Day: May 24, 2021

‘The Ingraham Angle’ on coronavirus vaccinations, far-left radical thoughts in schools, police presence – Fox News


This is a rush transcript from “The Ingraham Angle,” May 21, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. INGRAHAM: All right, thank you. I’m Laura Ingraham. This is The IngrahamAngle from Washington tonight. Could the pressure campaign to vaccinate theentire American populace…

Lawmakers have an agreement on ‘constitutional carry’. What’s in the compromise? – The Madison Leader Gazette – The Madison Leader Gazette


The Daily BeastThe GOP Welcomes the McCloskeys’ Sick, Sad American DreamBILL GREENBLATT/UPI/ShutterstockAmerica is an amazing, generous and inspiring country where even if you have nothing but white skin, rage, fake victimhood, and criminal charges, you too can have a chance to rise up and try to become a…