Jefferson students deserve quality education, not radical indoctrination – Martinsburg Journal


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George HollandHarpers FerryA growing number of academic leaders and educators at the national, state, and local levels – even in Jefferson County, are now pushing their personal support for Critical Race Theory; the Black Lives Matter agenda; Defund the Police; the benefits of Socialism and Marxism; the malicious nature of Capitalism and Profit; and the evil nature of United States into the classroom. Most of our children - from their first day of first grade through their last day of college, are not only being exposed to these extremist socialist movements but are actually being pressured by these same academic leaders and educators to adopt and espouse these radical positions.As a result of this daily indoctrination into a single radical world view, many students simply will not have the desire nor the hard or soft skills – math, science, critical analysis, ability to debate, respect for alternate views, etc., required to compete and win in the 21st Century Marketplace.In order to prevent this egregious trend from further permeating across Jefferson County Public Schools, we – as a community, should all insist that the Jefferson County School Superintendent and the Jefferson County School Board adopt and publish an academically challenging and politically neutral curriculum focused on liberal arts, math and hard science; and which incents critical thinking, a wide range of perspectives and open debate. The Superintendent and School Board should also: Provide parents a complete list of all work assignments and material posted or located in their child’s classroom.Publish a transparent and comprehensive Quarterly Business Report accounting for all school resources, budget, operating costs, staff levels, all expenditures, mandated or supported school activities, school and teacher performance metrics, etc.Ensure the political, social and personal agendas of the Superintendent, School Boards, Principles and Teachers are kept out of the Jefferson County School Board Room and all Jefferson County schools and classroomsThe formal education of Jefferson County students must be founded on a challenging and open curriculum which provides the hard and soft skills needed to compete for and win leadership positions in the 21st century digital economy. This curriculum must be absent of all personal and political agendas of the Jefferson County Superintendent, the School Board, Principles and Educators. Each child should graduate Jefferson County schools with a solid academic foundation, a deep respect for the lives and opinions of others, a greater appetite for personal and professional growth and a growing capacity for a productive and successful life.

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