Pandering Politics: Ammon Bundy Reverses Opinion on Black Lives Matter – Idaho Press-Tribune


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If anything, Idahoans are well versed in carnival style politics and people like Ammon Bundy have been at the forefront. He’s been arrested multiple times, including in response to his behavior at the courthouse involving his refusal to wear a mask, filed paperwork to run for office of the governor in the Republican primaries and is now appearing to flip-flop on his position regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. In a letter published by The Gem State Patriot News which bills itself as a “not-for-profit independent news resource,” Bundy wrote: “As you most likely know Black Lives Matter is a wicked, Marxist, communist organization that deceives its members and destroys Black people’s lives. They hate Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I have a dream speech.’ I love that speech and have studied it along with other writings of Martin Luther King, Jr. My favorite is a letter he wrote when he was in Birmingham Jail, which I first read when I too was in jail and suffering greatly as an innocent man. But the Black Lives Matter leaders hate Martin Luther King, Jr. They teach their members just the opposite. They teach them that the color of their skin is all that matters, not the content of a person’s character.”The letter, published on Aug. 6, seems to contradict his earlier positions supporting the BLM movement and claims that there’s false information being spread about him that leads people to believe he supports and joined the BLM movement.On July 19 in 2020, Bundy had posted a video on YouTube that opens with the title, ”Ammon Bundy BLM Defund the Police.” In the video Bundy has a different view on the BLM movement.“You must have a problem in your mind if you think that somehow the Black Lives Matter is more dangerous than the police,” said Bundy in the video. “You must have a problem in your mind if you think the Antifa is the one that’s going to take your freedom; you must have a problem in your mind.”He goes on in the video about the importance of defunding the police and government, and said; “They’re the ones that are actually going to seek and destroy us and there are many people in the Black Lives Matter organization, along with patriots and, you know, Libertarians and Republicans and Democrats that understand that.”

Yet, in the recent letter posted by Gem State Patriot News, Bundy refers to the BLM protests in Idaho and said people were spitting on BLM members so he decided to go down to the protests and help the people in their right to peaceably assemble. But when BLM leaders found out about his plans they asked him not to come and he didn’t go.The whole point of the letter seems to be Bundy claiming he never joined the BLM movement; the movement has no card carrying membership. The letter ends with Bundy asking people to share the information on social media.“Together I am sure we will set the narrative straight just as we already have with other lies,” wrote Bundy. “The momentum my campaign is experiencing now is significant and we don’t want a blatant lie to slow it down.”However it may be an uphill battle. The Republican party in Idaho is experiencing a high level of fractioning in the run for governor, especially between people like Bundy and current Lt. Gov. Janice K. McGeachin and more traditional Republicans like Gov. Brad Little and Idaho Republican Party Chairman Tom Luna.In response to Bundy’s move towards the office of the governor, Luna wrote in the Idaho State Journal on June 6, 2021 that the Republican party is no place for Bundy. Luna was concerned about Bundy’s move to run for governor and stated he is currently not registered to vote in Idaho and he isn’t even a Republican.“To be clear, I was elected Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party to unite all Republicans to share and celebrate conservative values and preserve our traditional way of life,” wrote Luna. “Conversely, Ammon Bundy wishes to divide our party, openly supports defunding the police, and has known alliances with the radical factions of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.”

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