Mike for 13 years. I have found him to be an effective leader of those who work with children and youth. His deliberative considerations are well thought out and well presented. A School Board member should first consider what is best for students. Then teachers, parents and tax payers. Health and Safety are paramount, with academic opportunity following. Mike has served well for two years. This recall was initiated following two contemporaneous votes made 6 months into the then known ramifications of Covid. “The Science” was then and is now frustratingly murky, vacillating and inconsistent. Making a mistake regarding Covid was recognized and experienced as potentially deadly. Undoubtedly, each board member used their best judgment regarding the issues. They considered and then voted. While every parent had an opinion and preference, only the board members had the full facts on which they deliberated. There is no question that the data had holes in it. (The CDC still struggles with its responsibilities to educate us regarding Covid.) Nevertheless, a decision was called for. Many agreed with the decision and some did not. While the decision introduced inconvenience and disappointment, many similar school boards considered the risk of face to face instruction not worth taking. To decide to remove a qualified board member based on one vote and based on pieces of information that continue to change even today, is imprudent. The Nampa School Board is appropriately diverse. We are well served to have a person of Mike Kipp’s experience and concern for students.David Peterson, NampaPower grabCHEERS to Jim Jones and the Committee to Protect and Preserve the Idaho Constitution. Your efforts to protect our Constitutional rights from the power grab of our current State legislators are much appreciated.Valerie Ruxton, EagleExceptionsI modestly propose that we expand upon the recommendation of the good senator from Blackfoot, Steve Bair, who urged another state senator to limit his sources of information to those sourced in Idaho.Has Sen. Bair looked inside a college textbook with the standard he applies to university administration? If he attacks not just sociology and law (related to social justice?) but applies Occam’s razor to other subjects he will find an alarming incidence of foreign ideas. Whole departments (English, foreign languages) can be excised. Remove everything that does not originate in Idaho, and there goes mathematics that utilizes the zero. And Arabic numerals! And page numbers, they are either Arabic or Roman. Unacceptable? Perhaps we can borrow from Runes, or just go with tick marks.Think of the money we could save if schools only followed Idaho-sourced practices. Which of the amendments to the constitution started here? For that matter, what about that pledge of allegiance?I await Senator Bair’s exceptions, if any, to the Idaho way.Jeanette Ross von Alten, BoiseAgendaIt is now almost two months since the Idaho Legislature convened. There is still not full funding for Idaho schools and infrastructure. I have not seen a bill to lower property taxes or to do away with tax on food. Both of which would actually help working and retired people.The new bills I see do nothing to address anything that would improve our lives. The sex ed bill will cause disruption in every biology, anatomy, botany and government class as the teacher will either have to quit teaching curriculum or have a good share of the class leave the classroom, and go where, while teaching about body functions or cases that might include them.Not allowing citizen initiatives to make it to the ballot means a small group of people are deciding what is right for the rest of us. Isn’t that what they claim to be trying to avoid?Not allowing federal money for early childhood education is another way of saying we know what is right for your family. If parents want or need their child in daycare or pre-school let them have access to good quality learning.Question? What is your agenda because it does not seem to be making Idaho a place where people who think differently from you have a voice?Ina Thompson, NampaTransitCompass’s recent survey of the citizens of the Treasure Valley was a question only. It belies the actual financial burden and lack of use by commuters. The factual data taken from the actual published budgets of Salt Lake City, Denver, Portland and The Seattle transit systems clearly identify that there would be a cost imposed on the citizens living here would exceed the cost of a new highway every year. Nationwide only 3.3% of the riders on mass transit are commuters going to work.Utilizing the statistical median percentage from the four system examples, fares cover only 7.1% of the total cost of the system this indicates the cost minus the fares of the system to be $176,873,239.40 annually in additional taxes. You can read the entire report at this site. https://concernedcitizenscanyoncounty.weebly.com/mass-transportationOne thing to keep in mind is the destination. 93% of Idaho’s businesses are small businesses with workers living all over the valley. If Mass transit should be developed for commuters let those businesses served pay the cost. The most reasonable and actually the only cost saving transportation in this valley is the Commuter Vans supported by ACHD. Facts or Fiction people!

Ronald Harriman, NampaConstant divisionLook In the MirrorIt seems like many are trying to give conservatives advise on how they can improve. Many liberals along with many milquetoast Republicans I’m sure are dolling out free information. Why? I’m not sure.It’s way past time, but radical leftists need to start looking into the mirror and do some changing themselves. It’s no secret Democrat states are poorly run. The latest “Coronavirus bill” bails out inept blue state’s pensions, teachers unions, vaccines for prisoners, etc. It does nothing to help people in need. Taxpayers across the country will now fund liberal ignorance and irresponsible decisions. Are any leftists that live in fairly well run conservative states speaking out against this? If liberal states are so great, why do you keep complaining about living here? Make the move.Why do you keep defending the mutilation of children’s genitalia? This is indefensible. Yet, abhorrent, insecure parents that do this to their child are praised and fawned over by the left. These kids obviously need help and a support system to get them through a difficult time. Instead you just cheer on their demise. The tyrannical administration is now allowing boys dressed like girls to compete against your daughters. Are there any feminists left? Or is radical liberalism more important to you than the elimination of women’s sports and your daughter’s well being?I could go on and on. I didn’t even mention draconian lockdowns, killing babies, Iran, immigration, BLM, Antifa, college debt forgiveness, sham impeachments, Russia collusion, antisemitism, your love of Marxism and China, or even being a brainwashed loser if you read White Fragility. Your abysmal policies have done nothing but lead to a country in decline and constant division.Side note, through six weeks, the Biden administration lie tally is already up to 1,837. Yikes!Mark Jonathon, NampaFact checkThe Idaho Press is at it again, twisting facts and choosing words carefully to support its liberal agenda. Two examples from the front page of Wednesday, March 3: The headline over the lead story states that “Latinos receive lower share of state’s virus shots...” Well, stop the presses! This looks like big news!Nope. Just the Press playing free and easy with the facts.

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The article states that while 13 percent of Idaho residents are Latino, only 4.6 percent of those receiving the COVID-19 vaccine were Latino. And so this fact formed the basis of this scathing report.But read deeper into the article for the truth: Of the two main groups now eligible for the vaccines — senior citizens and health care workers — only 5 percent are Latinos.So, of that 5 percent, 4.6 percent have already received their shots. Could others be waiting, for one reason or another? Could some have opted out, as some people from all ethnic groups have?No matter. The Press has its headline. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.The state House killed a bill, but not just any bill. This was “a seemingly innocuous” bill, to borrow the words of a reporter who may have thought she was writing an editorial.The bill wasn’t so innocuous to the majority of House members, who voted not to accept federal funds that would have supported early childhood education. Opponents of the measure objected because of the involvement of a nonprofit organization with ties to a national group that “supports a social justice curriculum” and teaches that “whiteness, for example, confers privilege, as does being male.”Nothing innocuous about that, is there?Roger Neumann, NampaDisparityI was writing in regards to the recent article titled ‘Latinos receive lower share of state’s virus shots, new data shows’.Why is it that this is front page news? I expected the article to explain how there was some sort of discrimination happening to our Hispanic communities regarding shots but as I read the article it became very apparent that this was not so. A disparity does not equal discrimination. If the reason is simply because of a difference in demographics regarding age then why is there a front page article on it? Why even write an article at all?It is very concerning to me that the article presents this disparity as some sort of problem that needs to be fixed. It infers that discrimination is happening when that is not so. Vaccines should go to the most vulnerable … period. Those who are the oldest, even if they are healthy, are still the most vulnerable regarding Covid symptoms. Am I to assume that the article is trying to imply we should take away vaccine shots from the most vulnerable because too many of them are white? Well, that would be racist … right? What does it matter what skin color the most vulnerable are? The science is clear. The oldest are the most vulnerable and much more likely than any other age group no matter the context to run into serious symptoms from Covid. It’s more than a bit disgusting to throw race into this. We’re all human beings and should not have vaccine availability be dependent on our skin color.Allan Oney, MeridianSB1110Governor Little – VETO SB 1110! In the 31 years I have lived in Idaho there have been 13 initiatives on the ballot: eight were defeated, five were passed. Now to be clear, 4 of the 5 were directly related to our legislator’s refusal to accept Idaho’s citizens overwhelming vote for term limits. We fought for eight years over that one, and in case you haven’t noticed – we still don’t have them. Idaho legislators have always done whatever they pleased without regard to their constituents, and will continue to do so. That is why it is absurd to allow a law that makes it even harder to reign them in! The citizens of this state deserve the right to elevate important issues to the ballot which our government won’t address. They have gerrymandered themselves into safe districts that are difficult to vote them out of, there are no term limits, and now they want to make it literally impossible for us to have a say in our own government. Of all the important issues this state has to deal with, our legislators are obsessed with their own power – nothing else. Oh, the fifth initiative passed? Medicaid expansion – and you know how they immediately butchered that one.Cindy Kowalczyk, BoiseStudentsI am frustrated at the lack of support from the state to ALL IDAHO STUDENTS. Not fair to deny tax dollars to those students whose families have been contributing tax dollars. I don’t think it is fair for public educators to throw shade on kids going to private schools because they want ALL the money. Those kids going to private schools deserve support from the state also!! They ARE IDAHO STUDENTS TOO!! Their parents are tax payers too!! Not moral, not right to take away from these kids because they don’t have the voice like the public educators do.Kathryn Ralstin, GreenleafVetoRepublicans in the Idaho Legislature really, really, really hate Medicaid, and they will never forgive the audacity Idaho voters showed in November of 2018 when citizens enacted Medicaid Expansion. More than 60% of voters approved that initiative. Since then, Republicans have done nothing but try to repeal it, get it declared unconstitutional, make initiatives more difficult, and even throw up more suppression of voters. After all, “Voting shouldn’t be easy!” according to Rep. Mike Moyle.Now the Idaho State Senate has passed S1110 to make initiatives harder. Why? In the 8 years since the current rules were put in place, there were 15 initiatives attempted and only two made the ballot. That’s hardly democracy run amuck.Please contact your Idaho State Representatives to ask them to vote NO on S1110, and ask Governor Little to veto it if it reaches his desk.Paul Rolig, BoiseStar cardWhat is Wrong with this Picture!Recently, I made an appointment with the DMV, to renew my Driver’s license and get a Star Card. I took with me the following documents: Birth Certificate, Marriage License, Social Security Card, valid Drivers License, and two utility bills with my name and address. Unfortunately, they would not give me the Star Card. Their explanation was because on the Marriage Certificate the Minister neglected to name the County in which we were married, even though the County was pre-printed on the certificate. Don’t get me wrong I believe these documents are important in today’s world. What I don’t understand is why our county does not think it’s important to also require certain documents from the people coming across our borders? After October 2021 I will be required to show a Star Card or a valid Pass Port before I can get on a plane to fly from Boise to Oakland to see my Grandchildren. Just Wondering?Patsy Chambers, Eagle

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