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This is a rush transcript from "The Ingraham Angle" June 24, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. INGRAHAM: OK, good. All right, Sean. I'm Laura Ingraham. This is the"Ingraham Angle" from Washington tonight.The first person charged in the January 6 riot was a grandmother fromIndiana. What was the charge? One count of parading in the Capitol? I kidyou not. She's here exclusively tonight to tell us about how long she waslocked away and the effort to deprogram her thoughts. But first, themilitary's woke makeover. That's the focus of tonight's "Angle".Now, if you were Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary ofDefense, or any top military leader today, there's a lot that should keepyou up at night, right? So put yourself in that role. But - and think aboutit. Most all of it is coming from China.Threats to our ally Taiwan, our strategic ally in the Pacific, China'sitching to invade them, threats from China's hackers and Intel agencies,their growing presence in Africa. Plus China's threatening us in space. Butour current chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley is apparentlyspending a lot of his waking hours worrying about what he thinks is wrongwith the United States.Now, yesterday when Republican congressmen raised reasonable questionsabout whether it's a good idea to expose our soldiers to anti-Americanpropaganda in the form of this critical race theory stuff, he just ended uplashing out, sounding more like a commentator on MSNBC than a militaryleader.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)MARK MILLEY, CHAIRMAN OF THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF: So what is it thatcause thousands of people to assault this building, and try to overturn theConstitution of the United States of America? What caused that? So it isimportant that the leaders now and in the future do understand it.I've read Mao Tse Tung, I've read Karl Marx, I've read Lenin, that doesn'tmake me a communist. So what is wrong with understanding, having somesituational understanding about the country for which we are here todefend?(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Well, the general apparently failed to think through the logicand ramifications of his stated position. Then the first place, criticalrace theory is based on a lie. The lie that America is marred by racism inevery aspect of society, and therefore, our entire system must be upendedand then remade.Ibram Kendi's anti-racism guide is the best known of these Marxist anti-American screeds. So why is it on the military's recommended reading list?Tom Cotton pulled back the curtain earlier this week.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)SEN. TOM COTTON (R-AR): The notion that capitalism is essentially racist,and racism is essentially capitalist. That the only remedy for pastdiscrimination is present discrimination. Admiral Gilday, how do thesebooks get on your reading list?ADMIRAL MICHAEL GILDAY, CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS: Sir, I chose a varietyof books. There are over 50 books in my reading list to give our sailors awide range of information from which I hope they can make fast facts baseddecisions on both their ability to look outwardly at potential aggressors,like China and Russia, as well as looking inwardly and being honest withourselves in areas that we need to improve.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Wait, wait, think about that. The troops are hearing that inorder to be honest with themselves about how they need to improve, theythen need to read a book by a guy who thinks America is inherently wickedand evil. Does that make any sense?The message of the troops is this, put your lives at risk for the USA. Butremember, the USA is a systemically racist, structurally biased country.And by the way, you and your parents live on stolen land.Look, what top military leaders have on their nightstands, what they chooseto read, that's up to them. But how is it appropriate or helpful to ouryoung military personnel just starting out to force this on them? How doesit promote unit cohesion?The first thing we should be teaching our soldiers, our airmen, all of themis that we're a good and noble country that is worthy of their amazingsacrifice. Critical race theory sends the opposite message. And as forGeneral Milley's attempt to justify the unjustifiable by noting that he haspersonally read the works of some of the worst villains of our time. Bigdeal?Obviously, we're not going to expose our troops to every possible twistedtheory out there. What's the point of that? They're trained to be warriorsin many roles. And they are among the finest in the world. Reading IbramKendi will no more help our troops understand the United States than FidelCastro's writings would have in the 1960s.The reason that the military gave in to the critical race theory craze issimple. Because the Biden administration is determined to use race as apolitical weapon. And the Biden administration is enlisting the military tohelp them. Of course, they tried to deny this and claim that anyone whoattacks critical race theory in the military is attacking the troops. Oh,please. Another logical fallacy.The noncommissioned officers, the enlisted men and women, they signed up tobe in the U.S. military, not for a never-ending racism seminar. It wasn'tlong ago that Biden made this promise to our men and women in uniform.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: You are incredible heroes andincredible patriots. I will never ever dishonest - dishonor you. I willnever disrespect you. I will never politicize the work you do. That goesfor our civilian professionals as well as the career military.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Of course, that didn't last long. Less than a month later, thePentagon announced the so-called domestic extremists issue that they werethe most serious threat in existence to the U.S. military, which we allknow is code for purging the ranks of conservatives.So as China continues to build and grow its global influence, the Pentagonchief Lloyd Austin chose to focus on white supremacists as a major problem.Now this is straight out of the critical theory playbook. But they're notdenials, they came anyway.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)LLOYD AUSTIN, SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: We don't embrace critical race theory.And I think that's a spurious conversation. And so we are focused onextremist behaviors, and not ideology, not people's thoughts, not people'spolitical orientation. Behaviors is what we're focused on.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Well, that's just not true. The military is launching an effortto monitor social media activity of the troops, meaning their personalpolitical views and other views will be examined for so-called extremism,even if they do nothing illegal to act on those viewpoints.The fact is, too many in top leadership have forgotten the proper role ofthe U.S. military. They answer to civilian leadership, not the other wayaround.Remember, when Trump wanted to pull our troops out of Afghanistan? Well,the top brass in the military, they fought him every step of the way. Therewas always a reason not to bring the troops home. And now when you watchwhat's going on, they're even resisting Biden, pushing the narrative, ofcourse, that when we pull out, it'll be another Saigon. They did the samein Iraq, by the way, despite public opinion and despite statedadministration policy.Civilian control of the military is a cornerstone of our entire system. Ifmilitary leaders are perceived to be parroting partisan, again, MSNBC styletalking points, they're going to do to the Armed Forces what Tony Fauci hasdone to public health agencies. They'll hurt their standing and theircredibility with the American people. So Republicans need to take all ofthis very seriously. Some already are, like Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley.The fact is post Afghanistan, we need a plan to make our military morefunctional and less political. Beyond reasserting civilian control of theArmed Forces, we have to eliminate all unnecessary spending, cut everythingfrom needless weapon systems, to pointless deployments, to the hiring ofany racial or gender identity consultants. Our troops aren't served bybloated budgets, only the bureaucracy and the defense industry benefit fromthat.Thirdly, our focus should be almost entirely on China, staying ahead of theCCP and blunting their influence wherever we can. This is not going to beeasy. In fact, it will be the great challenge of this century. But we musttake it more seriously.Fourth, we need new leadership. Anyone who seeks to purge patrioticvolunteers from our military based on changing political whims, and anyonewho spends more time thinking about January 6 than China shouldn't beleading our troops. We need more victories against our adversaries abroadand less animosity toward our own people at home.Our troops should be encouraged to have faith in our system. After all,they're the ones who volunteer to protect and defend it. Why should they oranyone commit to defending a way of life that their reading is inherentlyracist? Who signed up for that job? Perhaps that's a question that GeneralMilley should spend some time thinking about before his next appearance onCapitol Hill. And that's the "Angle".All right. Joining me now is retired Army Colonel, Douglas MacGregor,senior fellow at the American Conservative; also joined by retired ArmyColonel, Kurt Schlichter, Senior columnist at and author of"Crisis"; and last but not least, is Andrew Knaggs, former Deputy DefenseSecretary and former Green Beret.Colonel MacGregor, let's start with you. How destructive to cohesion andjust military spirit are the messages we've been hearing from the topbrass?DOUGLAS MACGREGOR, RETIRED ARMY COLONEL: Well, given General Milley'sremarks and the comments by the Chief of Naval Operations, I think we'redealing with a situation in which soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marinesare pitted against each other on the basis of their racial identity. Thereis no appeal to their American identity. There is no appeal to treatingtheir country and the mission assigned by their country as first andforemost in their minds. Instead, we're listening to a discussion that,frankly, is obscure and opaque.INGRAHAM: Kurt, we heard this line a lot from the media backlash today.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)PAUL RIECKHOFF, PRESIDENT OF RIGHTEOUS MEDIA: Our troops, our militaryleaders, our Secretary of Defense are under political attack. Not by ISISor by Al Qaeda, but by radical extremist anti-American elected officials,pundits on TV. This is their equivalent of defund the Police.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Kurt, a push to cut the military budget, which a lot of theliberals used to be for, is totally different from the push to defund thePolice. Because the left, they want to defund the Police to dismantle it,we want to reduce and reorient military spending to save our military.KURT SCHLICHTER, RETIRED ARMY COLONEL: That's exactly right, Laura. This isa disaster on every level. And frankly, and I don't know if ColonelMacGregor would join me in this, but I would pretty much fire everybody O-7and above in the United States military, hire a few back, because it's justthat bad.We've gone 20 years without a military victory. There are guys who've hadtheir entire career who've never seen the United States triumph in battle.And these guys are running around chasing their tails about some sort offaculty lounge obsession designed to please the overlords of the media andMSNBC. It is ridiculous and I'm terrified. That's going to get our peoplekilled, because the Chinese, the Russians, the North Koreans, and theIranians are not playing these stupid games.INGRAHAM: Now, Andrew, to the surprise of exactly no one, critical racetheory superstar Ibram Kendi praised General Milley today.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)IBRAM KENDI, AUTHOR OF "HOW TO BE AN ANTIRACIST": I was happy to hear himsay that he wants to understand white rage. He's seeking to understandwhite supremacist organizations. It's important for them to root out whitesupremacists within their ranks.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Andrew, is this obsession with white rage going to do anything topromote unity in our military, or help us defeat our biggest threat,ultimately down the road, China?ANDREW KNAGGS, FORMER DEPUTY ASSISTANT DEFENSE SECRETARY: No, absolutelynot. And frankly, this is appalling. It's humiliating, and it's dangerous.CRT exists for one thing. It is designed to convince American citizens thatthis great nation is irreconcilably corrupt, and it's not worth defending.And that is a dangerous point of view, that is a dangerous doctrine to beforcing down the throats of our military.And anyone who doesn't see that is either not paying attention, is woefullyignorant, or naive, or they bought into it. And I certainly hope thatGeneral Milley and General Austin and Secretary Austin have not bought intothis theory.INGRAHAM: Well, I have to say, Mr. MacGregor, when you see the justdismissiveness and a very arrogant, I thought it was extremely arrogantperformance by General Milley, who served this country for four decades inuniform. Credible service. For him to go up there and then take on the roleas kind of a debating partner with members of Congress who are doing theirconstitutional oversight. Is that his role?MACGREGOR: Well, Laura, we haven't had any accountability for seniorofficers in the last 30 years. When's the last time we actively removed asenior officer for failure to perform his duty in the field? We haven't hadit. We've had several generations of senior officers, who in theireagerness to be promoted, have embraced whatever dumb idea in the name ofsocial justice that their political superiors have pushed, when their dutyfirst and foremost is to maintain and field effective forces. Forces thatcan fight.What we haven't fought anybody, who's terribly capable and could actuallythreaten us, or fight back for the last 20 years. We become complacent. Thepeople that are in charge right now are simply not very impressive. Butthey are impressive in the sense that they have internalized whateverthey've had to be promoted.I mean, you saw the CNO. He talked about a reading list. He hadn't evenlooked at it. These reading lists are put together by lieutenant colonelsand majors, commanders, and lieutenant commanders. These generals don'tread anything. It's a lot of nonsense.INGRAHAM: I don't believe any of them sat around poring over the pages ofIbram Kendi. I don't believe that for one second. Like, "I read Mao andMarx". OK , fine, aren't you impressive.All right, colonel. That's just embarrassing. I mean, now we're listing offour reading list from college. (inaudible)Now, Kurt, this was telling the media, of course, rushing in. The media whowere calling them warmongers back in the early 2000s rushing into thedefense of General Milley. Watch.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)DON LEMON, CNN HOST: The chairman of joint chiefs makes an eloquent defenseof the truth and stands up for America's military.MICHAEL ERIC DYSON, PRINCETON PROFESSOR: It was a remarkable defense ofopen mindedness and free thinking in America.UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: General Milley did something very powerful.AL SHARPTON, MSNBC HOST: I think it was extraordinary because of who hewas, and how he did it.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Kurt, in a healthy Republic, the media would be lighting Milleyup for how damaging his comments were. But instead it was an echo chamber.What does that tell us?SCHLICHTER: Well, you know, Laura, when I want to learn how to make astrong military, I seek out Don Lemon and Al Sharpton for their importantinsights. My favorite part about Milley's little tantrum was when he gotoffended that people were doubting him and questioning him. And I'mthinking, you're answering questions from the representatives of theAmerican people, who, well, let me put it in military terms, are ahead ofyou in the chain of command. It's you, or the American people, theirrepresentatives and you, a government employee.And he's upset about - I bet when a major gets up in front of him andscrews up a briefing and Milley yells at him and says "you need to dobetter" and the major says, stop timeout. I'm offended. I'm sure thatGeneral Milley says, wait a minute, whoa, we better back off because themajor is offended. Holy cow! This is a guy of nearly unmatched personalcourage. And then he does this. It's ridiculous.INGRAHAM: Andrew, final thoughts from you? I mean, is this going - isreading Ibram Kendi going to help our troops understand America, whiterage, white supremacy and their ultimate job of being warriors better?KNAGGS: No, of course not. What it's going to do is, it's going to destroyour cohesion, or good order, or discipline. And it's going to make thisgreat nation more vulnerable. So what our military leaders or uniformedleaders need to do is to get out of politics. They need to focus onbuilding cohesive and competent units, war fighting units that can standagainst the threats that we're facing in the world today, for most of whichis the Chinese Communist Party.And by the way, Congress has to act. They can't sit on their hands anylonger. They need to assert some authority, some oversight authority toensure that this scourge, this poisonous ideology of CRT does not overtakeand destroy our military from within.INGRAHAM: Now, we got to defund the CRT and the U.S. military at the veryleast. Gentlemen, thank you.And one dead and 99 still unaccounted for after that beachfront high risein Surfside, Florida collapse this morning. Now, hundreds of firstresponders were on the scene. They pulled dozens from the wreckage,including a child who was discovered after someone saw his wiggling fingersamidst the rubble.Now, the 12-storey condo came down around 1: 30am. It's not clear yet why ithappened. But authorities are investigating potential causes for thecollapse. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an order to assist thevictims and their families. And the state has set up a family reunificationcenter at 9301 Collins Ave.The governor is also asking those with loved ones who are still unaccountedfor, or are safe, to please call 305-614-1819 to let authorities know.We're watching for any updates. We'll bring them to you as we receive them.Ahead, an Indiana grandmother walked into the Capitol building for fiveminutes on January 6 and was locked up for two days. She's the firstindividual sentenced over the day's events. She joins us exclusively inmoments with details on how they attempted to deprogram her and more. Staythere.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)INGRAHAM: Now, it turns out January 6 defendants, they're not only beingasked to admit their guilt, but their white privilege as well. Anna Morgan-Lloyd, the first to be sentenced in connection with January 6 wrote to thejudge ahead of her sentencing."My lawyer has given me names of books and movies to help me see what lifeis like for others in our country. I've learned that even though we live ina wonderful country, things still need to improve. People of all colorsshould feel as safe as I do to walk down the street." You've heard thatright. Ms. Morgan-Lloyd was forced to deliver that Soviet style confessionat the behest of her attorney, a DC public defender named Heather Shaner.She is also representing several other January 6 defendants, who she's alsoattempting to indoctrinate.Now, this disturbing effort was uncovered by my next guest. Joining me nowis Julie Kelly, American greatness senior contributor. Julie, now, is thisjust her defense attorney trying to help her get a lighter sentence, or isthere something else going on here?JULIE KELLY, SENIOR CONTRIBUTOR, AMERICAN GREATNESS: Well, the problem,Laura, is that so many of these defendants cannot pay for their ownattorney. So they're at the mercy of the court, and either public defendersor court appointed attorneys, which Mrs. (inaudible) is.And so, no, this is the going along with the presumption that anyoneinvolved in the January 6th protest is a white supremacist, is a racist, isan anti-Semite. There's nothing really wrong with the list that theattorney gave to Ms. Lloyd, but it's not anything that the court shouldorder, or should accept. What's funny is I listened to the court hearingyesterday when she offered her plea and she got very choked up in court.She's never been charged with any sort of crime. She's a 49-year-oldgrandmother from Southern Indiana, and she got choked up. And the DOJ kindof pushed back and said, "Look, we don't really accept this sort ofapproach. We do not prosecute people based on their beliefs." Well, ofcourse they do. That's exactly what this January 6th investigation for themost part is about, is persecuting people on the right Trump supporters.And she is just one really sad, tragic example of being caught up in thisprosecution.INGRAHAM: Now, did she damage anything in the Capitol? Was she breaking?Did she break anything, or hit anyone, or?KELLY: She walked into an open door. She was there for less than 10minutes. She thought that it was OK to be there. She didn't touch a Policeofficer. She didn't vandalize the property. She didn't steal anything. Andso, but she like so many. You know, Merrick Garland sent out a pressrelease today bragging about how the DOJ is now arrested 500 people in thisinvestigation, including people today. There was an arrest of a Floridafather, who was arrested by the FBI in front of his young daughter. Hefaces three charges, trespassing and disorderly conduct, just like Ms.Lloyd faced too. Their lives are being destroyed, their finances are beingdepleted, their reputations destroyed as well.And this is a political prosecution. And now you have defense attorneys whoare supposed to be protecting these people, fighting the government chargesgoing along with his prosecution and the presumption that these people areracist and need to apologize for their white privilege, which is basicallyunfortunately what Ms. Lloyd had to do in court.INGRAHAM: And meanwhile, you can loot and burn Police cars in New York, andyou'll probably just be just fine.KELLY: Exactly.INGRAHAM: Julie, thank you for that report.Now, we just mentioned her, Anna Morgan-Lloyd of Bloomfield, Indiana, thefirst January 6 defendant to be sentenced after pleading guilty to a singlecharge of parading, which is a misdemeanor. Now it's a far cry from theinsurrection charges the media has been throwing around for months now.What's more shocking is how the FBI hunted her down and put her in jail fortwo days for a misdemeanor charge.Anna Morgan-Lloyd joins me now. Anna, were you really told why you wereheld for two days?ANNA MORGAN-LLOYD, FIRST PERSON SENTENCED IN 1/6 RIOT: I was just waitingto see a judge.INGRAHAM: Were you a flight risk?LLOYD: No, no, no. I've lived in the same area all my life.INGRAHAM: And they gave you this public defender who then makes you read ascript or asks you to read a script about how you are learning, andbasically, I'm paraphrasing, but evolving as a person. What did that makeyou feel like?MORGAN-LLOYD: At first it concerned me that she thought I was racist, but Iread the books. It didn't bother me because I'm not racist. And they wereinteresting. And I would recommend anybody read "Just Mercy," because itwas a very emotional book. But it didn't bother me. I was more than willingto read them because I'm not racist.INGRAHAM: Why did you go to the Capitol that day?MORGAN-LLOYD: I went to support Donald Trump, to show my support. And wemet an elderly lady that day, and she headed up the steps. And I wanted toprotect her because I would've felt terrible if she went up those stepsthat day and was hurt. So I went up the steps behind her to protect her.And when she went into the building, my friend turned to me, and she waslike, she went in. So we went in to get her out, just to keep her safe.INGRAHAM: Did you see people smashing statues or police officers orbarricades or fire extinguish -- whatever they were saying, did you see anyof that? But it's on film that of that did occur.MORGAN-LLOYD: Where I was at, we seen nobody damage anything. And peoplewere actually very polite. I had a young man accidentally knock my phoneout of my hand, and he is like, oh, excuse me, and he hurried up and pickedup my phone and made sure it was OK. If anybody bumped into anybody, it wasexcuse me. And people were very polite. And nobody was breaking anything.And it was common enough that people were actually walking out of theCapitol building that worked there, walked right past us, and they had nofear on their face at all.INGRAHAM: When they call it in insurrection, what you say?MORGAN-LLOYD: I can only talk about the area I was in, and I don't believeit. But as I said, that is only the area I was at the Capitol. People werenot breaking the windows. We'd seen nothing.INGRAHAM: So you just walked in?MORGAN-LLOYD: Yes. We followed a 74-year-old woman in to get her out. Shedidn't fight anybody to get in. We've seen police officers standing in theback hallway. They were standing and they were relaxed. They didn't tellanybody to leave. They were talking and chatting with people.INGRAHAM: How has this affected your life?MORGAN-LLOYD: Well, I didn't even get to go back to work. I was fired frommy job at Cook Medical, and I had been there 13 years, and they didn't evenbother to ask me what my part in that day was. They didn't even bother toask me if I was violent or if I had even seen any violence. I was fired. Ididn't even go back to work to get my stuff. They sent it through FedEx.INGRAHAM: Do you have a job now?MORGAN-LLOYD: No. My husband wants me to stay home and be a mama.INGRAHAM: Anna, thank you for telling this story. And this is just, it'slike I can't even believe I'm hearing any of this. A charge for paradingthrough the Capitol, for that you're held for two days, lose your job, and,obviously, incredibly traumatic. But I'm glad you read a couple decentbooks, I guess. Thank you. We'll continue to follow this story, obviously.And Dr. Fauci caught on tape peddling more unscientific lies. It was so badthe Biden team tried to hide it, but don't worry. We found the video.And speak of cover-ups, why did NIH delete important COVID data at thebehest of the Chinese? Congressman Mike Gallagher wants answers. He's herenext.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)INGRAHAM: The Biden administration's newest COVID vaccine PSA wasn't just atotal flop, it further exposed to Fauci's fraud. It all started when theWhite House posted then suddenly pulled down this video of Fauci urgingpeople to get vaccinated in face of the delta variant. Eventually the Bidenteam reposted this video of Fauci.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, WHITE HOUSE CHIEF MEDICAL ADVISER: Based on the datathat this virus transmits more easily and can be more dangerous has beenthe underlying reason why they have made that change and upgraded it, as itwere, to a variant of concern.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: That alone is embarrassing. In fact, COVID cases,hospitalizations, deaths have all plummeted at least 20 percent or more inthe last two weeks, and that's despite all the variants we are supposed tocower in fear of. But it gets worse. It turns out the White House took downthe original video so they could edit some of it out. Luckily, we found theclip.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, WHITE HOUSE CHIEF MEDICAL ADVISER: Vaccinated people,even though they are very, very well protected, they still should try asbest as possible to avoid congregate settings in which there are a lot ofunvaccinated people, particularly if you happen to live in an area wherethe infection rate is high and the vaccination rate is low.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Wait a second, they think that's selling the vaccine? If you arevaccinated, you still have to do all the other stuff you did before. Whywould anyone already apprehensive about getting the vaccine be motivated toget the vaccine if you get the vaccine and you still have to sociallydistance from the world or mask up?While Fauci further exposes himself as a fraud, we are learning that hisown NIH was doing the bidding of the CCP. In a stunning admission to "TheWall Street Journal" the NIH says it scrubbed its database of some of thegenomic sequences from the early COVID cases at the request of Chinesescientists. Now, it makes you wonder, what other info has the NIH buried atthe request of China?Joining me now is Wisconsin Congressman Mike Gallagher who is all overthis. Congressman, seems like every other day we learned of some otherreally weird connection between our NIH and the folks at that Wuhan lab andall of this COVID craziness that has resulted from it.REP. MIKE GALLAGHER, (R-WI) HOUSE ARMED SERVICE COMMITTEE: Of course, Faucicontinues to throw cold water on the lab leak hypothesis because hisorganization under the NIH was funneling millions of dollars throughEcoHealth Alliance to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for dangerous gain offunction research to take naturally coronaviruses and do crazy experimentson them and make them more pathogenic, more chimeric. In other words, ourtaxpayer dollars were being used to meddle with the primal forces of naturein cooperation with the genocidal communist government dedicated to our owndestruction.And where is the outrage? This week in fact, Fauci went on a "New YorkTimes" podcast and suggested that the intelligence community assessmentsaying that lab workers at the Wuhan Institute got sick prior to thebroader outbreak was bogus. Fauci is attacking the intelligence community.Where's the outrage? He further suggests in that interview, if you listento it, that he hasn't even bothered to read the intelligence. That's crazy.What Dr. Fauci is doing is not advancing science. He's advancing a dogmaticadherence to a religion that suggests you can't question the scientificexperts.INGRAHAM: Now, the Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines saidsomething about the intel community's COVID origins investigation. "We'rehoping to find a smoking gun, but it's challenging to do that," adding that"it might happen, but it might not." Congressman, she sounds reallycommitted to finding the answer about how this entire virus started right?Of course not.GALLAGHER: Well, of course, we have actually had scientists who are notright-wing scientist, Nobel Prize Winners like David Baltimore, whosuggested that the furin cleavage site that we found in the sequence of thevirus is itself a smoking gun. Now, he's walked that back a little bit, butthere are aspects to this virus scientifically that suggest that it wasmodified in a lab.More to the point, the intelligence community released an unclassifiedassessment in April of 2020 in which they said they all agree with thestrong scientific consensus that this thing was not man-made or geneticallymodified. Why did our intelligence committee go out there and parrotuncritically the work of the scientists who were ethically compromisedbecause they had gotten millions of dollars to do cooperative gain offunction research with the Wuhan Institute of Virology where we know we hadsignificant securities concerns? Two years prior to the outbreak, we hadsecurity concerns flagged by our government.We have to get to the bottom of this. And Fauci telling us that anycriticism of him is questioning science is the most unscientific statementI could imagine. Science is about being able to disconfirm and disproveyour prior beliefs.INGRAHAM: What's very strange about all of this is we have a governmentthat has locked down millions of people, and state governments and bluestates, locked down, devastated the lives of children, destroyed smallbusinesses. And it turns out we may have funded the lab that started thiswhole mess. And we are not going to do a commission on that? Nancy is doingthe commission on January 6th or whatever she's calling it, but we're notgoing to have a commission on this? If these dots ultimately get connected,it's one of the biggest scandals in the history of the United States,certainly maybe the world.GALLAGHER: It's already the biggest intelligence failure since 9/11. Whatis even more troubling is we have a government who believed that we couldtrust the Chinese Communist Party to be responsible, right, which isabsolutely crazy.INGRAHAM: No, no. Fauci did that. Fauci trusted them. He told me thatFebruary of 2020 before he stopped coming on the show. Congressman, thankyou for staying on this.And a Pennsylvania school board come under fire from parents upset at thatdivisive curriculum being taught to their kids, so what did the schoolboard do? They took down the videos. The man who exposed them, though, ishere next.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)INGRAHAM: Parents all over the country are rallying against their schooldistricts when they embrace that Critical Race Theory, you've seen it. Butone district's reaction was absolutely shocking. It's the Pennsbury schooldistrict in Pennsylvania. It was caught scrubbing public testimony againstits racially divisive curriculum from the Internet. It's a stunningdiscovery, and it led Simon Campbell, a former member of the school boardthere, to lay into his former colleagues.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)SIMON CAMPBELL, PENNSBURY SCHOOL DISTRICT RESIDENT: You snowflakesapparently have a bigger problem with public comments. It seems to me thatyou think you can supersede the United States Constitution.(APPLAUSE)CAMPBELL: Well? I've got news for you, school board president BenitoMussolini, your power does not supersede that of the U.S. Constitution andthe First Amendment rights of the citizens of this great nation. Let's bevery, very clear who has the power.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Simon Campbell joins me now. Simon, have you ever heard of aschool district going back and essentially doctoring public comments tomake them look less critical of what they're doing? Have you ever heard ofthat before, at least in the United States?CAMPBELL: No. It's unbelievable to me. The good news is I have calmed downsince then. I haven't had to shout at any left-wing fascists. I've had acup of tea.When I found out, before we even get into Critical Race Theory, that theywere literally screaming and shouting parents down for peacefully speakingagainst public policy, and then cutting the videotape of public commentthat they were posting on the school district's website, I spoke to a momoutside the school board meeting room a few minutes I went in, and she saidshe was too scared to speak at the prior meeting because of the activitiesof the school. And I'm like, this is the United States of America, this isnot OK. So I kind of suited up and sat down and said, let's go.INGRAHAM: After -- I guess this is according to a report that after thatreally contentious March meeting that was censored, the school boardpresident, Christine Toy-Dragoni, sent a letter to parents that said oneparent's comments, quote, "contained microaggressions" as well asexplicitly racist ideas. She went on to write that "Racist dog whistles areseemingly-innocuous often not noticeable to some but that explicitlycommunicate a more insidious and abusive message to a subset of theaudience."So Simon, instead of answering the criticism, she is doing with the leftalways does, just basically accusing anyone who disagrees with her ofthought crimes, racism, every other ism you can think of. Are you andothers working to remove that cancer from the office that she serves in?CAMPBELL: Absolutely. We found out under Pennsylvania's right to know lawthat that public statement by the school board president was basicallyghost written by the director of equity, or whatever nonsense --INGRAHAM: And inclusion. Diversity, equity, and inclusion, get it right.CAMPBELL: Yes, the tolerance lady. The tolerance lady is lobbying theschool board president to ban speech because she knows best what MartinLuther King was talking about, not the public comment speaker. So thetolerance lady is being fanatically intolerant, and the school boardpresident is going along with it.And the problem with it is this -- if you are a regular member of thepublic and you see public statements put out by school board president thatbasically say if you come down here and express your views, we are going tolabel you a racist, we are going to make public statements about you, andwe're going to ban your speech from the tape of the meeting. That's like1930s Germany.INGRAHAM: It's definitely terrifying. Lord knows what happened to the kids.When we come back, what do Brian Stelter and Nicolle Wallace have incommon? The Last Bite explain.(COMMERCIAL BREAK)INGRAHAM: Remember this Brian Stelter question to Jen Psaki?(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)BRIAN STELTER, CNN CHIEF MEDIA CORRESPONDENT: What does the press get wrongwhen covering Biden's agenda?I want to know what the job is like versus what you expected it to be like.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Nicolle Wallace would like a word.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)NICOLLE WALLACE: You get such high marks from the vast majority of thepeople in that room. How do you feel like it's going?JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: It's also a place where I have toanswer tough questions.WALLACE: Stand your groundPSAKI: There you go.(END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Spooning alert.Gutfeld next.Content and Programming Copyright 2021 Fox News Network, LLC. ALLRIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright 2021 VIQ Media Transcription, Inc. Allmaterials herein are protected by United States copyright law and may notbe reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published, or broadcastwithout the prior written permission of VIQ Media Transcription, Inc. Youmay not alter or remove any trademark, copyright, or other notice fromcopies of the content. 
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