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So closeThankfully, scientists responded to the initial outbreak of Covid-19 proactively. They formulated vaccines in record time. We were so fortunate that existing technology could be used to create three highly effective formulations to fight the deadly pandemic. There was light at the end of the tunnel.Then came the MAGA crowd and their venomous response to the vaccination effort. They launched a tireless campaign against reality. They took a stand against medical expertise, science and social responsibility.
Somehow turning the miracle solution to the crisis the vaccines provided into a battle for personal freedom. Employing arguments that defy logic, these wack jobs raged against common sense measures designed to protect ourselves and others and eliminate the tenacious virus from our world.“You can’t make me wear a mask” and “The side effects of the vaccine are more dangerous than the disease” are among the flimsy or debunked arguments used by sanctimonious anti-vaxxers.As a result, the elimination of the corona virus stalled. The virus, through millions of successful transmissions to unvaccinated hosts, mutated into more highly contagious, potentially lethal variants. Many more died needlessly.Medical professionals and scientists warned us of such an ominous outcome. We were told that a highly vaccinated population would head off this phenomenon.But these experts were spurned by the MAGA crowd’s relentless disinformation campaign and vaccination rates declined.Now we’re back to square one. Our good fortune squandered. All in the name of MAGA and “personal freedom.” This was preventable. What a tragedy. We were so close.Jarold WrightSanta RosaDestruction continuesMaybe now those who chose this incompetent, unworthy administration can and will accept the consequences our country is paying.They voted for the wrong reasons and put the party before the man. Yes, they got rid of Trump, and the do nothings Biden and Harris were the best they could come up with. What a price to pay for power.  The biased midstream and social media continue to coddle this so-called leadership. Americans deserve to see and hear the truth about the crisis that is happening at our wide open southern border as we’re being inundated with drug cartels, covid-infected illegals, and terrorists who are able to slip through overworked and understaffed border patrol staff.We didn’t hear much if anything about Hunter Biden’s laptop and Chinese spies in the White House. Talk about a double standard.Now that the Afghanistan catastrophic debacle is in the forefront, we can only hope the media will finally not pick and chose what they decide to report, per the travesty from the White House. The American people don’t deserve the sugar-coating they’re being fed. Our country is being lied to and destroyed on so many levels.There has been too much focus on the incorrect date in January. The real mistake was made January 20.Kay HopkinsPalmdalePlease explainMr. Marsh seems very schooled in Marxism. Would he be so kind enough to explain to us laymen the difference between this administration’s policies and Marxism. I’m sure it would be an interesting read by most of us opinion readers.Thomas Russell HornerLittlerockThank youThank you Dr. David Vierra.Jim and Sue GardnerPalmdaleIndiscretionsThank you Judy Watson for your informative and appropriate letter. (ref. V.P. letters from readers Sat. 8/21/21).I thought I might be the only one that could see the truth about our puppet and chief president. In her letter, Judy Watson ask Why is President Biden still there? She appropriately pointed out everything Biden touches, fails, he’s been a disaster from day one.Some examples are the withdraw from Afahanistan, Our Southern boder crises, the ever growing homeless problem, our deteriorating economy and the unchecked rate of inflation.

I still believe the Presidential election was the result of voter fraud and election fraud. I know our Democratic socialist friends will say I’m beating a dead hourse. It appears only time and President Bidens incompetence will reveal the truth.Meanwhile our nation will continue to deteriorate, until we elect an intelectual leader. The puppet and chief must be held responsible and penalized for his indescresions.Richard BaltzleyPalmdaleIs rebranding possible?When Joe Biden was a candidate for the presidency he was anchored on his signature promise to govern moderately, to resist the radical left, and to steer back to the center.But as soon as he became president he advanced critical race theory (CRT) on January 20 through an executive order and made a sharp left turn.I see a democrat platform in the coming elections (2022 and 24) that the average voter could choke on: Open borders, CRT in the classrooms and the military, defunding law and enforcement agencies and pushing for far reaching anti-police legislatives, no picture photos for voting ID, Executive Orders to change voting procedures, cancel culture to destroy our American history.A racially divided revisionist account of history that denies the noble principles of freedom and equality on which our nation was founded on.The subservient House Democrats have responded to Speaker Pelosi by passing such legislations as HR1 (S1) called the “For the People Act;” a huge Democrat party grab — a federal takeover of elections and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act which would give the Justice Department’s civil rights division the authority to march into any election process down to the precinct level.The Biden Administration’s proposed runaway spending and punitive tax increases, if enacted, would spawn inflation and higher interest rates, leading to increased dependency on federal government welfare and other federal assistance.Make no mistake. The Democrat party is counting on a single party in the near future. And while that might appear to some people, the American that we all know would go down in flames.Is it possible for Biden and the Democrats to rebrand themselves as moderates?Ray FreemanPalmdaleNever would have happened under TrumpBenghazi times ten, only worse/The incompetence of leaving before all American civilians were accounted for and safe, is unforgiveable.  Thousands of American families, interrupters and civilians that helped it’s citizens are now caught behind enemy lines with no place to hide. Passports stolen, door to door, searches to see if American supporters reside there, then scan their cell phones.Hangings, beatings, beheadings and butchering people on the spot. Not to mention the $6 billion dollars of U.S. military equipment, tools, weaponry including Black Hawk helicopters, aircraft, ammunition and untold gallons of jet fuel left behind.We’ve supplied the terrorist with our weapons to use against us. Americans only warning was to shelter in place hide, burn American flags, and  get to the airport which the Talban have completely surrounded. The Taliban dictate to Biden and terrorist are drawing the red lines. This would never happen under Trump. Another horrific Democrat screw up.Does this tell any of you leftist voters, how dangerous the party you affiliate yourself with?  They do not give one iota about you, your family, you as a citizen, none of that matters.  It’s all about power, politics, their wealth and self esteem. You are just a vote in their back pocket. Obama’s swap for U.S. Army deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban detainees, released from Guantanamo, are now Taliban leaders, known as the “Taliban Five.”As the famous saying goes. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s your higher taxes, going down the drain to support what’s happening to the destruction of our country.  Biden’s administration works for our enemy. Our country is in horrific danger. If you can’t see this, you are part of the problem.Judy WatsonLancasterAlways rememberedI write to say Jose Biden will be remembered as a great president.Since the days of Teddy Roosevelt the nation has been moving steadily towards socialism. We are almost there.The missteps on foreign policy will not be remembered. Hiya Joe.Edwin NewmanPalmdale

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