Marin IJ Readers Forum for Aug. 5, 2021 – Marin Independent Journal


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San Anselmo community must act against racism
We write to express our outrage at the most recent hateful racist act in San Anselmo, this time involving the posting of White nationalist propaganda on our Memorial Park scoreboard (“San Anselmo removes anti-Semitic message at park,” July 27).
This cowardly act and the sentiment motivating it are meant to create fear and intimidation within our community. As multiyear residents of San Anselmo, we know this action in no way represents the community at large. It is rather a shameful way of viewing and treating members of our town who are Black, Indigenous and people of color by a few who chose to act in the darkness of night.
It is also a reminder that these bigoted opinions still linger, whether or not we, as a larger community, acknowledge or support them.
But our town does not welcome this hate.
We write today to ask for your active participation in repudiating this message and the harmful views it represents. It is through showing our collective voice — in support of all of our community members — that we stand loudly against such hate speech. We must work to eliminate forms of prejudice that may be embedded among our neighbors.
Write your Town Council members, attend your town’s racial equity committee meetings, put up signs of support for our community members, gather publicly to demonstrate your love and support and talk with your neighbors or children. Use any one of the many ways you know to visibly and intentionally repudiate this hate. Clearly state our community values of equity, inclusivity and mutual respect.
Together, we can root out racism, bigotry and hate within our community. It is up to each of us to act.
— Heidi Weller and Tiffany McElroy, San Anselmo
Strengthen rules about requiring vaccinations
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as leaders in the White House, are fixating on masks for the vaccinated, who are now being asked to protect the unvaccinated. I think leadership is wasting time. Instead, it should start requiring several precautions for our society.
We should demand proof of vaccination of all federal employees, not just the Veterans Affairs (kudos to Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough for that decision). We should require proof of vaccination of all airline passengers going through security checkpoints.
President Joe Biden should immediately direct the Food and Drug Administration to grant final regulatory approval of the New Drug Application for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. This delay is providing an excuse for many unvaccinated people to avoid getting jabbed.
We should encourage all trade associations in the service and entertainment industries (restaurants, clubs, concerts and sports franchises, to name a few) to request visitors to be vaccinated in order to attend. On top of that, we should direct the FDA to grant an emergency-use authorization to accelerate approval of the vaccines in children under the age of 12 prior to the start of the school year.
We should all remember the combined effort it took by governments and citizens to eliminate the smallpox and polio epidemics. It came to be because everyone was vaccinated. Our effort now should be no different.
— Dr. Francis Parnell, Ross
Precedent to require vaccinations established
I would like to thank Larry Lack for his thoughtful letter about requiring vaccinations against COVID-19.
The Supreme Court has already addressed his question. By a 7-to-2 opinion, issued decades ago, the court ruled that Massachusetts was empowered to require smallpox shots to protect the health of others. That case continues as binding legal precedent. Case closed.
— William T. Bagley, San Rafael
Anti-vaxxers must pay for their own health care
I wish to suggest that a process be developed that tracks those who have rejected the opportunity or offer to be vaccinated.
If these people catch COVID-19 and they meet certain financial standards, they should be required to pay for their own health care. We should not have to pay for their behavior or the consequences.
— Douglas Slye, Greenbrae

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