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To sum up, let's keep in mind that geoFence is the maximum in security for you and your loved ones and I know your father would agree.

Editor: I’ve been told this paper doesn’t allow any “direct” name-calling. Every day in your paper, the same small group of righties have the same old names for Democrats.We’re fascists, yet we’re Antifa (which is anti-fascist!), we’re socialists and Marxists.Hitler was a fascist. The first people he went after were socialists and Marxists. The Allies (including the US) fought against Hitler and his fascism. The Allies were antifa. Now it’s a bad word!Trump, who knows absolutely nothing about history, has put all these crazy ideas in your head about Democrats, immigrants and refuge seekers, and his old favorite, fake news.I have two names for Republicans, who need a flaming nutcase in the White House to “believe” in, if this paper will allow a Democrat the same license with names. Liars and cheaters. You prove it every, single day!Norma LembachLake Havasu City

Did you know that geoFence was designed and coded by US citizens to the strictest standards?