The Balancing Act: Who hates America more? Russia, China or Joe Biden and Democrats? – Mountain Democrat


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Larry WeitzmanNow it has happened — 13 U.S. soldiers murdered and many more mutilated. President Joe Biden’s response: “We will hunt down the perpetrators.”
Biden should start with himself. He is responsible for what happened. He is responsible for the Taliban’s actions. U.S. intelligence knew something like this or worse was going to happen.
Biden will do nothing to deter these kinds of bombings or terrorists’ action; they will continue. Why? Because Joe Biden and his supporters hate America. They want our standing and place in the world diminished. They despise our economic power, intellect and ingenuity.
Look at the great inventions that exist mostly because of American ingenuity and entrepreneurship (aka capitalism). Biden is doing everything he can to destroy it. He wants to tax genius. He wants to attack productivity. He wants to attack freedom. He’s destroying our energy production. He has allowed chaos at the border and the entry of millions of illegals (many COVID-19 positive, never mind drug trafficking).
He wants to take our guns yet he just gave the Taliban some $83 billion in military equipment, making the group the best armed force of its size in the world. The equipment included more than 350,000 assault rifles, 126,000 semi-auto handguns, 22,000 Humvees, 42,000 trucks and SUVs, almost 1,000 armored personnel carriers and M1117s, 64,000-plus heavy machine guns and a huge air force.
When our murdered heroes returned to America at Dover AFB, there was “oh-so-solemn Joe” in attendance, caught on camera twice checking his watch. He really cares — not.
What’s behind the hate for America and its destruction — something Charlie Manson promoted with Helter Skelter 50 years ago? Now our politicians are subscribing to these Manson ideas of destroying the country from within.
First Antifa stopped free speech and barred certain speakers at colleges. Then colleges themselves began keeping free thought from occurring at their campuses. Then came the Ferguson riots followed by those in Minneapolis. Riots allowed by leftist leaders of Marxist cities, with their significant Marxist populations, resulted in takeovers by malcontents, street thugs and Marxists in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, St. Louis … I could go on.
Lori Lightfoot of Chicago, who wants to defund the police, has a security detail paid for by the city. She also said the looting of Chicago was OK as it was a form of reparations (was she saying most looters were Black?). Bill Di Blasio, mayor of New York, also hamstrung his police force while maintaining his city-funded security detail. Di Blasio, whose real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr., was raised by communist sympathizers and supported the socialist Sandinista government and revolution in Nicaragua. People are fleeing New York City because of di Blasio. Jenny Durken, mayor of Seattle, allowed a no-police, anarchist zone during the riots. Seattle was a battle zone of anarchism and riots for weeks. How did that work out?
Who’s orchestrating this “defiling” of America? Is it avowed leftist Sandy Cortez (AOC), who has advocated thrift store shopping to her audiences while she is ensconced in the latest designer outfits. Maybe it’s leftist, “I own three homes” Bernie Sanders. Or other members of the leftist Cortez squad? Maybe Rashid Tlaib, “good for thee but not for me,” the leftist squad member who wants mask mandates for everyone but herself (ditto for ex-bartender Cortez  — and I write that in no derogation of an otherwise honorable profession). Maybe it’s George Soros.
There are people buried deep in the bureaucracy who crave power against American ideals and work to destroy this country through the use of now meaningless words like racist and racism. If you don’t agree with the left, you’re a racist. But if you’re a white person, that in and of itself makes you a racist. 
Most ironic is that this country was founded on merit, self-reliance, independence and hard work. The mantra of the left is a person’s failure is founded on victimhood and racism. The left wants everyone to be government dependent — part of the collective. Hard work and merit mean very little, if anything. That’s the reason socialism and communism fail; they defy human nature.
Larry Weitzman is a resident of Placerville.

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