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On Friday, Capitol Police Officer William “Billy” Evans was murdered by an assailant, and another officer was injured.

As I noted in my tribute to officer Brian Sicknick, there have been two Capitol Police officers murdered inside the Capitol building — both back in 1998. Officer Evans is the third member of the Capitol Police murdered in the line of duty on the Capitol grounds.

Notably, as with two other recent high-profile attacks, the assailant in this case doesn’t fit the Left’s race-hustling, hate-bait narrative. Both were “hate crimes,” but you won’t hear those words out of the Biden/Harris regime or the Schumer/Pelosi tag team.

Last week, the assailant in the brutal assault against an Asian woman in New York turned out to be a black paroled murderer. Earlier, the mass murderer who killed 10 people in Colorado, all of his victims including a police officer being white, turned out to be an Islamist.

Now, the assailant who murdered Capitol Police Officer Evans turns out to be a radical black Islamist, Noah Zaeem Muhammad, being identified elsewhere as Noah Green. Muhammad was shot and killed as he attempted to assault another officer. He was a follower of Afrocentric black supremacist Louis Farrakhan, the anti-Semite, anti-American hater who leads the Nation of Islam.

Before Facebook “memory holed” Muhammad’s social media page, the assailant noted that his religion was “centered on the belief of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as Jesus, the Messiah, the final divine reminder in our midst.” He added, “The Minister is here to save me and the rest of humanity, even if it means facing death.” He had recruited other Farrakhan followers.

I noted two months ago that all the Demos’ DC security overload was baiting another attack by some unstable individual, and indeed Muhammad took the bait.

According to the leftist Capitol Hill elite, this incident bolsters their case for keeping all the “border security” around the Capitol building. The irony is rich given their open invitation to illegal immigrants now swamping our southern border. Of those who are caught, most are being dumped into border state communities or bussed elsewhere, and some of them will commit serious crimes against Americans. But again, those who dwell inside the Beltway believe their safety and security are much more important than that for the rest of us.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in DC, there have been 51 murders so far this year — that’s up 35% over the same period last year. That trend is tracking in other urban centers whose Demo leaders have adopted the Marxist so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement’s agenda to “defund the police.”

That notwithstanding, some leftist appointees on DC’s so-called Police Reform Commission want the Metro Police budget cut in half. The number of officers is already declining, from 3,850 at the beginning of 2020 to about 3,650 now. On the same day Officer Evans was murdered, the commission released a report recommending cutting 3,000 of the remaining 3,650 Metro officers. Their justification: “Decentering police requires shifting our collective focus and resources to invest far more in community-centered programs.”

But at least the Capitol dwellers are safe.

Predictably, President Post Turtle once again demonstrated his penchant for using the American flag as a political rag by ordering flags nationwide to half-staff, ostensibly to honor the Capitol Police.

It’s not that Capitol Police don’t deserve recognition when losing one of their own, but for the record, there have been more than 40 police officers killed in the line of duty across the nation already this year — and I can assure you neither Biden nor Harris can name any one of them. (You may be aware that The Patriot Post creates “End of Watch” tributes to every officer killed.)

Of course, Biden’s political objective was not to honor the death of an officer but to keep the Capitol riot drama alive.

Finally, on the subject of using police deaths as political fodder, ensuring her arrogance and abject ignorance, moments after hearing about the Capitol officer’s death, Rep. Sandy Cortez (D-NY) issued a demand for gun control.

Footnote: It’s a gross irony that after I posted a Facebook note Friday about the death of Officer Evans and the arrest of the assailant in the New York assault on an Asian woman, Facebook’s “all seeing eye” algorithm bot determined that because I used the words “hate crime” and “Asian,” I should promote a fund to stop Asian hate crimes. So I was prompted with a pop-up noting, “Take action to #StopAsianHate. Raise money for a nonprofit supporting Asian communities, and we will take care of the donation process with no fees.”

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