Letter: School board going down the wrong path – New Haven Register


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I believe the Milford Board of Education has implemented critical race theory into the Milford public schools through the social emotional learning curriculum. They deny it, but all one has to do is visit their website and read it yourself. The words race, equity, social justice, racial equity, self-awareness, etc., appear everywhere in their public pronouncements, their PowerPoints, the assignments they promote on their SEL resource page in the parent portal and in the press releases announcing their new administrative hires. Their own words prove they are pushing this untried social indoctrination experiment on our kids.

Parents in towns and cities all over the state and country are rising up against and successfully stopping this attempt at a radical leftist takeover of our children’s minds through this race-based agenda. The spread of this dangerous philosophy is led by a well-funded, small group of self-proclaimed anti-American radicals, some with ties to Marxist organizations.

These BOEs work for us, not the other way around. Parents must exert their influence over these elected officials and demand that their interests be represented, not those of some radical organization like the Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning whose policies have been adopted by the Milford BOE.

Parents must demand to see assignments students are given, books they are assigned to read and what race-based topics are being discussed. Research the background of the authors of those books. Check out the web pages of the current school board members who are pushing this nonsense on our children. Attend BOE meetings and ask questions about issues that concern you. Vote for political candidates that openly oppose CRT in our schools. Get involved.

The Board of Education must implement an agenda and policies that have the support of the people, based on an open dialogue. Act now, to avoid traveling down the path of destruction that dangerous regimes of history have ultimately led their people, by trying to indoctrinate their children in an attempt to perpetuate their race-based philosophies. We all know how that turned out.

Walt Rollins


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