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This is a rush transcript from "The Ingraham Angle," June 17, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: All right. Thanks so much. I'm Laura Ingraham. This is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE from Washington tonight. We have a lot to get to. So we're going to dive right in. Biden's distraction tour. That's the focus of tonight's ANGLE.Well, fresh off embarrassing himself that and the entire nation at the G7 and NATO meetings, Biden returned to more bad news for his entire agenda at home. It's neither working nor popular. First, his approval numbers are upside down. The latest Monmouth poll has Joe at only 48 percent approval down six points from 54 in April. He dropped nine points among Democrats and 11 points among the all important independence.Now, Monmouth polling director offers this reason for Biden's plunging rating. "Right now, Biden is not quite meeting the public's expectations for helping the middle class. His calculation may be that the country is willing to accept some price increases in return for a more robust economy and wider array of support programs."Well, Biden's calculations were way off and the bad economic news keeps piling up. Weekly jobless claims rose for the first time since April. They rose 37,000 to a seasonally adjusted 412,000. The increase in claims was led by California, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.Well, all three states causing the bleed there are all led by Democrat governors who have slow walked to a full reopening. And progressives, they're close to revolting. The quotes in this piece are stunning. "Biden's big pitch was I was in the Senate, so I know how to get things through the Senate." "Well, we're not getting anything through the Senate", said one person. I wouldn't call it frustration. I'd call it disappointment. It's kind of a gut check time on the Democratic side. Another comment, "We're running out of time."Now, to top it off, the Fed is increasingly worried about inflation. Interest rates are probably going to go up sooner than it was initially thought which, of course, will put the brakes on growth.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)JEROME POWELL, FEDERAL RESERVE CHAIRMAN: Shifts in demand can be large and rapid. Inflation could turn out to be higher and more persistent than we expect.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Meanwhile, parents are mobilizing against the Democrats education crown jewel known as critical race theory. In fact, two new surveys show that Americans of all stripes oppose this poisonous ideology. They don't want anyone near their kids.A new Rasmussen poll released today shows that a plurality of likely voters 43 percent believe teaching CRT in public schools will worsen race relations. Only 24 percent said it would improve things. And a YouGov/Economist poll released Tuesday gave even more encouraging breakdown of the opposition to CRT.Among voters who know that what critical race theory actually is, 57 percent had an unfavorable view of it. That includes 76 percent of independence, 54 percent of women and 53 percent of Hispanics. This is unquestionably a winning issue for the GOP and a disaster for Biden and company.Even Democrat darling Terry McAuliffe may be in trouble in that Virginia governor's race because of this issue. Remember, Virginia parents are up in arms and uniting across party lines to oppose the devastation that this race theory is creating in our schools.Now, the good news for Republican challenger Glen Youngkin is that one poll by WPA Intelligence has McAuliffe up by only two points. Remember, he was governor before and JMC Analytics has McAuliffe up by only four points. That is way too close for liberal comfort.Now, especially as the economy is moving in the wrong direction and Virginia schools are getting worse, not better. Very good for the GOP. And of course, I don't need to belabor the point about what an unmitigated disaster of a vice president Kamala Harris has turned out to be. She doesn't bring anything to the table other than that irritating cackle and a prickly personality.So all told, the landscape is looking really bleak for the Democrats, who six months ago, remember, they thought they had Republicans on their knees. And they could see that socialist utopia insight. Thus, it's no wonder that Biden's team of amateurs, they're eager for him to hit the road again as soon as possible.Joe realized that when you give away free stuff, people like, well, you and above all, Joe, well, he likes being liked. Now, after playing Santa Claus in Europe and letting Russia off the hook, Biden is ready to move on to the next capitulation. The White House's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters that Biden wants to keep the personal magic going with a face to face meeting with his old pall, Xi Jinping.Now, I'm sure his forgetfulness, the mental lapses, and the tendency to give foreign leaders everything they want without asking for anything in return, won't be exploited by the Chinese at all. No. Obviously, a Biden-Xi meeting would be an utter disaster. It's simply not in our national interest to let this guy and his team of amateurs meet the CCP without adult supervision. It's bad enough seeing the president get humiliated in Europe. But it could be catastrophic to put him in the same room with Xi.Now, accordingly, Republicans on the Hill, they need to start demanding detailed confidential briefings from the Biden foreign policy team. We need to know in detail what issues would they plan to raise with President Xi? What issues would they expect the CCP to raise with Biden? And what sort of leverage do we have? What sort of leverage does the CCP have? We also need detailed briefings on the situation in Taiwan, the latest from Hong Kong, what's happening with the Uyghurs and what's happening with the CCP's military buildup.Of course, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the entire Pentagon team needs to be grilled relentlessly. How would the CCP likely attack Taiwan? What can we do in response? What technological advances does the CCP have now? And what are we doing to counter those advantages? And so on and so on.Meanwhile, we have to keep up the fight against the great awokening in our Military. Just today, House Republicans grilled the Navy's highest ranking officer on why they're encouraging sailors to read the seminal work of racial arsonist, Ibram X. Kendi. For anyone who cares about the quality and cohesion of our troops, Admiral Gilday's responses were frightening.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)ADMIRAL MICHAEL GILDAY, CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS: There's racism in the Navy just like this racism in our country. And the way we're going to get after it is to be honest about it. Our sailors, they're bombarded every day by misinformation. Much of it comes from China and Russia on this issue that's getting at our national psyche. I'm trying to get after the Navy.REP. JIM BANKS (R-IN): Kendi's book states that capitalism is essentially racist. And Kendi is clear that racism must be eliminated. So yes or no. Do you personally consider advocating for the destruction of American capitalism to be extremist?GILDAY: Here's what I know, Congressman.BANKS: It's a yes or no question, Admiral.GILDAY: There is racism in the United States Navy.BANKS: Do you expect that say after sailors read this book that says that the United States Navy is racist, that we will increase or decrease morale, cohesion and recruiting race into the United States Navy?GILDAY: I think we will be a better Navy from having open, honest conversations about racism.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: That Admiral is not used to getting questioned, does he? Any organization that is focused on wokeness is obviously in no position to fight the CCP, because I can tell you, they're not worried about wokeness.Some good work on this issue is already being done and that work needs to continue. Here's the bottom line. Since the end of the Cold War, both the Democrat Party and the U.S. establishment have forgotten how to act in a world where we face a dangerous adversary who hates us and wants to destroy our way of life. Years of chasing terrorists around the Middle East and pandering to the left wing media have not prepared us to deal with the richest and most dangerous adversary we faced in decades.Trump's team brought a fresh and more rigorous approach to geopolitics. And they got some excellent results. But now we risk backsliding into the battle days of weakness and decline. Republicans are doing what they can to stop Biden's tax and spendarama at home. But they have to do more to prevent Biden and his team from giving away the store abroad.The more feverishly the White House tries to distract us, the more obvious it is that we all need to pay more attention. And that's THE ANGLE.Joining me now is Stephen Miller, former senior adviser to President Trump, founder of America First legal; and Florida congressman Byron Donalds.Congressman, I want to begin with you. What we saw today in Congress was truly disturbing. The suggestion that to fight China, we need to saturate our Military, marinate our Military and the divisive works of these racial agitators? Your response? And why are we paying for this?REP. BYRON DONALDS (R-FL): I'm just as concerned as you are. The last thing our men and women in uniform need to be doing is reading that book from Ibram X. Kendi. They need to be focused on two things. Number one, being prepared for any of the issues that our country may face in the future. And number two, being a united force a united front.Men and women from all walks of life, from all races across our country, we are one America, we are one people. And if we go down this road that the critical race theorists want us to go down, where we start looking at each others as enemies, instead of understanding number one, the history of our country, but also understanding that progression we've made as America and that we're all united to face the foes that face our country, we're going to be lost. This is not good for our Military. It's not good for our country.INGRAHAM: Stephen Miller, I got to say, Republicans in Congress, they have the power to take some of the money away from the Military when it's doing what it's doing. Sean's report about the vaccination at West Point, they're harassing and oppressing these young cadets, who either have the antibodies or some other reason for not wanting the vaccine. And now this? And this Admiral looks extremely dismissive of Congress. I found his entire tone to be highly annoying, and completely disrespectful to the congressional oversight that's needed.STEPHEN MILLER, FORMER TRUMP WHITE HOUSE SENIOR ADVISER: It was a stunning level of arrogance. And frankly, hubris too. I think if you were a member of the Chinese Communist Party looking to hurt America, looking to damage Military and unit cohesion, looking to degrade our armed services, you could not do better than to teach our service members, the hateful ideologies of critical race theory.I think that what needs to happen is that Republicans in Congress need to fight to include an appropriations writer in the next defense bill, making very clear that no taxpayer dollar shall be spent to instruct anybody in the Military, in critical race theory, period, and dare Democrats to block it.INGRAHAM: Now, well, Congressman, would you be in favor of that?DONALDS: I'm just glad that Stephen gave me an amendment for the defense bill, because I'd be happy to offer it. Listen, Laura, this is very simple. If you want to talk about the history of race in America, let's talk about it, let's teach it, let's be fully complete about it. Let's not hide names, let's teach it all.But critical race theory is not about the objectivity of our history when it comes to race. It's about subjectivity, a funnel through a prism of Marxism and political ideology that the Democrats could never get through the United States if everybody was actually happy with our nation. You must first divide our nation in order to push the political ideology that they want. And that's the danger of critical race theory. It has no base in our schools, no base in our Military. And frankly, if the theorists want to discuss it in academia, let them do that on their own time. Taxpayer money should not go forward with it.INGRAHAM: Not a dime, not one dime and Republicans better wake up to this.Stephen, I want to move on to something else. Attorney General Merrick Garland reversed the Trump administration's rulings on asylum standards. Politico reports that this means that "Immigration judges will be free again to grant asylum to individuals based on threats of domestic abuse or violence from drug gangs. Some of whose claims were already denied could benefit from a Justice Department review of the cases."So Stephen, this is actually going back to cases that were already determined, and perhaps plucking those people out of wherever they are and allowing them to come into the United States. How is this not facilitating asylum fraud?MILLER: It's hard to explain just how breathtakingly radical this is. One of the greatest things that President Trump did for this country was shutting down asylum fraud categorically. By the time the 2020 rolled around, asylum fraud was a thing of the past. It was done.What Merrick Garland has done here is extreme. It means that anyone in the world who comes from a high crime country, which by the way, it's billions of people, or comes from a country where there's high rates of domestic abuse, a great tragedy, a terrible tragedy, but they can come to the United States and they can demand asylum, they can be admitted and they can be made into a U.S. citizen.This completely destroys the integrity of our entire immigration system. And it means there will be more fraud than you can possibly imagine, because there's no way to disprove a claim of being afraid of violence. It's an unfalsifiable assertion, and it's an attack on the integrity of the entire asylum in immigration system.INGRAHAM: I think all of this is impeachable. I'm sorry, I think it's a conspiracy to undermine U.S. immigration and sovereignty. Everything that we understand about law and order at our border, it is breathtaking. It's almost no words for it.Congressman, that's not the only border surrender, though. The State Department and DHS released a joint statement, saying "We're proud to announce the second phase of our Central American Minors program reopening. This expansion of eligibility will now include certain U.S. based parents, or legal guardians who have a pending asylum application."Congressman, this is basically a Central American airlift into American communities. If you've been denied asylum, or you're waiting somewhere else for your hearing, you now can be brought into the United States and we will reunite you with your family, who are also here, waiting for a hearing that they'll probably never attend.DONALDS: Listen, this is a complete and utter disaster on our southern border. Our Border Patrol men and women are completely overwhelmed. They've basically been turned into a medical triage unit. They're triage of medical conditions and are releasing people into United States. You take this new policy in with the people who have already been turned down or turned away, you're going to completely overwhelm whatever semblance of border security exists.And let's be perfectly clear, the President and his team are doing this on purpose. This is not a mistake, he doesn't have dementia. It's not that he doesn't know what's going on. He fully knows this is why he won't go to the border. This is why Kamala Harris won't go to the border. They are doing this on purpose, because if border security is completely overwhelmed, then they get to come with their next plan, which is to completely wipe out immigration law. Turn it into a turnstile clicker in the New York City public system, the train system that they have up there, so people can just come in freely without any deterrence.And by the way, Laura, all this is happening, while the cartel continues to make billions of dollars, trafficking people and fentanyl into the United States every single day. This is a travesty, not just for the southern border, but for the entire country.INGRAHAM: They are doing it on purpose. Ron De Santis agrees, and Greg Abbott agrees. This is purposeful. They want this to happen. Gentlemen, thank you both.MILLER: Thank you.INGRAHAM: And why are the media trying so hard to spend Biden's European message. Mollie Hemingway has some thoughts on that. She's here next. Plus, the UK is about to lock down again even with zero surge in cases. Nigel Farage has a warning to Americans about how all that could happen here again.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)INGRAHAM: Now, as we've documented this week, President Biden's big European adventure was not just a total disaster. We're calling it now the great American giveaway. But I have to say, it was the reaction of the media to this meeting with Putin and how they framed Joe's demeanor. That was the most telling.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Biden talks tough to Putin.UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He went to Geneva, confronted an autocrat, stood up to an autocrat.WOLF BLITZER, CNN HOST: Looking back at Biden's legacy of talking tough with the Russian leader.JOY-ANN REID, MSNBC NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: I called him spicy Biden today. Biden was really very definitive. He had his wheaties this morning.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Right. Legacy defined by, well, the media as usual sucking up to Joe. Well, joining me now is Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at the Federalist, Fox News contributor.Mollie, I find them more slavish, the devotion, the worse the reality. Why the need to frame Biden in this tough guy persona way in front of Putin?MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, SENIOR EDITOR, THE FEDERALIST: It's a good question, Laura. I think about in recent weeks we saw the media ask Joe Biden what flavor of ice cream he got, and they oohed and [ph] odd when he said chocolate chocolate chip. When he took a test drive in a car, they cheered and applauded like it was the most exciting thing they'd ever seen. So we know that they are really willing to go over the top and praise of him.But in this case, it's just something altogether different because we all saw what happened. We all saw that he wasn't particularly strong against Putin. We know that the whole purpose of this summit with him was to create some guidelines for cyber attacks, terrorism attacks, that the U.S. believes Russia has committed. Of course, by the end of that summit, Putin denied that they had any role. So certainly not something where Biden was tough or particularly effective.The other thing, though, I think, is the media believed that the test of whether a summit or foreign trip is successful is whether European leaders have praised the president. That's actually a horrible metric when it comes to the American interest, in the interest of the American taxpayer. Sometimes diplomacy involves not just giving everything away so people say nice things to you, but actually having an agenda, seeking to get the objective that you set out, and sometimes people don't love you for achieving that agenda. But our media are not nearly able to comprehend that, I thought.Actually, one of the funniest things was when Joe Biden said that the media were some of the brightest people in the United States. That's clearly not true. And their coverage of him is indicative of how untrue that is.INGRAHAM: Now, well, there's some interesting analysis, Mollie, from ABC News about Biden's tirade when he got a mildly challenging question from CNN's Kaitlan Collins.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)DAVID MUIR, ABC NEWS HOST: President Biden clearly unhappy with one of those final questions. He made it clear today that he says he's not confident that Putin will change. He repeatedly said many different ways that it will take months, it will take time to see what the relations between the U.S. and Russia actually improve.CECILIA VEGA, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: You just said that the President made it extremely clear today. He is under no illusion.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Mollie, they made it clear that they were defending Biden. I mean, they constantly feel the need to reframe, or translate. What he really meant, what this conveyed was, and of course, none of that came through at all.HEMINGWAY: It wouldn't be bad if they were trying to contextualize or reframe what president said, if they were moderately even in how they did that. But they did the opposite with the previous president where he would say something and they would go out of their way to misunderstand or claim that he was saying something very different from what he said. And then with President Biden who clearly struggled on this trip, I mean, he's aging and the whole world can see what's happening there. They were working very hard to frame it as if things were better than they were.But it also just this idea that this was even a tough question, this wasn't a tough question. This was a very easy question. We have two different standards where Republican presidents or Republican elected officials are viciously attacked by the press corps, and Democratic officials are given every advantage by the press corps. And it's just embarrassing to watch. Like he couldn't handle that simple of a question?And by the way, he did say he was confident and it was a decent question, because he had said - he had spoken about the confidence he had that things would be better with Vladimir Putin, and he hadn't explained why. So the media should have backed up Kaitlan Collins for asking that question, not defended Biden from this gentle question.INGRAHAM: Yes. I'm saving the best for last year, Mollie. Historian Jon Meacham on MSNBC.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)JON MEACHAM, PRESIDENTIAL HISTORIAN: My insight watching the press conference today was, there was a kind of poetry in his prose. Does that make sense? Not literally his prose, but just the whole (inaudible). It was straightforward. And by being so straightforward, it seemed kind of elevating to me.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: That's just embarrassing. I mean, I don't even know. Again, I'm at a loss for words. I can't use that phrase again, Mollie, tonight after talking about the border. This is a Pulitzer Prize winning historian, was also a Biden speech writer, of course.HEMINGWAY: I do remember when he wrote a speech and then for now President Biden and praised Biden for the speech that he helped to write. So this is actually somewhat reserved for him, I guess.But again, this is not - we should have a press corps that is able to critically analyze presidents and do it in a sane and sober way. We didn't have that with the previous president, it was just unending hysteria and hostility. And then with this, it's just people being so gentle and deferential. It's not serving the American public.INGRAHAM: Mollie, thanks so much. And of course, what impressed Biden's media denizens the most was the President's popularity across the pond.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC HOST: Wherever he goes, he goes to Great Britain and they're like, "Thank God, we have a guy who's not going to insult (inaudible)" He goes to the G7.UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Who is not going to keep the Queen waiting for 15 minutes.(CROSSTALK)SCARBOROUGH: While walking in front of the Queen.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: That's because the Europeans finally have a president they can push around again.Joining me now Nigel Farage, former Brexit party leader. Nigel, first, I have to say the Queen absolutely loved Donald Trump. We know that. And second, Biden may be more popular with McCrone, Merkel and Johnson, but that's just because he's giving them whatever they want. And the United States is once again just footing the bill for everybody else.NIGEL FARAGE, FORMER BREXIT PARTY LEADER: Yes. Well, that's certainly true of NATO, even more than the G7 summit because after that and before the Putin meeting, he went to NATO to the headquarters in Brussels. And Donald Trump quite rightly called out NATO, because it's been around for 70 years, but the rules of the club are very clear.Everybody would pay 2 percent of GDP into defense. And of course, the Germans and the French are paying about half of that. Trump did actually, by causing a scene when he went to NATO, he did manage to get some increased contributions. Biden turned up and said isn't everything wonderful? So American taxpayers watching this, you will go one subsidizing Europe's defense without them paying their fair share. So that I thought was humiliating.But you talked tonight a lot about the media coverage of Biden's trip. Let me tell you this. U.S. presidents visiting the U.K. is normally a very big deal. It's something that enervates people, that gets talked about. Biden's visit to the U.K., I don't think most people even knew that he was here, because he said nothing of substance whatsoever. All that he did was agree with the Merkel, Macron, and, sadly, to a large extent Boris Johnson agenda, that they're global-warmists, they're welfarist, they're globalists, and he literally made no impression upon this country at all. I've never seen that before.INGRAHAM: It's stunning. And British journalist, Katty Kay, she wants everyone to believe that Biden's strategy of giving the E.U. everything it wants is basically just a good thing.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)KATTY KAY, BRITISH JOURNALIST: The European Union is critical to America on a lot of fronts at the moment, particularly in a way because Britain is no longer in it, but it's the European Union that's going to be dealing with China. It's the European Union that's going to be dealing with Russia. It's the European Union that's going to be dealing with climate change, a hugely important partner for the United States at the moment. And Biden gets that.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Wait a second, Nigel. The E.U. is going to take on China? Is she kidding me? My God.FARAGE: This is ridiculous. And actually -- Biden actually looks tough on China compared to Merkel and Macron and all these European leaders who have completely sold out to the Chinese Communist Party. Boris Johnson was saying that we don't want to have a cold war with China. Merkel was saying that China are our partners, Macron saying much the same thing. Katty Kay and the BBC are part of the problem and not the solution. The fact is even the tax proposal for a minimum corporate tax across the western world, even that is an E.U. proposal that Biden is going along with and not the other way around. So we've got an American president who, frankly, I don't know about poetry in his prose, as we heard earlier. He can barely string a sentence together. He's an embarrassment to the USA. He's walked over by the French and by the Germans.INGRAHAM: Total doormat.FARAGE: And I'll tell you, this trip achieved nothing.INGRAHAM: Yes, total doormat.And Prime Minister Johnson, he delayed, now, you're reopening, Nigel, which I saw over supposedly fears over the Delta COVID variance. But as we see COVID cases now show that early signs of slowing as the outbreaks are now leveling off in these variant hotspots. Nigel, very quickly, your response and warning to Americans on this issue.FARAGE: So we've got the Indian Delta variance, cases have been rising rapidly. But those cases have been amongst the younger population, most of whom show almost no symptoms whatsoever. Amongst the over 50s, the vast majority have been double vaccinated, hardly anybody is going to hospital. We should be able to live with COVID. And yet government and mad scientists have now got this incredible degree of power over our lives. They don't want to give it back. And I tell you what, when I went to Florida a few weeks ago, I saw how we should manage it. We are going down the wrong road, please don't follow.INGRAHAM: Nigel, thank you.And as anti-police sentiment sweeps the nation and departments find it harder to fill their depleted ranks, one Florida county is finding solutions. So I went down there myself to see what they are doing, and what I found out, I will show you next.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)INGRAHAM: The war on police continues to take its toll. Just today, the Portland Police Department announced that every single officer on its rapid response team quit. This after one of their own was indicted for allegedly assaulting a mostly peaceful protester with his baton last summer. This is the first time a Portland officer has ever been charged with striking a protester, which of course happened after the police declared a riot.The message is clear -- if you're a police officer, you are never going to get the benefit of the doubt in any altercation. Portland is not alone, though. In the face of anti-police animate, departments across the nation, they are not only losing officers, but also finding it difficult to attract new recruits.So what can be done about this? Well, I went to Volusia County, Florida, where they are coming up with actual solutions. Here's what I found.(BEGIN VIDEO TAPE)INGRAHAM: Police recruitment and retention across the United States is a major challenge. We have deficits of personnel across law enforcement in the United States, so we decided to come to Volusia County, Florida, to find out how they're doing things differently.A brand-new police academy just opening, grand opening ceremony, a new class of recruits. There seems to be something happening here that's really positive. So we came here to find out what it is.(APPLAUSE)MIKE CHITWOOD, SHERIFF OF VOLUSIA COUNTY, FLORIDA: The way it works in Florida is when you want to be a police officer, you go to a community college, you go through 770 hours worth of training, and we hire out of that academy. Well, statistics show that 40 percent of those people that go to those academies are hirable. Our attrition rate, we just couldn't keep up. We were at a point where we were pushing 80 vacancies. So we had to do something. We've got to turn the model on its head.INGRAHAM: When Volusia County Sheriff Michael Chitwood announced the new training academy back in February, that department received 326 applications in just a few months, about the same number they received for the entire year of 2020.CHITWOOD: The key to it was we are going to pay you from day one. The day that I hire you, you are on our payroll, you are in our pension fund, you are getting medical benefits for you and your family.INGRAHAM: This new training academy is so different and exciting that recruits from all over the country came just to be a part of it, even at a time when there's so much hostility toward the police.MICHAEL ARTHUR, VSO TRAINING ACADEMY RECRUIT: One of the biggest things that I just want to kind of change that impressment that not all officers are out to kill innocent people. So I just really want to try and make a difference.DEVLIN ESTRELLA, VSO TRAINING ACADEMY RECRUIT: I am a stepdad of four kids, and I wanted to make a change for them. And I wanted to set a positive example for them. Even though my youngest was a little bit apprehensive when I decided to do it, he actually told me no, I spoke to him of the importance of law enforcement, especially a nine-year-old actually telling you that he's worried for your safety because of what's going on in this world.INGRAHAM: Why law enforcement and why now?ADRIAN GARCIA, VSO TRAINING ACADEMY RECRUIT: I used to be a janitor here.INGRAHAM: Wait, wait, hold on. You used to be a janitor here?GARCIA: Yes, ma'am.INGRAHAM: That is awesome.GARCIA: Thank you. And I got familiar, I got to get to know everyone who works here, and everyone who works here are great people, and I really look up to them, and I want to be like them. So I decided to join the academy.INGRAHAM: The number one reason police officers leave the force before retirement is what?CHITWOOD: No support. They have no support from their community. They have no support from their administration. They have no support from the politicians.INGRAHAM: And you change that dynamic how?CHITWOOD: We change that dynamic by we have a community that supports us. We have politicians that support us. We have a governor that supports us. And that makes a big difference.INGRAHAM: How many of you think the media are partly responsible for the negative impression that so many young minorities have of police officers? How many of you are worried that because of the way the media portray law enforcement encounters that your lives will be made more dangerous when you respond to an incident?INGRAHAM: Pastor William Bradley Jr. of New Hope Church in Deltona, Florida, says that we need to bridge the gap between police and the community, and he warns against the animosity we are seeing from some of the leaders on the left.When you hear politicians argue for dismantling or defunding the police, what would that mean for your community?PASTOR WILLIAM BRADLEY JR., NEW HOPE CHURCH IN DELTONA, FLORIDA: I think it would be devastating for any community because we do need law enforcement along with community leaders and the community to continue to make our communities a better place to live in.INGRAHAM: This community is doing just that, stepping up to help these officers. This academy and its facilities aren't cheap. It costs real money. So local businesses came to the rescue and, according to the Sheriff Chitwood, there's no additional cost to the taxpayers.CHITWOOD: We could not have done those without the public-private partnership -- $225,000 came from private donors to remodel this building and make sure we had state-of-the-art equipment, to make sure the building was upgraded so that -- and this first class, they are laying the groundwork.JOHN HAMLIN, HAMLIN AND ASSOCIATES: Every time you turn on news, all you hear is we can't get police officers, nobody wants to be a police officer. And as you saw, we have already our first class. So that narrative that it can't be done has been shot. It can be done. It's done with the community getting together with local businesses and saying, yes, let's do this.GIB DANNERHOWER, DAYTONA TOYOTA OWNER AND PRESIDENT: This template, what they've done here can be taken to any community, any county, any state. AND keeping our communities safe is what it's about.INGRAHAM: One of the draws of this academy is its high-tech simulator, allowing the officers to focus on scenario-based training.So what are we looking at in this room?UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is our shooting simulator. It's scenario-based training for officers. We can put them in scenarios from anything from school shootings to traffic stops to armed robberies to burglaries in progress.INGRAHAM: Does this make the heart beat pretty fast?UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It can add a little bit of stress.INGRAHAM: Police! Hands up, the building is surrounded, there is no way out of this situation! Clear the building! Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon!OK, so this is a simulation, and my heart is beating like I just ran 10 miles. This is unbelievable technology, and the situation is constantly changing, and you have to react in real time. What police officers are walking into, or running into, is incredibly difficult, takes an enormous amount of training, an enormous amount of dedication. And before people start judging what police officers are doing every day, try to walk five minutes in their shoes. I'm not sure I could be a police officer after this, but I have newfound respect for the technology and the people doing this every day.(END VIDEO TAPE)INGRAHAM: It was incredible to be at the opening of this academy. Recruits of every age, race, and sex, they are there to make a difference. I was so impressed, and I hope this is a model that we will see replicated coast-to- coast. Wonderful donors made that possible, and we need more people stepping up.Ahead, a North Korean defector says the American university system reminds her of her former country. A new study just proved her right. The findings and the defector, next.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)INGRAHAM: Every year, North Dakota State University researchers release the American College Student Freedom, Progress, and Flourishing survey. This year's findings were deeply disturbing -- 85 percent of liberal students favor snitching on professors who make comments they find offensive, and 76 percent of liberals say fellow students should be reported as well.This isn't surprising my next guest, who said the American university system reminds her of the country she defected from. Here now, Yeonmi Park, born in North Korea, human rights advocate and author of "In Order to Live, A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom." Yeonmi, you actually say the trends on American college campuses are worse than in North Korea. Why is that?YEONMI PARK, NORTH KOREAN DEFECTOR: Because in North Korea we don't have 90 different genders. So I think one thing North Korea got better was that, at least. I couldn't believe in university, every class begins with telling each other what pronouns are, and so me remembering their names, I have to pay attention to the pronouns so I don't come off as bigot and racist and not a good person.INGRAHAM: Here's what one Yale University professor thinks is necessary to indoctrinate students.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)JASON STANLEY, YALE UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR: We need to address the fact that these institutions, that there are these large gaps between whites and blacks because of a racist history. If you erase that racist history from our schools, then we can't address these problems. We can't actually do policy.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Yeonmi, what will this perpetual self-hatred and race obsession lead to in the United States?PARK: I think that's when I realized for the first time in my life that not having a problem is actually a problem, because these people have never actually seen hardship, never seen oppression and injustice. They are creating this nonsense delusion and hating themselves. And I don't understand. In North Korea, I had to hate Americans and western people to survive because that's what the regime demanded. But here in this country, they are dying to hating themselves. And that's the biggest irony for me.INGRAHAM: Yeonmi, thank you.And coming up, some words of wisdom from one of our favorite men in blue. Stay there.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)INGRAHAM: When I was in Volusia County, Florida, I had the pleasure to meet Sheriff's Deputy Royce James. He's an incredible officer who is wise beyond his years. I asked him about the toxic narratives about race in our society. Here's what he told me.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)DEPUTY ROYCE JAMES, VOLUSIA SHERIFF'S OFFICE: There is no reason your race should have any bearing on your success in life. Everybody has their own personal demons and hurdles. That's life. Deal with it, get over it, get around it, do what you have got to do to have success. Again, if you want something in life, go get it. I'm living proof of it. I had this conversation in a courtroom the other day. There was a black deputy, there's a black lawyer, and a black defendant. We all had choices in life.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: America now has a choice -- submit to the racial arsonists on the left or take our country back.That's all the time we have tonight. Greg Gutfeld is next.Content and Programming Copyright 2021 Fox News Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright 2021 VIQ Media Transcription, Inc. All materials herein are protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of VIQ Media Transcription, Inc. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content.
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