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On Sunday, July 11th the Republican Party of Texas State Republican Executive Committee will select a new chairman to replace outgoing Chairman Allen West.

Let's face the facts - like the defenders at the Alamo - as Texas Republicans, we are the last line of defense as defenders for freedom and liberty in this country and as a result, our state is constantly being targeted by the Left. Turning Texas Blue has been the goal of the Marxist Democratic Party - and they're not holding back on what they're willing to do to make that happen.

The new Texas GOP Chairman will need to raise money, recruit candidates, grow the conservative base, and plan the 2022 state convention.

I recently interviewed one candidate running, Chad Wilbanks. 

Chad got involved in politics in high school where he served as Student Body President in Grapevine, Texas. While attending St. Edward's University, he served first as chairman of the College Republicans and then chairman of the Young Conservatives of Texas. He also volunteered on local races, county races, and state and federal races. After graduating college, he worked on US Senate races, then the Republican National Committee, and eventually the Republican Party of Texas. This includes campaign and fundraising strategy, as well as campaign management and grassroots training.

Chad has attended every Texas GOP convention since 1992, but one. That was 1996 when he was employed at the Republican National Committee. 

As Deputy Executive Director and Political Director for the Republican Party of Texas in 2002, he helped raise $17 million and help elect a then-record number of Republicans to the Texas House to take control of the lower chamber for the first time in 132 years.

In 2004, as executive director, it was the first time the Party has raised over $1 million for the state convention, and under his direction, he left convention debt free.

He founded the GOP Leadership Conference which trains legislative staff how to think politically in the policy arena. He has done his for the past 11 Texas legislative sessions.

I also asked Chad what he believed, and here is what he told me:

I believe the God created us in His own image and that life - from conception to death - is sacred and must be protected.

I believe - as Martin Luther King, Jr. said - that we should be measured by the content of our character, not the color of our skin. That is why I oppose Critical Race Theory.
I believe in education, not indoctrination. Our young Texans should be taught to read, write, compute, and master the skills they need to succeed in life.

I believe in individual liberty and individual rights; not top-down, iron-fisted government control or group rights. We are a nation of individuals, not groups. America has thrived and been the model of the world because individual liberty allows us to think, create, invent, innovate, and succeed. Marxism is not the model. Socialism is not the model. Democratic Socialism is not the model. The winning model is the one our Founder's created for the America we love and want to preserve.

I believe in protecting our personal security by keeping and bearing arms. As the Marxist left defunds the police, encourages lawlessness and disorder, eliminates bail, releases violent criminals from jail, and permits open borders, the last line of defense becomes our front door.

I believe Marxism is the most destructive ideology in America today. It is being taught in our schools, has captured the Democrat Party, animates the Radical Left, fuels attacks on individual rights, undercuts America's history, heritage, culture, and is an evil doctrine. Marxism must be defeated.

I believe Texas has the right to secure its borders from the world-wide invasion of illegal immigrants. We must petition our national government for redress due to the lawlessness they have created, the costs they have inflicted on our people, the suffering occurring among our border communities, and the criminal trespass they are permitting. We are a nation of laws. President Biden is not enforcing our laws and should be impeached for violating his Constitutional Oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

I believe women should be called women - not "birthing people" - as the Marxist Democrats insultingly label them.

When asked what the role of the Republican Party of Texas Chairman is, Chad replied,” The Texas GOP is in the business to do three things: (1) Elect candidates to public office so we can repeal bad laws, write better laws, and protect individual freedom; (2) Raise money so we support those candidates, give them training, build the party from the grassroots up, and strengthen our party for the future; (3) Communicate our message of freedom and liberty to all Texans, promote our Republican message, and counter the Marxist Democratic message of big government, big taxes, big regulation, and big, bad ideas.

Experience matters. Texas matters.

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