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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attends the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Fla., February 27, 2021. (Joe Skipper/Reuters)

We have no time to waste in taking our country back, and ensuring America leads once again.

Ispent the past four years working to keep America safe from foreign threats and creating opportunities for Americans abroad. We were successful, and our nation remains the most noble force for good in the world. But now, all of that work is at risk with Joe Biden in the White House. Biden claims that he was “reestablishing” American leadership on his trip to Europe last week, but unfortunately all that was reestablished was the failing international policy of the Obama administration. He took us back to the days of “leading from behind,” in which our alliances deteriorated and our adversaries, China, Russia, and Iran, were encouraged to flourish.

But it does not stop there. Without strength at home, our nation will always be at risk. And we can all see that we face increasing threats at home. It seems every time we turn on the news, we see American leaders asserting we are an irredeemably racist nation, we see another conservative canceled, we see another child abandoned at our southern border. And we see another radical calling for taxpayer-funded abortion on demand and another police department at risk of being defunded. That is why I am launching an organization to champion our most revered values, values every American, Right or Left, should cherish. For if they are lost, our country will be lost.
While I am incredibly proud of the work we did in the Trump administration, now more than ever, we need more leaders who are willing to champion American values — to not, as the wisdom of the Scriptures suggests, “grow weary in doing well,” but rather to fight the good fight, to finish the race laid before us, and to keep the faith.

The United States needs a revival. We must never grow weary in our commitment to doing good. The attacks on our First Amendment rights of speech and religious freedom threaten the very foundation of what makes America the greatest force for good on the planet.

There is no right more fundamental to a free society than the free practice of religion. Along with property rights, religious liberty is the cornerstone of our unalienable rights. To deny either is to lose the legitimacy of our republic. Behind walls of prisons and persecuted before our very eyes in places such as China, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea are tens of thousands of people whose only crime is to worship God in their own way. But we only maintain the right to call out those who violate those rights if we are guardians of them here at home.

No country that denies religious freedom can ever rightly claim to be good in some other way. Where religious freedom is denied, you can bet that tyranny will follow. For that reason, religious freedom must be a central issue, not a side issue, in America’s foreign policy and in our domestic policy. Indeed, in the Trump administration, it was.
As secretary of state, I fought to ensure religious freedom around the world, but we cannot overlook the attacks on religious freedom here at home. As the radical Left pushes our nation toward socialism, it also redoubles its attacks on our right to worship.

Ripping faith from public life is like tearing apart our Founding documents and pretending that the parts we wish to keep are a whole. But that is the goal of the Left as it seeks to turn America into a socialist country. Those on the left would replace the freedom of religion upon which this nation was founded with the bondage of the religion of Marxism.

I am gravely concerned that the Biden administration may act — and indeed, already has acted — to reverse much of what we accomplished. Biden’s recent trip to Europe sent a loud and clear message that this administration will not put America First. We have no time to waste in taking our country back, and ensuring America leads once again.
Last week, I launched the Champion American Values PAC (CAVPAC) to ensure we elect good conservative leaders with real character and real integrity, so that Republicans can take back the House of Representatives and the Senate. The “CAV” in CAVPAC comes from my time as a young U.S. Army officer serving in the Cavalry. The Cavalry rides to the sound of the guns without fear and never gives an inch. We must do the same to get America right.

In this effort, I ask that every one of you join with us in a new kind of Cavalry to champion American values. The Cavalry is the first to sound the alarm and the first to ride into battle, and that is what we must do now. To not grow weary. To fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith.
I ask you to join me and be a champion in your home and your family. Be an unapologetic American champion. Be a champion in your church. Be a champion in your community and in your children’s schools. Be the kind of courageous champion worthy of our higher calling.
I wholeheartedly believe that if each one of us champions these American values, we can make the needed revival happen.

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