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To the Editor:  Growing up in Philly in the 50s/60s, it was a given that your family members were registered Democrats. I can remember well how excited my brother and I were when our parents let us stay up to watch the returns in 1960 and the race was called for JFK.  He was a war hero, a patriot, anti-communist... and he put America and its interests first. Of course, he had his faults, but there was no questioning his American resolve.  I have long since left the Democratic Party, as it has continually slid left and embraced Marxist/socialist ideals and policies. Today, it has reached the pinnacle of radicalism. It is not the party of JFK. It now foments divisiveness and chaos via its policies. Critical race theory, based on the "1619 project," a hate-based, historical revisionist view of the U.S. founding is pushed in schools, the military, and government agencies in order to sow distrust and division.  Young children are being taught the antithesis of Dr. Martin Luther King's admonition to judge not based on race, but character. If you are white, you are an oppressor and inherently racist. The anti-police sentiment is at a historic high due to the left's/Dems' support, even encouragement of radical groups BLM/Antifa during months of rioting, looting, arson... while police hands were tied, and they were condemned and defunded. Violent crime rates, including homicides, are at historic levels in Democratic-run cities. Police are leaving in droves. Joe Biden reads the script his radical puppet masters provide. He declares "White Supremacy" as the pre-eminent existential threat. The data and FBI crime statistics do not back that up. Another Democratic lie/distortion.  The price of gas has risen considerably after Biden closed the XL pipeline. Then, he OKs Russia's pipeline to Germany. Food, building material... prices are also skyrocketing. Our southern border is out of control, as illegals flood across in record numbers, including violent criminals, drug cartel members, sex traffickers... while Biden/Harris do nothing...  Both establishment parties are beholding to lobbyists and special interests. The Dems receive billions in support from the likes of globalist George Soros, big tech moguls and Pharma. Wall Street donated more to the Dems in the last election.  Just over a year ago and before the weaponized Covid lockdowns under Trump, we were energy independent, employment was at historic highs for all, including minorities and women, the average working-class family saw an increase in pay of close to $6,000 annually, the border was under control, law enforcement was respected and supported... In just short of six months, it has been turned upside down into what seems a bizarro world. God help us. 

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