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    LettersDemocrats’ worst nightmare is Vice President Kamala Harris replacing him and leaving Sen. Mitch McConnell in position to block every radical agenda and VP nominee.   

Written By:
Warner Gouin, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota |

    8: 00 am, Sep. 26, 2021


  Columnist Victor Davis Hanson wrote in August: “For the first time in their lives, Americans of all classes and races are starting to fear a self-created apocalypse threatening their families’ safety and the American way of life.”    

                    President Joe Biden is unfit. Democrats’ worst nightmare is Vice President Kamala Harris replacing him and leaving Sen. Mitch McConnell in position to block every radical agenda and VP nominee.                             Biden’s Department of Education incentivized public schools to integrate Marxist indoctrination. Activist teachers and administrators, hiding behind “anti-racist” labels, are training America’s children in Marxist theory to oppose the American system. California schools that already integrated woke ethnic studies are now experimenting with “education as social justice,” advocating “decolonizing” America.                            The Minnesota Department of Education deceptively claims that CRT, or critical race theory, isn’t included in current or proposed K-12 standards. Yet, comparing 2011 standards in social studies to 2021 shows a seeming obsession now with criticizing America. Why?                             According to the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform, “Critical Race Theory is related to Critical Theory, a Marxist approach oriented (toward) destructive criticism of … Western culture, … including Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy, hierarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, … patriotism, nationalism, heredity, … and conservatism.”     

                        The key is the destructive agenda many predict only war will stop.                            Feigning critical thinking and encouraging critical theory, the Minnesota Department of Education invites CRT manifestations parents nationwide reject. Minnesota’s woke ethnic studies deleted “male” and “female” and added “positionality” 30 times. This seems best left as college electives and hardly K-12 appropriate.                            With rampant activist bias tainting online resources, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger warned his site’s neutrality is “dead.” School policies in Loudoun County, Virginia, reportedly include not telling parents about their child’s gender identity.                            The list is endless.                            American education needs a 1776 overhaul.    

                    Warner Gouin                            Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota                                      The writer cited as sources for this letter the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (; writer and filmmaker Christopher F. Rufo, who’s also a senior fellow at Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (, a conservative think tank in New York City; and the American Thinker (                                      

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