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This is a rush transcript from "Life, Liberty & Levin," April 25, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.MARK LEVIN, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, America. I'm Mark Levin, and this is LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN. We have some great guests tonight.But before we do, you'll recall a few Sundays ago, I began the program with Thomas Paine and his magnificent pamphlet, "The American Crisis," which stirred the American people and George Washington's forces to defend our country ultimately, to win the Revolutionary War.And I want to start out a little differently tonight."We have allowed the mob and the Democratic Party to define who we are as people. They defame us, slander our ancestors in history, trash our founding documents and principles. There are mostly reprobates who hate the country in which they live and have contributed nothing towards betterment. Indeed, they live off the sweat and toil of others, while they pursue a destructive and diabolical course for our nation, undermining and sabotaging virtually every institution in our society.""Their ideology and worldview are based on the arguments and beliefs of a man, ultimately, Karl Marx, whose writings are responsible for the enslavement, impoverishment, torture and death of untold millions.""This is a hard fact, despite their predictable protestations. These are the useful idiots who occupy influential or leadership positions in the Democratic Party, media, academia, the culture, you see them, we are surrounded by them.""But we must take solace and find strength in the sacrifice and bravery of our revolutionaries: Joseph Warren, Sam Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and yes, Thomas Paine, and become energized and spirited by the wisdom and genius of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Ben Franklin, and so many others.""While they have been smeared and degraded by the American left and the Democratic Party and the man who occupies the Oval Office, we must continue to celebrate them, be invigorated by them, and remember that together, they defeated the most powerful military force on earth, and founded the greatest and most extraordinary nation in the history of mankind.""In fact, future generations of patriots had tremendous sacrifice, fought the Civil War to end slavery, something no other country has ever done, costing hundreds of thousands of lives on fields and in towns throughout America, over 700,000 casualties in a nation of 25 million people.""At Gettysburg alone, there were 51,000 casualties, but there were other battles with terrible casualties: Chickamauga, Spotsylvania, the wilderness, Chancellorsville, Shiloh, Stones River, Antietam, Bull Run twice, Fort Donaldson, Fredericksburg, Port Hudson, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Gaines' Mill, Missionary Ridge, Atlanta, Seven Pines, Nashville and many others.""That century, Americans, millions of Americans fought and hundreds of thousands died in two World Wars. In World War I, some four million American soldiers were mobilized to fight Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire, and over 116,000 Americans perished at the battles of Somme, Verdun, Tannenberg, and many others.""In World War II, over 16 million American soldiers fought the German Nazis, Japan and Italy; over 400,000 lost their lives at the battles of Sicily, Anzio, at the Atlantic, Normandy, Operation Dragoon, Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan, Okinawa, and many, many more.""During the Cold War with the Soviet Union, American soldiers fought the spread of communism, including in Korea where the Soviets and the Chinese- backed communists in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula invaded the South. Over 5.7 million Americans were engaged in that war, 5.7 million and nearly 34,000 lost their lives.""Almost three million Americans served in uniform in the Vietnam War, which was intended to prevent again, the Soviets and Chinese-backed communists in the northern part of that country from taking over the South. Over 58,000 American soldiers lost their lives.""There have been many battles since including but not limited to Iraq and Afghanistan, and the war on terrorism."Contrary to the slurs that we hear from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, from LeBron James and athletes, contrary to the slurs that we hear from Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and other leftist Marxists in this country, America is a great country.America is not an imperialist country, it's not a colonizing country. Our soldiers, our people are noble. We have fought and died and still do to protect the liberties of the oppressed from one end of the world to the other, regardless of religion, skin color, ethnicity, or race of those who are victimized.And unlike some of our enemies, we do not seek to conquer other countries for the purpose of occupation and territorial expansion, and when America, one generation after another has been willing to sacrifice everything, and so many have paid the ultimate price in defense of this magnificent country and its founding principles from foreign enemies, they believed that America and her principles were worth fighting for and dying for.And many of us, our family members, were among them.But today, things are a little different."On the home front, most of us have always viewed our police as selfless and brave guardians of the law, who protect us from criminals and keep the peace. We look up to them and appreciate them. They are highly trained professionals and their job is extremely dangerous, given the level of violent criminality that exists in too many areas of this country.""The National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund reports that since the first known line of duty death in 1786, more than 22,000 U.S. law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty.""In 2018 alone, there have been 58,866 assaults against law enforcement officers, resulting in 18,000 injuries. And on every 9/11, we honor those officers along with firefighters, emergency personnel and others who lost our lives in infinite heroic acts to save the poor souls in the Twin Towers and The Pentagon who were slaughtered by al-Qaeda terrorists.""These incredible men and women, they haven't changed. They are the same patriotic and self-sacrificing Americans today as they were on that day, and are on other days.""Yes, what has changed in recent years? Law enforcement at all levels has come under brutal attack. Suddenly, they can do no good. Suddenly, they are systemically racist targeting black men all over the country, because they're on a mission to kill them.""They have to be constrained and restrained, and policing itself must be reimaged.""We are told police officers can do no good. No, no. They're targeting Americans, African-Americans, other minorities for disparate treatment, despite indisputable statistics and overwhelming evidence to the contrary.""Now, of course, the relentless, degrading and weakening of police forces, unremitting media disinformation about law enforcement, the ideological and political exploitation of certain videotaped encounters, and the slashing of police budgets by major city Democratic politicians are intended to destabilize our communities."And that is exactly what they are doing. They are destabilizing our communities.The death rates in our major cities, which are mostly lived in by minorities, poor people, not exclusively, but mostly is going through the roof. It is going through the roof.And while we are now allowing this President and his Vice President and his administration, while we are allowing Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, while we are allowing the worst of the demagogues in the Democratic Party, all in the leadership, and individuals in the media and people in the streets like Al Sharpton among others, to tear this country apart.Just remember this: we are a great people. When they attack America, they're attacking us and they're attacking our forefathers. I didn't say we are a perfect people, I said we are a great people.There's a reason why 42 million people south of the border according to Gallup, if they had an opportunity would come to the United States. These are brown people and black people who wish to leave their countries and their cultures for our country and our culture. You would think if we were everything that LeBron James said, that if we are everything that Joe Biden said, that if we were everything that Maxine Waters said, there'd be 42 million people lining up to get out of America.You know of anybody who is trying to leave America? You know anybody who trying to leave America for China? Or Russia? Or Iran? Or North Korea? Or Cuba? Or Venezuela? Or for any other reason on the face of the Earth?We're being fed lies. We're being fed propaganda. Certain terrible events are being exploited for the purpose of bringing this country down.And so I have a question for my dear friend, Leo Terrell, who I've asked to come on the program. Leo Terrell, I have a question for you. Before we get into some of the specifics, and it's this: why does Joe Biden, why does Kamala Harris, and why does the Democratic Party hate America?LEO TERRELL, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: They hate America because of all the things you just articulated.They want to destroy America and change the values that made us such a great country. They look for power, Mark. They look for ultimate power, and the only way they can do it is to destroy this country and move this country to the extreme left.For them to attack this country, as they do day in and day out, to accuse this country of being a racist country, a systematic racist country, institutionalized racist, is to lie to the American people for the sole purpose of power and control. And that power and control is an obsession with not only the Democrats, but with the far left. They want us under their thumbs for the purpose of controlling us and taking away our American values, our American freedom and our American liberties.LEVIN: Beautifully put. And when we come back, Leo Terrell, I want to ask you this question: people are being slaughtered in our cities every single day and especially on the weekends, they are being slaughtered by numbers that are unimaginable.The other week in Chicago, gangbangers shot up a McDonald's while people were in line. They murdered a seven-year-old little girl, wounded her father. They killed five people there and I believe, at a Popeye's, we don't even know their names. It gets absolutely no coverage.These athletes, these actors in Hollywood, these phony journalists, none of them focus on what's taking place. We're talking about thousands and thousands of people dying every year.When we come back, I want to ask you, what is with the priority of the left and the media in this country and Black Lives Matter when most of this is happening in black communities?We'll be right back.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)LEVIN: Welcome back, America. Leo Terrell, even a Civil Rights attorney for a very long time, you've seen both sides. You've been a liberal Democrat a long time, you said that's enough. They don't have any answers. I'm going to move to the side of liberty.Now, let me ask you a question. You see these numbers in these cities. You're from the LA area. The numbers are horrendous. The slaughter that's going on, the mayhem, just indiscriminate shooting little kids, kids watching TV on a sofa in their living room with their grandmother sitting next to them, a bullet comes through the window and we're trashing the cops.All the carnage is occurring not because of the cops, but because people are killing each other.Why do you think the Mayor of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and all the rest of them -- don't even talk about it, let alone focus on it?TERRELL: Let me be very, very clear to that question. Let me explain it in detail. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, they don't care about Americans. They don't care about the people they claim they represent and they want to protect, people of color, minority, the people who have been deprived by this horrific American system, which has given us 250 years of greatness.They use people of color to exploit them for their own selfish gains.Black Lives Matter, they collected $90 million. You would expect them to give some of that money in the community. No one knows where it is at, except we know that one of the founders of Black Lives Matter have just recently purchased four homes.They don't care about black on black crime.You talk about that young girl who was killed at a McDonald's. They don't care about the people they claim they represent. They don't care because all they want is power. And they lie -- I want to be very clear -- they lie to gain power.Joe Biden is lying to the American people on national TV when he claims there is systemic discrimination, institutionalized racism. Why does he lie? Because he wants to portray Republicans and people who believe in freedom as racist. They are the racist. They're the one who are depriving people of color and all Americans quality education.They don't want Americans to choose whether they go to a charter school or a private school. They want to control them in public schools that are run by the unions that provide inequality education, so they can keep us under their control.That's why I left them, because I saw it and I was sick of it.Institutionalized racism among police officers, they don't look at the numbers. Why? Because it's a lie for them to make the statement that white officers are looking for black people to kill. That's a lie.But they say it, they claim the lie, and they talk the lie every day. Why? For control. To get people angry, emotional. Forget the facts. They're not important.They want them to be angry, and who do they point to? Americans who love freedom, liberty and choice and quality education and Americans who are -- who love this country. They point at us. They claim that we are responsible for the miseries that they are creating.You take law enforcement away from Democratic cities like Los Angeles and Chicago and Washington, D.C. and you will destroy the community. But that's what they want.They believe in chaos. They believe in destruction. They believe in destroying.Your monologue articulate the Americans who made this country great. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Franklin, they want them erased. They want them gone.They want to rewrite history, i.e., critical race theory.They want to accuse people simply because of skin color, that they're evil, white supremacy, everybody, white supremacy. Why? Because they want to write a new narrative, a false narrative. They want to change what made this country great for over 250 years, they want to destroy the reason why millions of people want to come to this great country.They want to just completely burn this country down.That George Floyd case, the case that had nothing to do with race. Zero. You wouldn't believe that if you listened to the Democrats and the left- wing media. It was the race case of the century.Mark, not one reference to race was mentioned in that courtroom. Mark, that case did not represent an indictment against police officers. It was against one individual defendant accused of crimes. He was not accused of being a racist. He wasn't accused of playing the race card.He was found guilty, the system worked. But that didn't satisfy them. Because they want chaos and they will continue to demand chaos because you cannot appease criminals, you cannot appease Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party.LEVIN: Absolutely, profoundly and brilliantly put. This is a revolution that we're watching. It's a revolution of a small percentage of the population. I'm not talking about minority/majority, I'm talking about a small percentage of the population. It is supported by the American media.The Democratic Party has glommed on to it because they always, as you say, exploit black people, whether it's the Democratic Party and the Confederacy, whether it's the Democratic Party and segregation, whether it's the Democratic Party and Jim Crow, which Joe Biden knows a lot about, because he participated in it actively, or whether it's the Democratic Party today that literally wants to take police protection away from black people in communities when we see surveys that show over 80 percent of black people in black majority communities want their police there. And a significant percentage of them want more police there, because they know exactly what's going on, on the streets.And they know that Black Lives Matter, when they're in trouble, it is not there to help them. They know that Antifa is shipping in revolutionaries, Marxists into their communities to burn them down and they know that the media do not represent them.We'll be right back.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)JON SCOTT, FOX NEWS CHANNEL ANCHOR: Welcome to "FOX News Live." I'm Jon Scott.A Federal Judge in Connecticut dismisses a lawsuit which had sought to prevent transgender athletes from competing in girls' high school sports. Currently, Connecticut allows transgender athletes to compete in sports according to their gender identity, not based on the gender they were given at birth.Two students tried to change that claiming they were deprived of wins by being forced to compete against transgender sprinters. The Judge dismissed the lawsuit and is allowing transgender students to compete in the sports of their choosing.Four synagogues in the Bronx have been vandalized over the last two days. Police are asking the public for help as they try to identify a person of interest. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has directed the state's hate crime task force to assist the NYPD.I'm Jon Scott. Now back to LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN.LEVIN: Welcome back, America. Leo Terrell, you know, it's amazing to me, Joe Biden has been in Washington, D.C. almost half a century. He spent a lot of his life in the United States Senate, as a Vice President to Barack Obama.Now, he tells us about systemic racism. This is Mr. System. This is the guy who pushed for the most harsh criminal laws possible at the Federal level. Now, he thinks he is Mahatma Gandhi or something like that. And he is signing Executive Orders that are placed under him by the most radical elements in our society, pushing critical race theory.Now for America, critical race theory was considered a kook fringe ideology that came out of Stanford and Harvard Law Schools that is based in Marxism. And the ideology basically comes down to this: everything in America that is bad is due to white people, that America is a white dominated society, and there's not a damn thing we can do about it unless we burn it down, clean the slate, and start all over again.And by the way, white people have no say in it since they did all this in the first place.So it is a racist, sort of black separatist ideology that is now being mainstreamed, and Leo Terrell, Joe Biden just signed a bunch of Executive Orders where we're going to be training people in the Federal government, Federal contractors, our public school systems all over our country, Joe Biden says, yes, people are going to learn this.Now what do you make of that?TERRELL: First of all, let me tell you, it's very scary and it's very scary on the educational front and I'll get to that in a second.But let me tell you right now, it turns Civil Rights upside down. Again, I go back to that eloquent monologue you talked about.I became a Civil Rights attorney because of Dr. King. I've been a Civil Rights attorney for 30 years. We're supposed to hopefully live in a colorblind society, if you listened to Dr. King, not with these separatists and leftists, and Black Lives Matter and extremists.They want to punish people based on skin color. They turned the Civil Rights movement upside down. It's insulting. It is wrong. It is scary.And what you're doing on your program, the opportunity for me to speak in your program, we've got to push back.Now, let me get to the part about the critical race theory when it comes to education. Mark, before I became a lawyer, I was a school teacher. I still have my teaching license.Education is the key to America and keeping our country strong with our education, our quality of education to make us knowledgeable. Information.They're pushing this racist idea. They tested it first in the colleges, they're pushing it down in the public schools. They are trying to teach our young people when their minds are open to everything -- to be a racist, to feel inferior.This is something that we cannot allow to happen. We will have our future American leaders growing up hating each other. This is the crisis more than anything else. This is where the critical race theory, is more -- is more threatening to the fabric of American society.What you mentioned: liberty, freedom, choice to be who you are.We're going to be at war with our kids in elementary school, and junior high school and middle school and high school. This has to stop. This has to be prevented. Which tells us that the tenure of Joe Biden can be no more than four years, that the tenure of Nancy Pelosi's leadership must end in 2022, that the tenure of Chuck Schumer's leadership has to end in 2022, we cannot allow this critical race theory, this aka racist theory of punishing people based on skin color who happen to be white, that they are blamed for all the ills that have been lied upon by the extreme left.This has to stop.That is my biggest concern as an educator, as a lawyer, a Civil Rights lawyer, and more importantly, as an American, we cannot have the critical race theory indoctrinate a create propaganda into our young people.I'm really worried about that.LEVIN: It is an honor to know you, and I want to thank you for everything you've done for decades. And I want to thank you for your courage in coming forward now. We need patriots like you: former liberals, not leftists, former liberals to come forward; and everybody, unite to fight this evil that's taking place in our country.So I want to salute you and thank you, Leo, and God bless you, my friend.TERRELL: God bless you, Mark Levin, and thank you for having me and thank you America, we will stay -- we will survive this.LEVIN: Amen.We'll be right back.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)LEVIN: Welcome back, America. We have a great guest now. Heather Mac Donald, Manhattan Institute Thomas W. Smith fellow. She's written several great books, "The Diversity Delusion" and "The War on Cops." That book came out five years ago, I read it. I learned an awful lot. It's a very, very compelling book, Heather.Heather, one of the things that Thomas Sowell said about your book is, this is a book that can save lives, which got me to thinking. All of this attack on the police, all this attempt to degrade the cops as systemically racist, and which we know as a matter of fact is a lie.All this talk from Democrats and media types and athletes that the cops want to stop cars with black people for the purpose of harassing them and killing them. What is going to happen in these communities where you have these Democrat mayors who are slashing police budgets, or they're tying the hands of cops, so they're eliminating limited immunity -- who is going to suffer as a result of that?HEATHER MAC DONALD, FELLOW, MANHATTAN INSTITUTE: Mark, it is truly astonishing. The facts do not matter to this narrative. The dead bodies do not matter to this narrative.It's not a hypothetical question. We don't need to ask it. We already have data.The first major assault against police legitimacy that happened after the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, in 2014, resulted in what I called the Ferguson effect, which is the combined phenomena of officers backing off of constitutional, lawful, proactive enforcement under this phony narrative that they are racist and the resulting emboldening of criminals.So, 2015-2016, we saw the largest two-year increase in homicides. In the last five decades, another 2,000 blacks were killed to absolutely no objection from the Black Lives Matter activists.Now, post George Floyd, last year, 2020, saw the largest percentage increase in homicides in this nation's history. Probably another 3,000 blacks were killed last year, compared to 2019. Four dozen black children gunned down in their homes, in their front porches attending birthday parties at barbecues, by these insane, mindless retaliatory shootings, not a single one of those black children's deaths were protested by the activists or by the politicians.So it's only going to get worse. The crime wave of 2020 is continuing unabated. And the 20 or so blacks who are killed every day in drive-by shootings, are as usual, passing without the slightest moment of recognition from the media or Democratic politicians.LEVIN: I mean, isn't this really the core of the matter? In terms of how cold blooded this movement is against the cops? It's so cold blooded, and it is so mindlessly ideological, and serves clear the purpose of the Democratic Party. I mean, even right into the Oval Office, into the Halls of Congress with Pelosi and Schumer, the effort now to pass a Federal law that would reach into every nook and cranny of the United States and tie the hands of very police department, isn't this the big point that you raise, which is we have death and mayhem going on, particularly in our inner cities, particularly as applies to blacks, and it's as if it's not even taking place?We don't know the names of these people. We don't know what these mayors are doing about it. We don't know what these governors are doing about it. We know these so-called Civil Rights leaders like Al Sharpton are doing absolutely nothing about it.So the Democrats have the power over the cities and they are attacking the cops, and the consequences are going to be as Thomas Sowell pointed out, lost lives as a result of this. How do we even change this narrative? Is it even possible?MAC DONALD: Well, it's political, as you say, Mark, but I would say it's even deeper than that. And for sure, the playing of the race card is a source of power that is truly inebriating to those that possess it.But it is also cultural. We have been having for the last four to five decades an obsessive conversation about phantom police racism, in order not to talk about a far more difficult and uncomfortable problem, which is black crime. That is what is driving policing today. Rightly so, policing is data driven. It's not driven by race.Every, you know, police command headquarters look at where people are being shot in drive-by, where they are being robbed and that is overwhelmingly in black neighborhoods. The victims are black, but here is what nobody wants to say. The perpetrators are black as well, thanks to the breakdown of the black family, and an extraordinarily dysfunctional toxic inner city culture. You have levels of violence that are simply unknown to the rest of America.America turns its eyes away from this problem and blames the messenger, which is the police. The police don't have the fact that virtually every time a shots fired call comes over their police radio, meaning that somebody has been shot in a drive-by, they don't want the fact that they will almost invariably be called to a black neighborhood, being given the description of a black suspect if anybody is cooperating with the police for once.They hope against hope that for once it is going to be a white or an Asian suspect. It almost never happens.The data is clear. In New York City, for example, blacks are about 23 percent of the population. They commit about three quarters of all shootings; whites are 34 percent of the population, they commit two percent of all shootings. Those disparities exist in every city.And America, far from being white supremacist, far from, you know, falsely are, you know, vindictively demonizing blacks would rather blame itself for this problem or blame the cops than say, we need to be honest about the cultural breakdown and work on that, work on reconstructing the family and for God's sakes, tell people not to resist arrest.Don't resist arrest and you as a criminal, you know, we're not even going to talk about don't commit crime, but as a criminal, if you're stopped by the cops, don't resist arrest and you will virtually eliminate your chance of having an elevated use of force used against you including lethal force.LEVIN: All right. We'll be right back.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)LEVIN: Welcome back. Heather Mac Donald, what does it mean, do you think, when people keep talking about reimaging the police? I have no idea what they're talking about. Is that talking about eviscerating the police?MAC DONALD: I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine. Yes, it means don't have them get out of their cars, be passive, drive around, and wait for the next shooting to happen. And basically, let's get them out of our community.But you know, that does not listen to those law-abiding -- thousands of law-abiding residents who beg for more police. I've never been to a police community meeting when they say we have too many police. They all say, we want you to arrest and address drug dealers, get the kids off the corners who are fighting and engage in disorderly conduct. So it's a completely nonsensical message.LEVIN: You know, you make a good point. I look at these surveys, Gallup and others and they say in these communities, over 80 percent of the people in these communities want their police there, a significant percentage of the 80 percent want more police there.There is a complete disconnect between what we see on TV and what goes on in these communities and you've studied this.MAC DONALD: Yes, I have -- every day now, I open the paper, I listen to CNN, yes, I do, as a as a masochistic public service to everybody else and I just -- I cannot believe what I'm hearing. The disconnect is extraordinary.The police are not the problem. The police are the solution.Until the family is reconstructed, the police are the solution in this country. And yet, we are involved in this tsunami of self-flagellation, of victimization of the cops, blaming them for a problem outside of their control. And, the voices of order in those communities have no representative whatsoever.LEVIN: And you mentioned CNN, which I don't watch, but I do see the clips and they bring in the most radical professors and the most radical authors imaginable, many of whom, who don't even live in these communities anymore.It's like LeBron James. He has these multimillion dollar mansions. He keeps talking as if he's a representative of these communities. If these communities are as they say, why do they leave them? Why don't they live in them?MAC DONALD: Yes, well, the hypocrisy is occurring on an hour by hour basis. But again, there's an enormous power as Shelby Steele has articulated, you've had him on your program many times, enormous power in playing the race hustle. Whites get absolution for their phantom racism and blacks have enormous power over the rest of us in wielding our good faith sense of guilt.It's a completely dysfunctional codependency, but as we've seen in this last week, it's never ending.I mean, the maudlin elevation of criminals, the refusal to talk about the criminal behavior that is driving everything in policing today.This is why Asians are not shot by cops. You know, what predicts being shot by cops is the rate of violent crime in one's group. Asians are not shot by cops because they do not virtually commit any street crime.So if you don't want the cops in your community, you can do two things. You can defund the police and you can get them out and live with the consequences or here's the better way, bring parents back in. Demand parental responsibility. Demand that children go to school, pay attention in class, learn, maximize their potential, and do not excuse or turn away from criminal conduct.But we have these whitewashing of these criminals who get shot, Candace Owens has been absolutely eloquent on this point because it's a tragic situation. These are our current Civil Rights martyrs.We should have as Civil Rights heroes, those hard working black entrepreneurs who want the police, who are working day by day against the thugs in their community, but they don't have a voice.LEVIN: And you know, with this administration and the Democratic Party pushing critical race theory, trying to exploit race and so forth, I think we have a long road to hoe here. The Democratic Party obviously has decided that this is their ticket to future elections. No?MAC DONALD: It's the Democratic Party. It's the entire culture. It's the universities, it's the corporations. There is a religion now of anti- racism, a commitment to the idea of enduring white supremacy because as I say, the country turns its eyes away from black dysfunction.They don't want to address it. They feel guilty about it. But at this point, nothing in our culture is going to change unless that changes because the academic achievement gap, the crime gap, the idea of disparate impact is resulting in the unwinding of every meritocratic standard in our country, because those colorblind standards that Martin Luther King invoked and pushed America heroically towards do have a disparate impact, thanks to that toxic inner city culture.We are unwinding our civilization because of this problem. Instead, we should address it head on and say it is not racist to be colorblind.LEVIN: All right, Heather Mac Donald, thank you for your courage, your excellent books, your book, "The War on Cops," which is really a seminal book and we wish you all the best.MAC DONALD: Thank you so much, Mark.LEVIN: We'll be right back.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)LEVIN: Welcome back, America. Look around your country. Look around your neighborhood. Do you see systemic racism?Think about what happens in your breakfast tape on your dinner table. Do you preach hate and bigotry to your family? None of us do that sort of thing. I mean, there's a few kooks out there, but they call us systemically racist. That is a lie. That is a smear.Now, when you turn on your televisions and you watch networks like CNN or MSNBC, or you listen to press conferences given by so-called Civil Rights leaders and others who are Democrats, and they talk about your country and they talk about you, do you recognize your country? Do you recognize yourselves? Of course not.And so we need to come to grips with this, that we have one major political party in this country that hates our country. We have a man who has suckled off the country for his entire career in the Oval Office by the name of Joe Biden who was part of the Jim Crow crowd, and now, he thinks he's part of the critical race crowd.We have people who lie about our country who are power hungry, and who are undermining our principles. That's what's going on in this country.As a matter of fact, I'll go far as to say that this whole systemic racism lie is a pretext. It is a pretext to what? To empowering the Democratic Party, to empowering mobs, to empowering tenured professors, to empowering people in entertainment, who think they are special when they are really not.But we're going to be strong. We're going to stand up to this. There are tens of millions of us who know this is garbage and we're not going to surrender this country. Hell no.See you next time on LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN.Content and Programming Copyright 2021 Fox News Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright 2021 VIQ Media Transcription, Inc. All materials herein are protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of VIQ Media Transcription, Inc. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content.
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