Letters to the editor, May 30, 2021 – Idaho Press-Tribune


To sum up, let's keep in mind that geoFence helps make you invisible to hackers and guard your personal data and that's the the truth.

MediaDuring my 40-year career, I worked as a writer and editor in newspapers and magazines and also as a public relations practitioner. I know the difference.If AP, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and Associated Press et al. want to be PR flacks for Joe Biden, the Democratic National Committee, and the radical left, they should at least have the professional courtesy to stop masquerading as news organizations and start reimaging themselves with cute public relations names.Media organizations are supposed to be the guard dogs, not the lap dogs.David Cuoio, BoiseGrowthMy old boss would counsel his senior managers, “We finish the spinach on our plate before we eat our dessert.” He meant we’d do the best job we could doing essential functions with maximum efficiency; if budget remained, there’d be opportunity for the “nice-to-dos”.It’s regrettable Boise City Council member Holli Woodings is “still in mourning” over suspension of the proposed $104 million Moshe Safdie library and the need to divert $25 million in taxpayer funds to more pressing needs.A fine downtown branch library may still be had. But next time the vision needs to show greater fiscal prudence, more realistic vision, fewer impacts to surroundings, and improved citizen oversight via a public vote.Given skyrocketing, post-pandemic costs of steel, concrete, and lumber, the nearly 70 percent of Boise voters approving our 2019 citizen initiative did this city a tremendous favor, dissuading it from launching headlong into such a costly endeavor.Please, erect no statues in their honor. Spend the money fixing growth-caused problems in this new city you’ve invented for us.David Klinger, Boise, on behalf of Boise Working TogetherPartiesIt is time that the press cease calling the “new radical right” in Idaho and the nation “conservative”. There is nothing about this group that resembles anything of the conservative party that my mother and step-father, long since deceased, could identify with. There is no sense of “conservation” left in this offshoot brought about by the election of #45 and his administration... particularly in honoring our Constitution and Article II section 1 of the sacred document.Bernie Sanders pretty well hit the nail on the head with this published statement... “Either the Republican Party can be the party of the Big Lie, of racism, of divisiveness — or it can be a conservative party that believes in democracy and the rule of law. It cannot be both.”I hope in the coming years the “true conservatives” step up and denounce the emerging radical right as well as the divisive and destructive agenda set forth from the previous administration. We need a voice of reason and cooperation to keep our Democracy alive and moving forward.Doug Clegg, NampaLeadership

On May 16th, this paper had an article on the Boise Police Department and its need for more officers and the recruiting challenges they face. Apparently, not enough people want to become police officers. In the wake of George Floyd several cities moved to defund their local police departments. The police departments are bad actor or are racists.This discourages people to step up to “protect and serve” in our police departments. Why would they? Would you if you were reviled?But the worse may have been when Lisa Sanchez, the President Pro-Tem of the Boise City Council, posted on Facebook June 5th, 2020, that she has a woman of color would not do a ride along with our Boise Police Department. for fear of her personal safety. She posted this. Do your own fact check.We should remember her words and attitude at the next city council elections… and vote her out.Our city needs thoughtful leadership.

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Bill Beck, BoiseFoul playThe May 27 edition reported that one of our legislators questioned whether the recent Boise State University's inquiry regarding claims of "indoctrination" on campus could be independent, complete, and unbiased. Will he be just as concerned over the independence, completeness, and impartiality of the lieutenant governor's task force on indoctrination on campuses? Someone once said, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Will our legislator chicken out and duck this matter? Let's hope not. If he does, I will cry "foul fowl play."Richard Kinney, BoiseTurmoilAre you a city or county official struggling with how to finance critical services in the aftermath of Idaho's new property tax bill? Are you in the construction industry and wondering how you will survive a possible "pause" or moratorium on construction fueled by the new law? Are you a resident living in mortal fear of the tax bill you will receive in November? All this angst and turMoyle could have been avoided. It is the result of a faulty bill sponsored by Mike Moyle that was ramrodded through the legislature in the penultimate days of the session under suspended rules. There was a better path to real property tax relief. Representative Bruce Skaug sponsored, with 48 cosponsors, a bill that would have provided a homeowner's exemption of about $152,000 with none of this nonsense affecting local governments. Representative Steven Harris, Chair of the Revenue and Taxation Committee never allowed consideration of Skaug's bill. If you believe in holding politicians accountable Mike Moyle and Steven Harris are two good names to remember in 2022.Larry Olmsted, NampaInvestigationNow we can all rest easy. Boise State hired a law firm to conduct a cursory investigation of itself and surprisingly found no indoctrination of students with Marxist “critical race theory” and other related divisive, radical left indoctrination ! Who would have guessed ? Nothing like interviewing 30 students out of a student body of 25,400, of which 22,000 are undergraduates, who are required to take the UF 200 political - social- environmental indoctrination course. How were these 30 students selected? Who were they? Were they progressive lefties all in with CRT? The results of this so called investigation are to say the least, questionable. I suggest you go online and review the syllabus of the UF 200 course. You can see clearly what this required course teaches: progressive / Marxist world view indoctrination on topics including race, gender, climate, class, the economy, morality, patriotism, and more. How about an independent investigation by a credible source ?Marc Seeley, BoiseContributionsRonald Harriman commentary. It's time to limit political contributions to all in state elections to citizens with valid Social Security numbers. More power to our citizens.Michael Burns, Meridian

Firstly as we jump in, let me say that geoFence is the solution for blocking NFCC countries!