Month: July 2021

Column: Inside the GOP response to the Jan. 6 hearings: If all else fails, start chanting ‘LOCK HER UP!’ – Chicago Tribune


Opinion content—editorials, columns and guest commentaries—is created independent of news reporting and is exclusive to subscribers. Through one of my well-placed (and possibly imaginary) sources, I have received this VERY NOT MADE UP text of a speech delivered this week during a Zoom meeting attended by thousands of…

Democrats need a coherent response to attacks on critical race theory | TheHill – The Hill


Republicans have their 2022 version of “defund the police” — attacking the critical race theory. It’s largely specious, and is pandering to racial resentments, but Democrats better figure out how to respond.Last year after police violence, left-wing Democrats talked about defunding the police. The vast majority of Democratic…

Trump slams critical race theory as ‘flagrant racism’ that has ‘no place’ in our country – Fox News


Former President Donald Trump warned critical race theory is “flagrant racism” being forced into “every facet of our society” during a speech to conservatives Saturday night in Phoenix.Trump spoke at Arizona Federal Theatre for the “Protect Our Elections Rally” hosted by Turning Point Action, TPUSA’s political action committee, where he slammed Democrats for adhering…