Bishop introduces legislation to fully defund Critical Race Theory – Laurinburg Exchange


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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Rep. Dan Bishop (NC-09) introduced the Stop CRT Act and the Combatting Racist Training in the Military Act, which would ban federal funds from being used to promote and teach Critical Race Theory and stop military members from being subject to it as well.
“Critical Race Theory is a poison to the psyche of our nation,” Bishop said. “This destructive ideology has no place in America’s institutions, and the bills I’m introducing will help ensure that our government isn’t spending resources on promoting it. But President Biden and the radical Left are committed to pushing this neo-Marxist propaganda into our classrooms, places of work, and even the military. Legislators on every level must fight back against this insidious effort to undermine the truths about our nation’s founding with everything we’ve got.”
Others agreed.
“The Biden administration’s insistence in perpetuating Critical Race Theory at every level of our society is incredibly divisive and dangerous,” said Russ Vought, president of Citizens for Renewing America and former OMB director. “I applaud these bills that stop this marxist indoctrination, filled with corrosive and demeaning ideas that suggest people should be judged by the color of their skin, instead of the content of their character.”
“Leftists and democrats are actively seeking to expand the use of CRT and other radical, divisive ideologies into every aspect of American life,” said Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks president. “From public schools, to employee training, to our nation’s military, proponents of CRT will stop at nothing to advance activist academics that further divide Americans along lines of identity. We applaud Rep. Bishop for pushing back against the spread of CRT beyond the ivory tower where it should remain. Hopefully, more Members of Congress will wake up to the danger of the left’s “whole-of-government” approach to CRT and join Rep. Bishop in rejecting this agenda.”
“The promotion of Critical Race Theory within our nation’s Armed Forces is unacceptable. These divisive initiatives erode the experience of military service that unites a diverse population of Americans through service and community. Critical Race Theory has no place in the military and we applaud Congressman Bishop for taking a stand and preserving our nation’s guiding principles,” said Garrett Bess, vice president of Government Relations and Communications for Heritage Action for America.
“Critical race theory divides the world between oppressors and oppressed, and demands that the oppressed humiliate and harm their so-called oppressors. The alleged oppressors, of course, are the majority of Americans. This theory demands that a race-based caste system replaces the rule of law. That the U.S. Military, entrusted with protecting the nation for its enemies, would teach recruits and soldiers to despise their country and the majority of its citizens is perhaps among most dangerous situations imaginable,” said Arthur Milikh, executive director of the Claremont Institute’s Center for the American Way of Life.

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