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Manny Montes | Other Voices

A gross misunderstanding regarding critical race theory is that it teaches an unvarnished history of America. This isn’t so.
Critical race theory was not developed by scholars of history, but by legal academics, and focuses on the myriad ways racism is infused in our society. Any focus on history is to embellish their stand on racism and ignores the principles of our founding that brought us to where we are today. I purchased and read “Critical Race Theory, an Introduction.”
Critical race theorists, or CRITS as they call themselves, have cornered the truth on our “racist society.” There’s no room for any deviation. Inequality has always been and is only because of racism, according to the CRITS.

Discussions as to what other factors might cause inequality are not permitted. Theirs is the truth.
From “Cynical Theories,” by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay, speaking of critical race theory’s hold on the truth: “’Our society is structured of specific but largely invisible identity-based systems of power and privilege that construct knowledge via ways to talking about things’ is now considered by social justice scholars and activist to be an objectively true statement about the organizing principle of society. … Social justice scholarship, and its educators and activists see these principles and conclusions as the truth. … They treat it as though they have discovered the analogue of the germ theory of disease, but for bigotry and oppression.” Dogma at its finest.

Critical race theory is a movement, not an academic exercise. The theory’s founder, Harvard academic Derrick A. Bell, does not mince words in one of the essays laying out the radical aims of the theory: “As I see it, critical race theory recognizes that revolutionizing a culture begins with the radical assessment of it.”
CRITS and practitioners Maria Ledesma and Dolores Calderon celebrate critical race theory as a “revolutionary project” and encourage elementary schools to disparage color-blindness as “dog whistle racism.”
Critical race theory isn’t about teaching history. It is an ideological movement, one that “discourages integration,” “rejects color-blindness,” and scoffs “at the rule of law.”
Can we take these scholars at their word? This isn’t my opinion being expressed here. These are their own declarations.
CRITS see systemic racism as ubiquitous as the air we breath, that racism is both ordinary and permanent, everywhere, and always. America is racist at its roots. All white people are racist and oppressors.
There is no disputing critical race theory’s roots in Marxism. CRITS state: Critical race theory “also draws from certain European philosophers and theorists such as Antonio Gramsci, Michel Foucault, and Jacques Derrida.” All Marxist.
As such, it is a set of ideas constructed to take down Western civilization. According to the CRITS, “CRT contains an activists dimension. It tries not only to understand our social situation but to change it, setting out to not only to ascertain how society organizes itself along racial lines and hierarchies but to transform it for the better.”
“Only aggressive color-conscious efforts to change the way things are will do much to ameliorate misery.” And given critical race theory’s Marxist origins, it inexorably follows that, “The life of racism cannot be separated from the life of capitalism,” according to critical race theory guru, Ibram X Kendi, Boston University professor.
One solution, according to Kendi, is “that if the races are equal, then racial disparities can owe only to racism (their truth) and must be rectified through ‘anti-racist discrimination’— is a simplistic reiteration of critical race theory’s core concepts.” Stated more explicitly, Kendi goes on to state, “The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination” against whites, as Biden did with his stimulus payments to minority farmers and explicitly excluded white farmers.
Enlightenment rationalism is in the cross hairs of critical race theory. CRITS say that “they are indeed at work developing a vision to replace it.” The Declaration of Independence is a product of Enlightenment rationalism. Any doctrine that rejects Enlightenment rationalism (as do the CRITS) tacitly requires deconstructing the American order and rebuilding it on an entirely different foundation.
That different foundation is postmodern irrationalism, and Marxist-oriented. They don’t expressly state this — at least I haven’t seen it — but postmodernism permeates much of their thinking and is the only alternative to Enlightenment rationalism. Critical race theory promotes race-consciousness over our ideals of integration, assimilation and color-blindness. A self-confessed aim of critical race theory is to raise anti-racist consciousness (indoctrinate) in order to transform our system.
Their K-12 goal is intended to indoctrinate future anti-racist activists, and to take down as much of our culture and system of government as it can accomplish. Critical race theory is a program of conquest.
Manny Montes lives in Auburn.

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