Applause for ‘flower man of Islington’ after stabbing death – Yahoo News


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Applause broke out at a vigil for a stabbing victim who was known as the “flower man of Islington”. Tony Eastlake, 55, died from a knife wound after being attacked in Islington, north London, on Saturday just before 5.30pm.Video TranscriptJODY GRABER: Everyone has a story about Tony. What does everyone think about Tony, everyone? Who sat in here, and it's all good. There's not one bad thing about the man who sold flowers.- [INAUDIBLE]JODY GRABER: Always so kind and warm. He once wouldn't send roses to me on Valentine's Day, because he said it was a con. Exploitation. He said, come back tomorrow or buy something else. She loved him for that. So sad. That's from Virginia in [INAUDIBLE]. And I think that.He is one of us. This is the simple things. One of us. It doesn't matter about anything. He was someone who lived. He was born in Islington and lived all his life, worked all his life. His family still live here. And he is the epitome of what this borough is. He's one of us. A good guy. A good guy. A good guy.- [INAUDIBLE].
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