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The Biden-Harris regime incompetence and mediocrity continue at an alarming rate. In his first 30 days Joseph Stalin Biden, who by his own words said only dictators govern by executive decree, signed dozens of dictatorial documents. Then came Joseph Goebbels Biden, who put gag orders in place for border photos; then came Joseph Elmer Fudd Biden, who has no clue what he’s doing, can’t find his masks, has no idea, what he’s reading off teleprompters, and misplaces pre-written answers on note cards.Border Crisis Kamala totally abrogated her responsibilities. In all fairness she did go to a border, the Ohio-Kentucky border. Only much later did she finally find a safe spot along the southern border for a photo op. Has Kamala Harris has ever accomplished anything worthwhile? Our Minnesota U.S. Senators aren’t much better, idly standing by, acquiescing to the radical, socialist, Marxist, Communist left, or being an integral part of it. Their voting record shows no other conclusion.Democratic governors and mayors are no better, leaving their cities racked with crime. Their campaign promises aside, most of us “Cows and Rocks” country folks know, that you can’t make chicken filet out of chicken manure.We again have a COVID pandemic, exacerbated by hundreds of thousands of illegal COVID-infested people, Democrat-organized super spreaders, being flown all over the country by Catholic Charities, when legitimate Cuban refugees are banned; we also have two others, one of ignorance and the other of apathy.We can survive COVID. We can educate ourselves about the affects of government mandates and Communist-Marxist ideology, which has never worked anywhere in the world. Apathy is the hard part; it sneaks up and hits us, once it’s too late to remedy any situation.Then there is the big lie. Joseph Goebbels’ “big lie” propaganda has been studied for generations. Big question, who’s lying? A dirty dog smells his own hole, so my money is on the Democrats. They deny a border crisis, ignore riots, propagate an environmental crisis, scream “White Privilege,” defund the police, and encourage rampant crime. Open borders make them complicit in human and sex trafficking and the drug trade.Why can’t every American voter show a photo ID? We all need one to cash checks, register in a hotel, buy alcohol or cigarettes, and get into any military museum. The only reason “not” to advocate for voter IDs is to cheat. Apparently a vaccine passport is crucial, but a voter ID card is inconsequential.Even two-syllable words are too difficult for them to comprehend and must be given alternative meanings. A crisis is a crisis. A riot is a riot. A male is a male; a female is a female. That’s science, Dr. Fluffy. Fauci’s lucky his first name isn’t Bob. I’m not sure he could spell it backwards.Denial of the true cause of COVID is only exacerbated by the Biden-Harris open border policy, that is infecting our entire country, when legitimate Americans are being forced to get their shots or be forever restricted. Is there even one competent Cabinet post assignment? Do they have any worthwhile qualities of leadership, or were they solely chosen for their “misconscrewed” ideology?Abandoning 15,000 loyal, legal Americans in Afghanistan is the ultimate example of incompetence by a disgraceful administration. Biden keeps forgetting he’s president. Wish we could.As for white privilege? Most white, black and brown hard-working U.S. citizens earned their American dreams. Athletes, who don’t know enough to respect our flag, Hollywood narcissists and Democratic officials, who undermine our American society, are the real moneyed, privileged ones. They have become the true racists in our society by denigrating all the hard-working, patriotic, family-oriented individuals, who continue to honor the American flag and this great nation.Every morning I wake up, don’t see candles and hear soft music, is a good day, so I thank God and Donald Trump, that Hillary Clinton labeled me a “Deplorable”; then I go about my daily business despising the alternative.The Democrats need to find a different symbol. They give the proverbial “jackass” a really bad rap. May I suggest a skunk, because their ideology really stinks.Horst Hanneken is a resident of Pierz.

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