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From Berkeley County: I have been reading where Sen. Manchin is always the key vote in certain issues. I don’t believe Sen. Manchin ever votes for the Republicans, unless his vote is not needed in the Democrat Party. If you would check his voting records, I believe he votes the way Chuck Shumer wants him to. He will vote for the conservative side if his vote is not needed.From Martinsburg: It looks like we’ll be getting a new Martinsburg zoning plan soon, but why isn’t the city enforcing its current zoning policies? The city has ignored my requests for help to deal with my neighbor, who has damaged my property, and I know of other cases where this has happened. The city planning department clearly can’t do its job with the current rules. Will it be any better with the rezoning?From Shenandoah Junction: The Jefferson County Commission is exploring locations for a new county government complex. This complex would house several county government offices, including the county commission’s meeting room. We have the perfect spot for the planned complex — the location right beside Rockwool, preferably downwind. That would indeed be poetic justice.From Charles Town: Democrat cities, like San Francisco and NYC, have defunded police. Go online and see that shootings and homicides are up 25%. Look at the videos of legalized looting/shoplifting in San Francisco, because you will not be prosecuted for stealing less than $950. People show up with suitcases to steal with. Businesses such as Walgreens and Target are pulling out. Nationwide, prices go up to cover the losses.From Martinsburg: I heard that the Olympic Committee is going to introduce a new triathlon event, which will consist of the following....rioting, looting and burning.From Martinsburg: I’m an Independent. I see no need to be constantly scraping elephant or donkey excrement from the bottoms of my shoes. However, I do agree wholeheartedly with Erick Erickson’s “Democracy’s Last Stand” article in Monday’s July 12 edition. If you refuse see the truth there, you will ultimately receive what is so richly deserved, with my complements.From Martinsburg: The Associated Press is conducting its usual daily attacks on the truth, the Constitution and America. Their ability to turn truth into lies and lies into truth is remarkable. In Monday’s Journal, its sinister rants range from more “gun violence” (instead of criminal violence) to Schumer’s continued attacks on anything related to the second amendment and the hundred million law-abiding American citizens who peacefully exercise that right every day. The Associated Press is the mouth piece of the socialist Democrats.From Martinsburg: To the person wanting the next mayor to be for all in Martinsburg and not just downtown businesses: Be careful what you ask for, because you may get someone far worse, who is only looking out for their own interests (i.e. construction) and not anything or anyone else in Martinsburg.From Kearneysville: Thank you to our police. No profession is without their bad apples. Unfortunately, they are spotlighted. While most police are very helpful and ready to engage in situations, most will only take a video and run the other way. Thank you police officers for showing up to work in such a unthankful social culture. Try gratitude people; you may feel better.From Martinsburg: This is to commend Greg Marks for his powerfully insightful column in Sunday’s Journal. While the column itself answers his poignant question as to “What has happened to us in America?” I offer the following as to “how’’ it happened. The simple answer is that the leftist radicals of the 60s lived long enough to poison our educational systems with Marxist ideology and come up with the perfect fool/tool for infesting the rest of the nation with it. Joe Biden.

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