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Coded languageRemember when you hear a Democrat talk about "giving to the rich,” they really mean polices that take fewer taxes from working class Americans and business owners. When they say "taking from the poor,” they’re really describing commonsense resistance to creating unfunded liabilities in the form of entitlements like Obamacare that end up enriching Washington, D.C., politicians and lobbyists.Legal costs

I’m glad to see a discussion of qualified immunity for people in power. Members of the current Methuen City Council voted to give themselves qualified immunity. Now the city is on the hook for their defenses. How much will it cost us?No free lunchNothing is free. So-called free housing, transportation, groceries — someone has to pick up the tab. As soon as everyone realizes this, the better off we’ll all be.Forgotten factsA Sound Off contributor refers to Democrats’ "slimmest of majorities,” neglecting the fact that Republicans have won the popular vote in only one presidential election so far this century. The writer defames third-place Olympic athletes while not acknowledging that the U.S. is leading in the medal count. They castigate successful corporations for management decisions; toss in an overstated, irrelevant and apocalyptic reference to cities on fire; and describe a free-market enterprise as an example of "bullying.”Castle repairWhen I was young, we enjoyed many fun days at the boarded-up grounds of Winnekenni Castle. At some point a foundation was created, and funds were raised to rehab and open the castle for public events. Apparently the funds raised to keep it open couldn't keep things going. Maybe it's time to board it up again.WastewaterAfter decades working in the wastewater field, I can assure you there is no way the high flows of a rain storm can be treated properly if we continue to attempt to treat road and parking lot runoffs through a combined sewer system. The only way is to separate waste streams and to deal with the minimal pollution that would result in doing so. (Wastewater flow into the Haverhill plant can jump from 8 million gallons per day to 65 million gallons per day in a matter of a half-hour.)

Water damageThe directors of Winnekenni Castle knew the condition the condition of its roof in March and should’ve at least tried to put a tarp across it to minimize the damage. Things might not have gotten quite so bad if they’d at least tried something before all the water damage and mold.Slow refundsIt’s August and like millions of Americans I have yet to see my tax refund from returns filed four months ago. The federal government is so consumed pursuing a radical, unpopular agenda to appease militant progressives, it can't even handle basic functions like securing our border and managing the tax system.COVID-19 recoverySoon it will be two years that we have been under the gun of COVID-19. Every day we are overwhelmed with the latest about surges, death rates, positivity rates and over-burdened hospitals. Why can’t we be informed, on occasion, of the people recovering without hospitalization or the medications used to treat those infected? I think it would be especially good for those living with anxiety. I know the virus can be serious, but let’s see the other side once in a while.Camera crewIf the Republican National Committee knows a good investment when it sees one, it’ll hire a camera crew to follow around Missouri Congresswoman Cori "Defund-Your-Police-But-Not-My-Police" Bush around all day, every day. Let her and the rest of the Squad speak loudly and clearly to the American people. They want Marxism, and they are not afraid to say so.Everyone’s safetyI am sick and tired of the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers who wreck it for everyone else trying to do the right thing. We’re trying to keep everyone safe and end the pandemic, so that everyone can get back to normal.

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