It’s time for common-sense action: Larry Elder – OCRegister


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California is in crisis mode — the Golden State is growing dark. It’s time to turn the light back on.
Crime is out of control, people who need treatment are left to rot on the street, and the cost of living is a cost that fewer and fewer Californians can afford. While ordinary Californians are struggling and suffering, Sacramento is releasing violent repeat offenders from prison, setting them free to stalk their next victims in our communities.
Add to that Gavin Newsom’s unscientific and tyrannical repeated lockdowns with ever-moving goal posts — nearly killing California’s once-roaring economic engine — and we have reached our breaking point.
Our beautiful state, which offered so many opportunities to so many people, is being brought to its knees by its own governor and ruling class.
As your governor, I will not pretend that decriminalizing crime is compassionate; I will not repeat the perverse lie that police, not vicious criminals, are the problem; I will not claim, contrary to what we see with our own eyes, that tossing mentally ill and drug-addicted people on the street is humane.
I will call for the repeal of the inane and devastating Proposition 47, which has given thugs free rein to calmly carry out whatever they want from any store, as long as the stolen goods are worth less than $950 per day. Talk about a state of lawlessness.
I will defend, not defund, the police. We cannot have safe streets while demonizing the very people who risk their lives every single day to protect us. Why should cops continue to stick their necks out for us just to be slandered as racists and turned into social pariahs? I will support every community in this state, including black and brown communities, which overwhelmingly cry out for more police presence, not less.
I will allow the private sector to step in and offer much-needed counseling, treatment and housing to the homeless — decades of government failure have proven that bureaucrats seldom save lives.
I will free the construction builders of this state from unnecessary and burdensome regulations to finally start building housing for our large and growing population.
Instead of wasting money, I will spend money where it is needed — on the water system, on freeways, and on forest management and fire prevention.
I also reject the notion that Californians should return to the days of treating each other as members of racial groups, instead of as fellow humans and fellow Californians. We have come to far too throw it all away and go backwards
Gavin Newsom and his elitist, out-of-touch cronies have been a disaster for this state, and he must be replaced. Californians deserve safe and affordable housing; they deserve water; and they deserve a state that isn’t constantly on fire.
I am in this race to win, and I ask my fellow Californians to join me. We’ve got a state to save.
Larry Elder is a candidate for governor of California.

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