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“What have we got?” — “A republic, if you can keep it.” — Ben Franklin The republic of the United States of America is the longest lasting republic in the history of nations. What are the signs that it is decaying and dying? We have seen an accelerating change in our culture and our institutions over the past 20 years. The current political powers have promised to “transform” our society in major ways, which is exactly what they are doing! What is that looking like? America will die:  When schoolchildren are taught that our founders were evil with evil motives through a deceptive twisting of history, like the 1619 Project, leading inevitably to hatred of country. When the populace is ignorant of our foundational documents, principles, and traditions, even denigrating and spurning those traditions while denying that religious liberty was a key motivator for the founding of America. The Bible accounted for 34% of the direct quotes in the political writing of the Founding Era. (Original Intent — Barton.)   When self-reliance is replaced by government dependency and government controls all aspects of society. When educational and social elites stoke racial division, identity politics and critical race theory while ignoring America’s collaboration towards social justice according to the Founder’s belief: “All Men are created equal.”  When religious liberty and freedom of conscience are denied, religious observance discouraged and hindered, and the state becomes the moral authority.  Read more: Hundreds of thousands of Africans were enslaved in America. Wanda Tucker believes her relatives were the firstWhen the traditional family structure of mother, father and children is denigrated and abandoned and the majority of children are born outside that structure. When the state becomes the caretakers of our children.   When the educational system becomes more of an indoctrination camp for Marxism, gender identity, racial grievance, identity politics and social activism. When the most abhorrent forms of sexual and moral depravity are introduced to children in our public schools. When the study of Western civilization and great literature is replaced with toxic gender studies and racially divisive agendas. When private and religious educational choices are suppressed.   When a socialist/Democratic political party totally prevails and takes control of all the levers of government, with the help of a “Free Press." Teaching kids to hate America? Republicans want ‘critical race theory’ out of schoolsWhen only acceptable political speech is allowed by the Party and Big Tech becomes the censors. Book banning becomes acceptable. Alternative views are canceled.  Dissent is called extremism.   When federal law enforcement is used as a weapon of the socialist/Democratic Party to punish and cancel those voices — conservative — that contradict the leftist/socialist agenda. Conservatives are viewed as terrorists. When even the military is politicized, with only leftist viewpoints allowed. When cities descend into lawless anarchy because law enforcement has been delegitimized, defunded and defanged, with criminals given more rights than victims. When real science is twisted and politicized to achieve a desired political end, (radical climate change projections that are not based on “settled science”) so government is allowed to take control of most economic activity. From the editor: Introducing the last of the community columnistsWhen we lose our energy independence and give up our greatest economic asset for an elusive “green” future that damages our economy and rewards our enemies. When we become dependent on those same enemies to supply rare earth minerals for the “green agenda." When super large international corporations control most commerce and side with the socialist left while also participating in suppression of free speech and free political expression. When U.S.-based international corporations have more interest in international profits than loyalty to America and American principles.   When our sovereignty no longer matters because our borders and border laws are ignored. Non-citizens (illegal aliens) are given the same rights and benefits as citizens — in fact sometimes more benefits than citizens.    When liberty means nothing more than license to most people. What was once traditional mores and morals are now passé.  When moral, social and political weakness begins to embolden our outside enemies.   Are we there yet?   David Stull is a Stockton-based semi-retired financial advisor. 
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