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Old Dem partyOur big spending Democrat politicians are trying to sell us a pig larger than has ever been seen before. Iowa pig farmers are in awe on the size of this animal.These liberals are going to shove a 3.5 trillion with a T spending plan on us that contains so much garbage that we’ll never come out of it.
Hold on to your savings people cause Biden and the nuts will seize it for taxes and redistribution of wealth. Aren’t they a lovely bunch of socialists that just can’t seem to leave us alone to finance their pie in the sky spending sprees.Remember Venuzuela and their hyperinflation that ruined the economy? Soon it will happen here. What happened to the old democratic party?Rory StilsonLancasterCubans and freedomIn Cuba we have Cubans in the streets demanding freedom after decades of brutal oppression.  We will never hear about the homes being raided by police massive arrest torture of protesters or about the human rights violations by the Castro marxist government.Cubans do not have the right to assemble or protest their government. The marxist have total control of the media on the prison Island of Cuba. So where is AOC, Sanders and our few out spoken local pro marxist supporters condemning the Cuban people?By the way the Cuban uprising has nothing to do with COVID and all to do with freedom. To all BLM and their 90% White radicals who claim the American flag is a sign of oppression ... Black Cubans are waving the American flag as a sign of freedom proving many Blacks in America still suffer from the invisible chains of slavery a mind set pushed on by the White progressive socialist left.At the rate were going this could be our future once our first amendment are lost. My Cuban friends always say ... Que viva Cuba libre! God bless the Cuban people and their struggle for freedom. Lets hope Biden does not pull an Obama when Iran had a real chance of regime change and a shot for freedom by supporting the wrong side.I recommend to all freedom loving Americans to watch Glenn Beck’s address at the 2021 CPAC convention in Dallas Tx. the antidote like a vaccine to the 1619 project.Miguel Rios

Palmdale‘Typical’ responseSue Brax and Marty Scepan must have fallen and bumped their heads.  Liberals frequently complain about Trump conspiracy theories and yet here are two liberals with the same type of conspiracy garbage, red state vaccination rates and the NRA supporting criminals. Senator Schumer (D-NY) released a Democrat plan to spend $3.5T on “human infrastructure” like there is such a thing but did not provide a plan on how to pay for the expenditure. Typical politician and more specifically typical of Democrats.   Curt RedeckerLancasterLove the policeThe recent fireworks explosion in South LA has local residents fearful for their lives.While it was scary and unexpected, it was not the complete fault of the police department. Residents suffered injury and the neighboring homes suffered damage, the majority of blame rests with the criminals who bought and stored the illegal fireworks in the storage sheds.Neighbors were the intended customers of the illicit contraband, and the suppliers were simply filling orders for the upcoming July 4th holiday. It is my understanding that without customers, there would not have been a demand for the illegal fireworks.Let’s put the blame where it’s due. Defunding police departments and eliminating bail for criminals is not the solution. Place ourselves where we belong. We are either part of the problem or part of the solution. The choice is ours.Personally, I hereby pledge my support and gratitude to the law enforcement especially in democrat controlled cities. We truly love you and thank you for your service.John HendersonLancaster

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