Boris Johnson to consider calls to legalise magic mushroom drug psilocybin


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I wrote an evangelical insta post on liberty cap mushrooms the other day. Reposted here:

Psilocybe semilanceata, aka Magic Mushrooms aka Liberty Caps. An amazing example of the lunacy of drug policy. A mushroom that grows abundantly, but is concurrently illegal and a breakthrough therapy for the treatment of various mental health concerns. (Medical therapy, not "alternative therapy")

They contain Psilocybin, a compound that metabolises into Psilocin, a triptamine with phsychadelic sideeffects. A lethal dose is unfeasibly high; 20 times higher than salt, 10 times higher than alcohol. Collecting let alone consuming 4kg of tiny little mushrooms is impractical/unlikely.

I regularly get migraines and some of the medications available to me are sumatriptan (note: triptan) and zolmitriptan (note: triptan) - the former makes me violently ill, the latter costs £1.50 per pill (plus the cost to the NHS) and also has very uncomfortable side effects. I'm now on the waiting list for £600/month injections.

A small dose of psilocybin on the other hand has absolutely zero side effects (zero, ziltch, zip, none, nada, fuckall) and costs only the risk of imprisonment and stigmatisation.

The single biggest risk factor to using liberty caps is the misidentification of mushrooms, many of which are deadly poisonous in tiny amounts. But that risk is totally avoidable if society were to allow people to talk openly, show what they've collected, or even grow/sell these things commercially.

By making it illegal to pick Libs, governments CREATE a criminal enterprise out of cow pastures. Understand, governments create crime! If collecting libs was legal, the risk of misidentification would be all but eliminated.

Grows everywhere, easily identified, relatively safe, huge genuine medical benefits, but illegal. FUCKING ABSURD!

These absolutely stunning examples posed for the camera and were left to spread their spores for a future when policy catches up with common sense. With examples like these, there's zero risk of any confusion.

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