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Former President Donald Trump addressed a lively crowd on the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Sunday in Dallas, Texas.
It was his second address to CPAC since leaving office on Jan. 20. Trump supporters chanted "USA" as the former president took the stage around 5: 00 pm.
He started his speech by assuring everyone that we will "defeat the radical left, defend our values and protect our country. We will secure our borders, restore free speech and free elections and we will make America great again."
Trump continued, "In a matter of mere months, Joe Biden has brought our country to near ruin. During my presidency, we achieved the historic reduction in illegal immigration. We struck a critical agreement to stop illegal immigration.
"We reduced drugs pouring across our border by the highest percentage ever. We shut down the migrant caravans. We built almost 500 miles of border wall. Walls work. Now the Biden administration has turned the border crisis into the greatest crisis in history. For the last three months, more illegal minors have arrived in U.S. history. Arrivals are up nearly 500 percent."
Trump explained that crime is rampant in Democratic-run states.
"In New York City, crime is out of control at record levels with no one being prosecuted. If you support defunding the police, vote for the radical left Democrats. If you want more police and cops in the streets, vote for America's Republicans or simply vote for MAGA!" Trump said.
"Democrats and radical left are stripping you of your God-given American rights. I preserved that right 100 percent. But, it's not only the Second Amendment that the left is wanting to destroy, they are hard at work to abolish the First. Their attack on free speech is unlawful and un-American."
Then Trump addressed his latest lawsuit against Big Tech and spoke extensively about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.
"We are suing Facebook, Twitter, and Google. They're going too far. They are so spoiled ... like a spoiled child. Eventually, bad things happened. We will keep fighting until we have restored the sacred right to speech for every American.
"We are a laughing stock all over the world and you know who knows it more ... the Democrats. We always had the reputation of being a wonderful country for voting but you see what happened. I only speak the truth. We are being scorned and disrespected all over the world.
"Today's leftists do not believe in freedom, fairness, or democracy. They believe in Marxist. It's a radical agenda like nobody has seen before. The leftists are turning the law. At the same time, they're weaponizing the IRS against conservatives. The radical left has been methodically taking over the school system, universities, journalism, the Supreme Court, Hollywood."
Trump warned about packing the Supreme Court and how it would undermine the integrity of the U.S. judicial branch of government.
"We don't want to have 24 judges. The Democrats are vicious in the Supreme Court and to Brett Kavanaugh. He went through a terrible thing. I don't think there's been anything worse than that. Resist this poison and fight for this republic with all of our heart and all of our soul."
The former president concluded his oration by urging Americans not to give up on this great nation.
"We are not backing down, we will never back down. When we regain our Congress, we will regain control of our border. We will break up Big Tech and demand school choice. Our country has really gone bad. All the Democrats talk about is race. We don't talk about our country being great anymore, stopping crime, or the hundreds of people being shot in Democratic-run states. We don't talk about the great future of our country.
"The Democrats talk race, race, race for political reason. It's bringing our country down. During my administration, our country was respected again ... it is no longer respected. We are all united by the same American values and to defend our beloved nation for every race, religion, color, and creed. We honor George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and of course, we always respect our great American plan."
He added, "We believe in patriotic education for our children, valuing the innocent lives, upholding the Judeo-Christian values, and rejecting left-wing cancel culture. We want law and order. We respect the men and women of law enforcement, they will never be defunded. We live by the words, 'In God We Trust' and we will never give up our search for truth and justice."
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