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DONOVAN “MARK” QUIMBYChange! As Heraclitus of Ephesus (c. 500 BC) observed, “The only constant in life is change.” But meaningful change occurs when external forces confront peoples’ identity, livelihood, or the status quo, and they react. While incremental or evolutionary changes can improve current situations, revolutionary changes overturn or destroy in their attempt to replace the present with an unknown and questionable future. How many partisans of the atheistic French (1789), Russian (1917), and Communist Chinese (1949) Revolutions would have supported them had they the foresight to know the murder, destruction, and tyrannical results?Lest we forget, America’s Revolutionary spirit differed radically from prior revolutions. In America, citizens rule; we’re citizens, not subjects; we are the government. American governments (federal, state, local) are to provide public safety, disperse justice equally, and protect our God-given, inalienable rights in order to guarantee individual liberty (so we can live virtuously and be left alone to thrive as best our talents allow and ambitions demand); to retain the fruits of our labor (except for providing a safety net for those “down on their luck”); and to associate with whom we want. As Americans, we pursue these ideals, or we live a lie.Presidents Obama and Biden don’t accept our Founders’ vision. Both would “fundamentally transform America.” Imitating Obama, the Biden regime would transform our Founders’ Constitution of negative rights that protect individual rights from government coercion to a socialist constitution of positive rights that exchanges liberties for government control and entitlements, until the money runs out.What changes has Biden’s regime wrought? It jeopardizes America’s independence by failing to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) heightened military and other capabilities. Biden ignores America’s military fighting capability while China increases its nuclear arsenal and modernizes its military. Biden’s initial budget added no real increases to the Department of Defense despite billions more to other agencies. When America’s military planners conduct war games against China, America loses.Two high-level State Department meetings with the CCP were disasters. The CCP lectured America with its “wolf diplomacy.” I believe Biden is afraid of and probably beholden to the CCP. Also, how can America be the “Leader of the free world” after Biden’s shameful failure to provide meaningful support to Cuba’s freedom fighters?Biden opened our southern border so two million illegals will enter America this year, most of whom aren’t tested for COVID-19 and other diseases before being bused or flown to locations throughout America, despite all the masking and vaccine mandates we citizens must accept, even to keep our jobs.Biden wants $5-$6 trillion in spending, with excessive taxes, for a phony infrastructure bill and a grab bag of entitlements to buy votes, which will add to our $28 trillion debt. Such debt jeopardizes America’s dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Biden advances hate-filled “Critical Race Theory” in schools and the military, gun control, and climate change, while being indifferent to defunding the police and increased crime. He’s anti-private property, anti-free market, anti-free speech, anti-free and fair elections, and anti-energy independence. His handling of COVID-19 is about politics, not science. Biden’s regime advances Marxist and global elite causes; our citizens’ jobs be damned.We must confront Biden’s un-American, revolutionary, socialist changes. To fail this charge is to ignore our ancestors’ sacrifices and our future generations’ opportunity for “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”Donovan “Mark” Quimby is a resident of Frederick County.

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