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‘‘A special thank you to Randy Wise Auto Group on Owen Road for their sensitivity to the loss of our U.S. soldiers with the lowering of their American flag to have acknowledged this horrible loss.”‘‘As much as I agree with upset parents protesting at schools, they really need to be taking out their frustration at the county level. The decision to make our kids mask-up was made by our county health director, who was hired by our county commissioners. Commissioner Shaun Shumaker needs our help.”

THE UPCOMING FOOTBALL game between Michigan and Washington is now being dubbed the ‘FCS Loser’s Bowl.’ Both have lost to a Division 1 FCS (small college) team, which has happened only five times in the history of college football. How proud the Wolverines and Huskies fans must be (tongue in cheek).I RECALL READING Hot lines about how disrespectful people can be with their trash. Yet I witnessed a Republic truck transfer its front load to the rear with many bags landing on top instead of going in the back. Where’s that trash going to land now that it’s unsecured?THIS IS NOT the country I grew up in and loved. This is not the country I fought for 53 years ago in the jungles of Vietnam. We have lost the best nation ever put on this earth because we forgot the God who blessed us so deeply. And we abandoned our moral moorings in the process. Our country is now a cesspool of violence and gutter rhetoric. Can judgment be far away?WITHOUT TRUMP’S SPEEDY reaction to the onset of the COVID pandemic, there would likely be half a million more deaths right now. Democrats had nothing to do with giving billions to drug manufacturers.WAIT A MINUTE. Did I just hear on the news that the Department of Health will take your K-12 child and place them in child protective custody if you send them to school without a mask on? That’s kidnapping. You had better stand up for your kids people. This is America?PARENTS OF TEENS, please analyze the new M-STEP and SAT scores before wasting big money on an expensive university for an unprepared student. Only 25 to 35% of our local 11th graders surpassed college readiness benchmarks.the liberal power running our state have now successfully pitted parent against parent, student against student, and teacher against teacher over masks. The mask mandate is not about our medical well being. It’s about control and suppressing any voices that run contrary to the current political powers and their Marxist agenda.MY NEIGHBOR HAS a dog that jumps their fence, takes off after children walking home from Tomek Elementary. The kids now have to walk in the street to avoid this dog. When is the city going to take care of this?WE APPLAUD THE Fenton parents protesting the mask mandates. What the high school did isolating and intimidating students who stood up for their right to breathe is reprehensible.THANKS PARENTS FOR standing up to the left-wing teachers union. It is all about control. They want your kids to learn to obey without question. COVID is just a means to an end.STUDENTS ENTER A Michigan school without masks in protest. Your child wears a mask and is protected. Why are you worried about your child? Still no logical answer.TODAY, THE MANDATE is masks, tomorrow will be vaccines, after that the target will be any voice that disagrees with the insane progressive agenda. Defund the police, destroy businesses by rioting, pay Americans not to work. We have allowed the definition of insanity to rule in our beloved nation. What happened?WHAT A BACKWARDS message we are sending our children. Go to school, education is important and vital. But don’t listen to a word the people who have actually educated themselves professionally in health say is best for the community because it goes against ‘our freedom.’ Covid is real.IT IS TOTALLY unacceptable what the Genesee County Health Department director is making our local schools do regarding making all the kids wear a mask. Our teachers have a tough enough job without having this added stress. Good grief.
PEOPLE READING THIS Hot line. Stop arguing about masks and vaccines. Stop protesting about these. Take your extra time and visit families who’s loved ones have died alone in the wards.PEOPLE NEED TO understand that the health department has no way to enforce these mandates. Most sheriffs will not enforce. The health department has no enforcement capabilities. Do not comply.SOME PEOPLE FEEL the personal choices of others are selfish and need to be regulated. What’s really selfish is expecting others to surrender their liberties so you can enjoy a false sense of security.MASKS DO WORK, as shown in numerous, credible studies. If you are infected, your mask helps protect those around you. When there are high infection levels, there should be mask mandates at schools and elsewhere. It’s not because I believe masks work; it’s because they’ve been scientifically proven to work.I’M A NURSE. To the person who wrote, ‘You and your family are vaccinated and wear masks. Why do you insist we all do the same?’ If you’ve never seen a person on a ventilator, I can assure you it isn’t pretty. You can be carrying the virus, not have symptoms and exposing other people.I’M GOING TO die when I die, but while I’m here I’m going to live how I want to live. If you can’t live your life the way you want because you’re constantly paralyzed by fear, then it’s not a life worth living anyway, in my opinion.THIS LABOR DAY weekend, Ponemah residents were subjected to extremely loud outdoor bands. The township ordinance officer advised the Ponemah Lake Lodge had a special use permit. To obtain a permit, there is no requirement for input from neighbors. Input from neighbors should be a part of the application process.I, TOO, MADE a memorial in my yard with flags honoring the 13 soldiers who lost their lives needlessly in Afghanistan. I also have lowered my large flag to half-staff until the final 100 Americans are brought home. God bless the military who fight for us every day.MAJORITY OF U.S. citizens won’t forget Afghanistan. Military who gave their lives throughout, 13 soldiers killed in terrorist bombing and U.S. citizens, Afghan allies left behind by Biden as probable hostages. Majority of U.S. citizens want accountability from Biden, Blinken, Milley, and all involved in huge miscalculations and mismanagement of withdrawal.WHERE’S THE 13 minutes of silence for our fallen heroes?THE MICHIGAN SUPREME Court has already declared Whitmer’s actions illegal, yet Mueller and crew remain impotent. Republicans have failed us. Just like the rest of his caucus, Rep. Mike Mueller did absolutely nothing to stop Whitmer’s illegal, tyrannical power grab. Hey Mueller, you’re getting your butt kicked by Democrats.GREATEST THREAT TO U.S. freedoms are big tech terrorists Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others believing they’re above first amendment. They must be investigated and broken up. Left wing socialists running these companies must be prosecuted for violating U.S. citizens’ first amendment rights. U.S. citizens will do what politicians won’t.SAW NEWS OF violent left protesters attack members of gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder’s group in California. The woman and man who assaulted the person with Larry Elder have their faces on camera. When will arrests be made, jail time served? No DA passes for violent left-wing criminals. Governor Newsome is scared.ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. If you are happy with the way this country is going, you are part of the problem. If you don’t like the way things are going, get out and vote wisely in local (school boards, mayors), county, state and federal elections. Vote wisely, vote conservative.THE FULL-PAGE AD by ‘We Can’t Wait’ concerning car insurance reform is totally misleading. You can still buy the same lifetime level of coverage for catastrophic claims. You have a choice now of what level of coverage you want and how much you want to pay.THE ONLY JUSTICE left in our country is two tiers. One tier for the elite, radicals and rich and the other tier for us peons. How do you like this new ‘social justice’?

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