Wiley Becomes Leading “Woke” Candidate for NYC Mayor; Champions Anti-Cop Agenda – The Jewish Voice


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Maya Wiley is not giving up and is running explicitly on an antipolice platform. Photo Credit: abc7ny.com
By: Jared Evan
As we get down to the wire, the Mayoral primary race is shaping up to be a 3 front runner race, with what most Democrats consider “moderates” rising to the top, while the far left “woke” candidates sinking to the bottom, however lawyer, professor, civil rights activist, and former counsel to de Blasio Maya Wiley is not giving up and is running explicitly on an antipolice platform.
Wiley, at the recent ABC debate, performed like an arrogant Marxist professor, talking over her opponents, ignoring the moderator, and going over her allotted time, and realistically gained no new supporters from her performance.
Her recent TV commercial, literally demonizes the NYPD, showing edited footage riot cops trying to control the violent BLM and ANTIFA insurrectionists who terrorized NYC last summer. Wiley claims she wants to make NYC safer, yet is running on a platform of demonizing our hard-working NYPD officers.
“This is a candidate only a gang member, street thug or perhaps serial killer could get behind, nobody, not even AOC ran a commercial on NYC television, literally demonizing the entire police force, yet she doe have a dedicated base, it’s astonishing”, an unnamed political insider told TJV.
As Dianne Morales campaign collapsed with her staff trying to unionize and all of her backers running away and backing Wiley, and Scott Stringer plagued by now 2 sexual harassment accusers, Wiley is rising to the top of the “woke” crop, gaining the endorsement of Democratic socialist AOC and gaining some minor celebrity backing, including rock band The Strokes. Still being the front runner of the far left will not be enough to become the next mayor, as NYC’s radicals, did not realize, the vast swath of registered Democrats are not as radical as they think.
“This race is proving, NYC is not quite as woke, as Hollywood and the elite think, NYC is looking for the most law and order, pro-business moderate for the Democrat ticket, and the man-bunned Twitter brigade have been stunned into silence, with Eric Adams, emerging as the front runner”, TJV’s inside source shared.
The NY Post recently exposed the hypocrisy of the slogan repeating, woke politician, such as Maya Wiley, who lives in an upscale Brooklyn area, with fancy private security.
NY Post reported:
An outraged NYPD source called Wiley’s stance regarding the police budget “asinine” and accused her of “pandering for votes.”
“Here they are wanting to defund the police — but to keep my family safe, we hire private security, which is probably staffed by retired cops or military,” the source said.
“Cops laugh about it all the time. Cops know when they retire, they will get hired by someone like Wiley.”
“Wiley is obviously blind to the fact that many New Yorker’s don’t live in a community that can afford to pay for private security, a typical, wealthy, phony limousine socialist, running a campaign designed for New York’s most angry, violent and misinformed, a sure fire failure, she will never be mayor”, TJV’s source discussed over a confidential conversation.

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