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To the editor: We no longer have a (public) school system here in Kiel.We now have a (government-controlled) school system. Our Board of Education is more concerned about what the state and federal departments of instruction have to say than what we the people and parents of our school-aged children want.Many of us have been trying to have dialogue with our elected School Board representatives about our concerns in reference to the teachings of Critical Race Theory. CRT is a Marxist-based ideology that is trying to radically reform the minds of our school-aged children and divide them by race. It is already being used in our classrooms in Kiel, the teaching that fundamentally all white people are racists. The state and federal government want to prioritize the teaching of homosexuality and transgenderism. Our children should be taught to honor and respect our country and work towards the acceptance of everyone including those who believe we are all children of God for who they are, not by the color of their skin. Also, any teachings on sexuality should be done by the parents, not the schools!When we found out that the Kiel School District wanted to hire a government-supported institution that will come to our schools and train our teachers on how to instruct our children on CRT, we formed a group of concerned parents and community members and collected 836 signatures from concerned members of our community in opposition to the hiring of GLEC/MAP or any other institution that supports the teachings of CRT. We, meaning about 200 people, attended the next School Board meeting to support those who spoke out in opposition to the School District hiring an institution that would train our teachers on the instruction of CRT. Soon after that meeting, we reached out to the board to set up a meeting where we could have meaningful discussion with the entire board about our concerns. We are not the only ones who are opposed to the teachings of CRT. There are 22 states that have already drafted legislation to stop the teachings of CRT in our schools. The board totally ignored our request and on Oct. 6 they unanimously approved a motion to hire GLEC/MAP.Our elected representatives to our School Board swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and the constitution of the State of Wisconsin. Apparently, they don’t know that our Constitution says, “...a government for the people by the people.” By ignoring our requests, they are telling us that they are more concerned about a school system “for the people by the government!”Wake up America, we are losing our rights and liberties to some of our elected officials and if we don’t wake up and vote for changes, we will no longer live in a free society! In the last stanza of our National Anthem, we sing about the land of the free and a home for the brave. I am asking each of you to be brave enough to vote for the changes necessary, so that we all can truly live in the land of the free.Randall BondeKiel

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