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Todd WhiteRecently, the Revolutionary Communist Party USA held a protest in Los Angeles against the local county sheriff’s office. The political party is claiming that Sheriff Villanueva and his officers are ‘treating homeless people like garbage and terrorizing Black and Brown people.” They further claim that law enforcement officers and military personnel are the enforcers of an oppressive, capitalistic society. Their recent march/protest in LA was held to “show the world we are getting organized now for real world revolution to overthrow the whole system these pigs enforce.”
For those living in small communities, like El Dorado County, it may be difficult to accept that these political attitudes are taking hold or gaining in popularity. Unfortunately, these attitudes, rooted in communism and totalitarianism are not only gaining in popularity, but in influence as well.
These attitudes are gaining their foothold through hundreds of revolutionary clubs, predominantly located in public college campuses all over our nation. These clubs are taking advantage of youth wanting to make a lasting difference in society and a delusional higher education system that largely supports crumbling the institutions that help secure people’s safety.
The political forces seeking to undermine the police and military are targeting the nation’s biggest cities, where the issues of homelessness and poverty persist at the highest rates. They’re capitalizing on people’s fears and frustrations.
This is clearly seen with what the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Office is doing in regards to helping alleviate the area’s homelessness crisis. Recently, the LASO went to areas such as Echo Park and Venice Beach to assist the growing homeless population receive medical and transitional housing resources. They were criticized by local activists as displacing homeless people and using the event as a publicity stunt.
On June 9 the LA County Democrat Party further perpetuated this anti-law enforcement narrative by calling on Sheriff Villanueva to resign because of his insistence of following and enforcing the rule of law. A spokesman for the LASO responded, “Violent crime rates have nearly doubled, yet for some strange reason the radical left activist crowd has decided defunding the police is a good move. The LACDP calling for the sheriff’s resignation is part of this radical agenda, evidence they have been hijacked by the far left, and a distraction. The sheriff will continue to remain focused on public safety, creating solutions and serving our communities.”
Although communities like El Dorado County have seen an increase in crime and homelessness in recent years, we generally have lived in a bubble that has not had to experience the entire brunt of bad political policy. Our community largely supports our local law enforcement; this support has created a trusting and safe community. We cannot take this for granted and expect it to remain in place in the future.
We must look at those seeking to undermine law enforcement straight in the face and accept them at their word. Defunding the police and undermining American society is not a distant reality that only exists in urban areas, but rather a very real threat to our livelihood, personal safety and ongoing prosperity. There is no guarantee that we or our children will live in peace and freedom.
Americans must not look at people through the lens of political parties, but of shared ideals. The ideals that will successfully move us forward as a prosperous nation are individual responsibility, security of our institutions and the reality that we receive our rights from God and not from an overarching centralized government. If we as a people refuse to enter the debate of words and ideas, our society and even our local community may be ruled by ideas that were once considered radical and on the fringe of the political spectrum.
Todd White is an El Dorado County resident and active in local politics.

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