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Show us your budget and we’ll know your priorities.
Senate Democrats did exactly that when they passed a $3.5 trillion budget drafted by self-proclaimed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. Three provisions make clear that hardworking families are not a priority for today’s Democratic Party — a party captured by radical Marxists who hate America.
First, and perhaps most telling, the budget contains a provision that could allow Democrats to create a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants who are in the country illegally. It is hard to imagine the border crisis getting worse, but a new backdoor amnesty would surely foment a new wave amid a pandemic.
And not only do Democrats want amnesty for those who are already in America, including those with criminal records, they also actively undermine border security at every turn. Liberals are pushing to defund Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The Biden administration already stopped the construction of the border wall and is letting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants cross the southern border each month.
Incredibly, the Biden administration is even releasing illegal immigrants with COVID-19 into local communities. This comes at the same time the Biden administration is openly considering vaccine mandates for foreign visitors attempting to enter the country legally for business or vacation.
This is not a drafting error or a mistake. It is a clear priority of today’s Democrats.
Second, Democrats are taking the first step toward a universal basic income by transforming the incredibly popular child tax credit for working parents into a government child allowance that gives cash to parents who aren’t working.
We’ve seen firsthand the destructive consequences that follow when the government pays people not to work. Democrats’ reckless extension of enhanced unemployment benefits and stimulus checks, programs necessary to help America through the economic lockdowns in early 2020, are now leading to the economic disruptions and labor shortages we see today. But it goes deeper than that because there is an inherent dignity that comes from work that can never be replaced with a government check. Relying on a government check is corrosive, not only for the individual but also for the community at large.
In 2017, I worked with Sen. Mike Lee to double the size of the child tax credit for working parents as part of the Republicans’ Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. And earlier this year, Republicans unanimously voted for a Rubio-Lee proposal to expand the child tax credit to $3,300 per child, including $4,200 for children under age 6. But you have to work to be eligible.
This is the type of pro-work, pro-family policy that Republicans support and Democrats reject in favor of recreating the welfare state.
Third, Democrats would deliver a huge federal subsidy to high-tax states and local governments by lifting the cap on the state and local tax deduction. As the Brookings Institution explained , “Lifting the cap on the SALT deduction would massively favor the rich, with most of the benefit going to the top one percent.”
While you would never know it from the liberal media, Republicans actually put a cap on the SALT deduction back in 2017. In other words, at the same time we were providing huge tax cuts for working families, we also took away an absurd tax break from high-income taxpayers in high-tax jurisdictions, such as New York City and California.
There are countless other provisions in the Democrats’ budget that would inflict serious harm on our nation. From more government control over early education and the destruction of America’s domestic fossil fuel industry to massive inflationary impacts — it is one of the most reckless and radical proposals in our nation’s history.
I’ve described this before as a blatant power grab — part of the radical Marxists’ plan to destroy and remake our country. But now we can actually see what the Democrats are fighting for: an open borders welfare state run by the coastal elites.
If the Democrats are successful, they will turn America into an unexceptional nation mired in decline. We cannot allow that to happen.
Marco Rubio is the senior senator from Florida.

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