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Many of us are alarmed by the rapid pace at which our educational institutions are being radicalized.
Extreme progressive ideologies, including critical race theory (CRT), seek to transform every aspect of society according to dystopian narratives. Those who promote these efforts show not only a stunning arrogance and disregard for parents but also basic national norms. Their mindset is embodied in a recent quote by longtime leftist Terry McAuliffe, who stunningly remarked, "I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."
This is obviously wrong.
We are not a Communist autocracy where unelected bureaucrats dictate values to parents and our children. We, the people, are in control. We must be continuously vigilant to guard our freedom and be ready to take action when necessary.
The good news is that this is already happening.
Our great citizenry is taking a stand against educational dictatorship like never before. We are engaging school boards and demanding that hateful, anti-American ideologies be removed from curricula. The effort is succeeding. Many school boards across the country are having their first-ever recall elections. Voters are removing ideologically motivated politicians who do not act in the best interest of our children.
The action is necessary.
These ideologues are intent on ignoring the will of parents and communities as they aggressively shove extremist ideology down the throats of moldable, innocent children. While there’s still much work left to do, I’m proud to see so many patriots standing up like this. Their efforts should be an inspiration to us all.
Indeed, I founded the American Cornerstone Institute (ACI) for a time such as this. I am excited that we are joining our fellow citizens in the fight. I’m proud to share with you Little Patriots , our new educational curriculum designed to teach facts, not opinions or ideology.
Using animated videos, interactive lessons, and engaging activities, Little Patriots grounds our children in American civics and values. It shows our children how sacred principles have guided our nation throughout its history. Little Patriots teaches children how our nation’s cornerstones — Faith, Liberty, Community, and Life — are what have made the United States the world’s unprecedented leader in providing freedom and opportunity for all. I have also unveiled my first children’s book, Why America Matters, and will be hitting the road to visit schools around the country to read the book to children, educators, parents, and grandparents.
If we do not teach our children that this is a tremendous nation, that our fellow citizens are compatriots and not enemies, we will surely perish.
But we should have confidence: We can take our country back from this sinister agenda, which serves a destructive ideology.
Dr. Ben Carson is the founder and chairman of the American Cornerstone Institute.

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