State propaganda takes conservative men head on to get them to take ‘the jab’ – Must Read Alaska


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At the State of Alaska’s regularly scheduled Covid community conversation this week, a University of Alaska Anchorage Journalism professor presented some approaches for convincing conservative men to get the Covid-19 vaccine:
Tell men that if they get the virus, they’ll lose their ability to get an erection. That will do it.
Joy Chavez Mapaye, who has a PhD in Journalism and who teaches at UAA, told the group of mainly health professionals that since “conservative men, 35 and younger” were so resistant to getting the vaccine, they need a message that gets them where they live. The propaganda must be targeted to their penises.
Thus, the professor went through some sample messaging that might work on this group, messaging developed with Rep. Liz Snyder of District 27 and a group of primarily women, and which is full of gender stereotypes about younger conservative men. The takeaway: Messages must appeal to this group of men’s masculinity and virility.

The State and Anchorage municipal health professionals are working on ways to break down the public’s resistance to the Covid vaccine, and their work is informed by surveys done online, as well as in focus groups. The study took into consideration the images from the popular dating app Tinder as the group tried to understand the young, conservative male mind, which they view as having a greater likelihood in engaging in Covid-19 risk behaviors, such as not wearing a mask and not getting a vaccine.
Banner Health, a health care company, says erectile dysfunction is, indeed, a side effect for some men, as Covid-19 affects the vascular system, or blood flow in the body. The Banner Health report is here.
Mapaye chairs the Department of Journalism at UAA and is a former reporter for mainstream media outlets. Last year she helped with a study that showed 77% of respondents in Anchorage said they either mildly or strongly support the Berkowitz mask mandate, while only 11 percent said they would defy it.
Mapaye has called the COVID-19 issue a “pandemic of misinformation.” 
“Communications in this is really critical,” she said last year to public broadcasting reporters. “You want to get the right messaging out to the right group, in order for folks to understand and know what they need to do.”
This year, the right message is: If you’re a man, you can keep your equipment working by getting a Covid vaccine.
You can view the professor’s slide desk at this link:

Some of the transcript of the meeting is at this link:

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