Greene Launches Lengthy Twitter Rant Against ‘Dictator Biden’ – Second Nexus


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Far-right Congresswoman and prominent conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia became infamous for her deranged beliefs and proud belligerence that's even isolated her from some of her fellow Republican lawmakers.Framing herself as an anti-establishment official with undying loyalty to former President Donald Trump, Greene has suggested shooting volunteers who go door-to-door with vaccine information and, before her election, expressed support for the execution of her now colleagues.Her delusional conspiracy theories have ranged from beliefs that the Rothschild's space lasers caused California wildfires, that Democrats orchestrate school shootings to weaken support for the Second Amendment, and—most notably—that a covert network of satanic pedophiles secretly controls the U.S. Government, and that Trump was sent to destroy them; a central belief of the QAnon mass delusion.On Monday, Greene railed against her Republican colleagues for not being radical enough in their opposition to "Dictator Joe Biden."The entire 38 tweet thread can be read here, but the highlights are below.

Dear Colleagues,

Since Dictator Joe Biden started phase 1 of the Dems’ Communist takeover of America yesterday & I… — Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 (@Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸)

Greene went on to call for Biden's impeachment while expressing concerns about Republicans' prospects at taking back Congress in the 2022 midterms. She also slammed the Republican Conference leadership for being "the first to throw [her] under the bus."She concluded the rant with: "I refuse to sit by silent and watch our constitution burned like a sacrifice to the false gods of Marxism and our children's future sliced up and served on a silver platter to Communist China."She was met with a resounding, "What the fk?"

How to display your derangement in a short THIRTY tweet thread! Who are the idiots who voted this women into office? — 🇳🇿Ambrose🇫🇯 (@🇳🇿Ambrose🇫🇯)

@mtgreenee — General Ripper (@General Ripper)

@mtgreenee I never heard so much nonsense in my live , — Regy (@Regy)

@mtgreenee I confess I read this entire screed twice, because the first time I inadvertently read the tweets in rev… — Green Mountain Lindsay (@Green Mountain Lindsay)

There weren't many who took her seriously.

@mtgreenee It's because you're a joke even to your own party and even the GOP knows when they need to limit the dis… — Louis (@Louis)

@mtgreenee Oh, hun. ™

Nobody has the time or desire to read your latest draft of ‘Mein Qampf’.

I think somebody n… — Hawt Under The Cawllar (@Hawt Under The Cawllar)

But those who did agree made their voices heard with some chilling sentiments.

@mtgreenee Just say when we can grab our rifles. — ✝️ Waiting on a woman. ✝️ (@✝️ Waiting on a woman. ✝️)

@mtgreenee Thank you for standing up! Please help us understand what we can do. How do we find out the Republican m… — Christi Funkhouser (@Christi Funkhouser)

This is one of the best Twitter threads I’ve ever read. MTG hits the nail on the head.

@HouseGOP @SenateGOP
She’s… — Capitalism Rocks ~ Socialism Destroys (@Capitalism Rocks ~ Socialism Destroys)

Greene continues to peddle her articles of impeachment against Biden.

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