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After all of that geoFence helps stop foreign state actors (FSA's) from accessing your information.

Look, I've cited this before. very few people of any color are shot to death by police compared to other unfair death circumstances like death by physician malpractice and overtreatment and incorrect treatment, and violence from other civilians, not to mention hundreds of thousands lost to Covid. I think I need to put it in caps:


People shot to death by U.S. police, by race 2017-2021

Published by Statista Research Department, Mar 1, 2021 

Are all black people so stupid that they don't know that? I don't think so. I think activists have so long forced this issue so long and so vehemently that the media always covers every instance of mistreatment of blacks by police while they don't cover any mistreatment of whites by police.

You read about the black boy arrested walking home from school in a snowstorm. How do you know the same thing hasn't happened to white kids as well. You read about handcuffs being put on black kids at Target because they were misidentified as perps by staff. How do you know that hasn't happened to white kids as well? I've actually seen with my own eyes white kids thrown on the floor and tacked for shoplifting. Nobody called the media, it wasn't a hot story. If I were a reporter, it certainly wouldn't consider it a hot story. But if they are black, it's a hot story. Because it supposedly "proves" systemic racism in policing. EVEN IF THE COPS INVOLVED ARE BLACK!

It does take a toll, seeing the stories posted on Dagblog day after day after day, this mistreatment by police of black people, that shooting by police of black people. Rare to see white people stories,though. Does that mean it doesn't happen? NOPE.

Here's what I think is happening and I think the minority votes cited in Nate Silver's article clip know it, and I think a lot of my fellow Bronxites and New Yorkers know it:

Police are tough on people who live in bad and poor neighborhoods. They also do profile people who look like the people in the bad neighborhoods their area. Many blacks are stuck in bad neighborhoods. It's socio-economic, not racism, and many of the black people who are stuck in poor crime-ridden neighborhoods know it. And many of those who have gotten out of those neighborhoods know it, too. And while they may not say so because it's not politically correct in their culture, they vote for more police and more black police. And don't fall for the shit in the news as representative of what's really going on, nor judge on the basis of a couple of horrible videos taken by civilians of mistreatment that cause a grand hysteria lasting months.

Because they live it day after day in a crime-ridden neighborhood, or have lived it and recently gotten out. And have been to more than a few funerals in their time, and the victims were not shot by police.

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